Title: Kiyo's Answer Talker and symbolgy?

Chapter 1 alternate story

This is just the start of their adventure, sit back and read to find out and see how Kiyo and Zatch will gain their new found powers.

This would be my very first fanfic story even my first story I just thought that I would try it

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Kiyo: "well Zatch we have about three months until the battle with Brago and sherry, so what shall we do?" Kiyo asked looking down at the blond boy. They were in Kiyo's room watching praying mantis Joe on a Monday since Kiyo decided to skip school. Which he guessed was well founded with the recent event brought upon Clear note burning all of Zatch's friend's books and leaving him all alone with the only mamodo's left was Zatch and Brago.

Zatch: "uuh I don't know kiyo." in a low toned not taking his sad gaze off the TV

Kiyo: "listen Zatch I know it's only been two days but you have to get out of this rut, you've been mopping for two days and we only three months left with each other until you know…" Kiyo halted not wanting to end his sentence. Knowing there was a dead line with Zatch was hard to comprehend he had never really given it much thought until that promise he had made with Brago and Sherry.

Zatch: "Go to school you school skipper how will you ever graduate at this rate." Zatch blurted out hoping Kiyo wouldn't hear the last part. He had just said it without meaning it.

Kiyo: "WHAT WAS THAT YOU UNGRATEFUL DEMON CHILD" Kiyo shouted on the top of his lungs with his oni face on. Glaring at the now freighted mamodo child. Then stopping too realize that Zatch didn't really mean it, but only by using his answer talker ability. "Alright if that's the way you want it then I will drag you out this house to the park or we can train a little at the training ground were we fought Apollo and Rops." Dragging his little mamodo out of the room.

Zatch: "But Kiyooooooo I haven't finished watching the show how will I know what happens in the end" resisting as much as possible, the very first time he actually said no to playing with Kiyo. It was surprising to the both of them.

Kiyo: "Joe or whatever his name is gonna win the good guys always win, really Zatch did you ever see him lose, now come on already." Dragging the boy down the street, now going down to the training ground to knock some sense into the boy. It was 9:00 in the morning today was gonna be a long day he couldn't help thinking.

Zatch finally gave up and started to walk on his feet following the teenager although he still looked unhappy from all the worries and burdens on his shoulders from his friends being gone, but he trudged along not looking back.

Chapter 2 wakeup call

A few hours later

"Zaker!" kiyo pointed his finger at a boulder envisioning it to be Brago. Zatch's eyes rolled back and lightning came streaming from his mouth destroying the boulder. Zatch's Zaker spell and others as well were almost as strong as his brother's spells ever since the intense training he received during the 10 months of training with Dufort.

Zatch: "Kiyoooo can we go home already you look really tired" The boy pleading to the heavily breathing teenager who was low on strength from within from constantly casting spells making the training ground look more like a war zone that had just been leveled by a shit load of bombs.

Kiyo: "not until you get your act together you've been acting and moving too sluggish at this rate we will never beat Brago and Sherry" pointing his finger at another boulder "Zaker!" destroying the boulder once again. Pointing at another boulder "alright Zatch if you get this we will go home and I will let you sulk in your sorrow.

Zatch: "you don't need to be so mean about it kiyo, I'm fine really don't be so worried"

"Zaker" lightning came out of the blond haired mamodo's mouth blowing pieces of rocks into the air "Zaker" "Zaker" the two spells shot into the air totally obliterating every rock in the air.

Kiyo: "alright I made a promise to you and it looks like you've cheered up a little lets go get lunch" looking at the boy who had a triumphant look on his face for being so accurate.

Zatch: "Unu, hey Kiyo can we get Yellow tail?" looking up at the teenager with happy grin across his face

Kiyo: "I was thinking of just making you a sandwich you know I'm don't made out money don't you, but maybe for dinner if you can catch one yourself I'll try and help you out even" walking back to the city walking ahead of the boy waving his hand in the air.

Zatch: "Ha ha ha ha haa ha-ha, thanks Kiyo" following behind his book owner.

Kiyo: "uuh yea no problem Zatch, it just freaks me out when your all gloomy usually you're the one who gets me out of the gutters" looking up in blue cloudless sky when he noticed something off and when he asked his answer talker it was just a blank answer making Kiyo worried.

Zatch: "uhh kiyo what's that" pointing in the sky what looked like a leaf but was folded in a shape of a bird and flying towards them at high speed.

Before kiyo could say watch out and dodge it smacked him right in the face with a slight plopping sound but he didn't feel any pain.

Kiyo: "what the hell was that?" grabbing the leaf and unfolding it there was one side that had a circle on it with lines crisscrossing it with a triangle in the middle and a line going through the middle. He flipped it over and the other side had a small note somehow fused with the life stating "be at this spot tomorrow Kiyo and Zatch users of Bao." At this point Kiyo had so many questions running though head and what was worse his answer talker wasn't talking all that did was give kiyo more questions. "What the heck is going on there is only Zatch and Brago left who has the power to pull off this annoying crap" then looking at Zatch thinking he might know something.

Zatch: "uhhhh I have no idea Kiyo let's just go home for today and come back tomorrow okay" tugging on Kiyo's pant leg

Kiyo: "Well I guess I will find out what's going on then, the big problem is that he didn't put out a time its really gonna piss me off if we end up being hours early" walking back to his house to get some lunch walking causally since this happened a lot to the two of them the only surprising part was that he thought that there were only 2 mamodo left is there a third that nobody knew about this was the main question ringing in his head and his ability wasn't helping at all.

Chapter 3 The Unknown Man

Authors note: well I've been updating quite frequently now if you the readers have any suggestions I'm all ears. This is really new to me, doesn't matter what you send me.

Kiyo was basically up all night trying to figure out what the symbol meant and with his 180 IQ with no help with the answer talker he found that the symbol stood for terra or earth. Then again he thought that the asswipe Doctor Riddles was playing one jokes on Kiyo and he swore that he would "zaker" this person at least three times.

Zatch: "Kiyo I can't believe you forgot about last night yellow tail dinner." Trying to soften him up for his big impending question, all it did though was annoy Kiyo further than he already was. "So kiyo can I come to school with you today" Already in his gym bag disguise jumping up and down like a mad man.

Kiyo: "First off heck NO, second off how do you know that I will be going to school anyhow we have no idea what time to show up at so therefor we have no choice but to go and wait at the training ground" (war zone Zatch thought) while Kiyo was eating his breakfast "now sit down and eat!"

Zatch: "Unu, fine school skipper" teasing Kiyo as he sat up on the chair to enjoy the breakfast Kiyo's mom made. And yes the mother knew that Kiyo was skipping another day of school I guess for once she didn't really care, after all its only Middle school.

While waiting for the mysterious person who can make leaf like birds hit people in the face Kiyo indulge himself in a book while Zatch jumped and played around with his Volcan 300 pretending some rocks to be the enemy.

Kiyo: "Come on already where is this he/she I freaking knew this would happen why on earth did this person not put a time?" Kiyo wondered scratching his head

Unknown: (snap) was heard like the snapping of one's finger but before kiyo could realize what was happening the book in Kiyo's hand was set ablaze.

Kiyo: "A sneak attack but I didn't hear a spell read" as the book in Kiyo's hand fell to the ground burning to ash. Kiyo's instinct kicked in and he went to his book bag with the red spell book in it as Zatch ran towards him then taking a defensive stance. "Show yourself you coward, trying to burn Zatch's book without even showing your face." Pulling out the spell book and using his answer talker to find out where the person was hiding, and then pointing his finger "Zakerga", a strong electric blast came out of Zatch's mouth and went towards a somewhat large boulder destroying it. What had been seen behind it was a wall that looked like it was made out of dirt and rock.

Zatch: "uhh Kiyo did we get the enemy?" looking up at Kiyo with a very worried expression on his face because for a moment he thought that the burning book on the ground was his red spell book, Even though the two books were different sizes and color.

Unknown: "you most certainly did not" reappearing out of the ground behind Zatch and Kiyo without stating a spell of any sort, this of course really did confuse Kiyo and yet again his answer talker was silent about the entire situation the only thing it could do was tell the position of the enemy.

Kiyo: "be on your guard Zatch I still don't see his book owner anywhere" looking around trying to spot someone that wasn't there.

Unknown: "book owner?" looking at them like they were fools. "I have no need for one and I am no Mamodo even though you could consider me as strong as one." As he was bragging on he heard something in the distance.

Kiyo: "Teozakeru" massive amounts of lightning came at the man powerful enough to take out a two story building. With the slight movement of his right foot and a slight glow of the top of his boot, which was all Kiyo could see because of the distance between them about 400 yards. It didn't really matter since Kiyo thought he had made contact with the unknown figure.

The figure which was about 400 yards away appeared out of the ground only 5 yards away. The man looked like he was in his 40's and looked like Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist wearing a long black trench coat going down to his feet, he was the same height as Kane from Kiyo's school. This all happened within about 7-8 seconds. "You didn't think that would actually work did you, that spell from that distance gave far too much time dodge you fool" taking a left swing to Kiyo, but at the last second Zatch blocked it

Kiyo: "No actually I knew it wouldn't hit but now that you are close" flipping through the pages "Rauzaruk" Zatch took a fighting stance and then tried to maul the guy

Unknown: (snap) with a snap of fingers and a glowing of the symbol engraved on his hand, Zatch was then engulfed by flames. Leaving nothing but smoke for a few seconds.

Zatch: "Oh yea take this" Zatch came rushing out of the smoke barley injured at all, then throwing multiple punches and kicks at the man everyone making its mark. When Zatch was about to land on the ground.

Unknown: (stomp) with the stomping of his boot, a rock like pillar came and smashed into Zatch's chest sending him flying toward Kiyo. As Kiyo caught Zatch and put him down the spell "Rauzaruk" wore off. "Damn that really hurt at least I withstood that attack" he responded wobbling a little bit and smiling at the same time, the smile wasn't evil but real scary none the less. "Now how bout we hold off attacking one another for a little bit" holding his hand out.

Kiyo was still on his guard while Zatch accepted his offer. "You do remember that you're the one who attack first and now you just want to stop out of the blue" Kiyo pointing his finger at the Unknown man since he still hasn't given a name. "Probably because we have you on the ropes, Zatch did give you a decent pounding" Kiyo teasing the guy that still had a creepy smile on his face.

Unknown: "That is not true, sure I did receive a pounding but I am not injured" taking his left hand out of his pocket with a symbol visibly clear to Kiyo. The symbol had a circle within it had an 8 sided star with what looked like a U with lines going horizontal at each end. He put his left hand up to his chest

Kiyo didn't hesitate, he shouted the 2nd Spell "Rashield" but nothing happened. As the shield disappeared he saw the man was basically all healed

Kiyo: "Okay now I'm getting the hang of this your right hand casts fire spell and your left hand can heal you but not completely, and your right foot casts earth spells allowing you to control the earth around you. I bet this takes a lot of energy from within to cast these spells since your human if I'm not mistaken" pointing his finger at the nameless man taking a triumphant pose.

Unknown: "Oh so sorry you were so close too" he retorted with the same creepy smile still on his face it made you think he needed a tetnise shot (you know what I mean). "Before I go any further and show you any more of the of thousands of spells know I would like you to call me the symbolgy master" this bragging of a statement scared Kiyo and Zatch, for Kiyo he thought that he only had 3-4 spells that he needed to worry about.

Kiyo: "HA as if we would call anybody master, you're just bluffing, right Zatch." He said it really to Zatch; it would've been more reinsuring if Kiyo actually put at least a shred of confidence in his voice.

Symbolgy master: "Don't worry I didn't come here to fight just to merely test your strength in teamwork and wits to see if you Kiyo was worthy enough to part take in my challenge" with is hands on his hips letting his guard down.

Okay if anybody is reading this please can you come with a name for the Symbolgy master I am not good with names. And yes this power does cross between alchemy but it is different.