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Vegeta hit the alarm by his side of the bed.

He slowly lifted his eyelids and a wave of nausea overcame him.

He groaned and looked at the clock. 10:30!

Why the Hell had that woman not woken him up?

Vegeta shot out of bed, and soon regretted it. He through up last nights dinner of ham.

'Blasted woman must have poisoned it.' He thought.

Getting a fresh pair of pants on and a clean shirt, Vegeta went down stairs to the kitchen.

Bulma was in there eating a waffle. "Morning." she said.

"M-Morning." Vegeta replied.

Bulma stopped eating.

He never said 'Morning' or anything else friendly for that matter.

She looked up at him and gasped.

"Vegeta, are you feeling alright?"

Vegeta smirked.

"W-What would m-make you-u think other wise?"

"Well for one thing your speech is strained. That, and your as red as a tomato. Come here."

Vegeta took a step back. "W-What? Why?" he asked.

"I need to take your temperature."

"W-Woman, I'm f-fine."

"Great. If your so sure then let me take your temperature. Just to prove your right."

Vegeta gave in quickly and sat next to the woman.

This also surprised Bulma. He NEVER gave in that easy.

Bulma put a hand on the Sayins forehead. He was burning. She then got up to get a thermometer. Going back to the table, she stuck it in his mouth. After two minuets, she pulled it out of his mouth. Her eyes widened.



"Whats your normal body temperature?"

"98.6 d-degrees. S-Same as a h-human. Why?"

"Vegeta, its at 106.6º."


"So, your going to bed. In our standards, your blood is boiling!" Bulma grabbed his arm and pulled Vegeta up to his room.

Energy drained, Vegeta had no other choice but to go with her.

When they arrived, Bulma sat him down on the bed. "I'll be right back. Stay put." Bulma said sternly.

She then walked into the bathroom. The sound of running water came soon after she left.

Vegeta suddenly closed his eyes and drifted into a fitful sleep.

Bulma sat by the tub and tested the water before getting Vegeta.

When she saw him asleep, she smiled. Her smile quickly dropped when he started thrashing.

"NO! M-Master, p-p-please. NO! NOT MY TAIL! NOOO!" Vegeta screamed in his sleep.

"Vegeta? VEGETA! WAKE UP!" Bulma shouted as she shook him awake.

Vegeta sat up quickly and breathed heavily.

"Fever dreams?" Bulma asked. Vegeta just breathed heavier.

"Vegeta, when was the last time you got sick?"

"I w*cough* was ni-nine." Vegeta answered.

"Vegeta, could this be a Sayijin illness?" Bulma asked.

Vegeta shrugged.

"Well, why don't you go take a bath. I'm going to call Goku and see if he could help us." Bulma suggested.

Vegeta's eyes widened. "K-Kakarot?"

"Yes Vegeta. GOKU is coming over to help me take care of you. Now, do you know what you've caught?"

"S-Sayijn flu."

"Right. And whats that like in human standers?"

"Flu, s-small pox, a-a-and*cough* the sy-symptoms that come with t-those."

"Great. Come on. Let's try to get your fever down. I got a bath going for you." Bulma stated.

Vegeta rolled his eyes and got out of bed painfully slow. He hadn't felt like this sense he had worked for Frieza...


Raditz ran though the halls of Frieza's ship.

"I'm almost there, Vegeta. You can make it." He said to his self.

Reaching the Sayijin quarters, Raditz stopped running and quietly opened the door.

Nappa was already there.

"How is he?" Raditz asked the older Sayijin.

"Not good. He just hit 105º and his temperature is still rising." Nappa replied.

"Can't the doctors do anything?"

"Probably, but Frieza won't let them."

"Why not?"

"I'm not sure. He's not giving Vegeta a break from his 'training' either."

Vegeta started to stir as the conversation died down.

The nine year old Prince gave a painful sounding noise as he woke up.

"Prince Vegeta? How are you felling?" Raditz asked.

Vegeta just moaned.

Suddenly, the door flew open to revel Jeice, Zarbon, and Caption Ginyu.

"Time for you lessons, Vegeta." Zarbon mocked.

Jeice grabbed Vegeta.

The young boy started to thrash uncontrollably.

"Look at that! We haven't even started and already he's trying to get away!" Caption Ginyu said.

The three took off.

Outside they meet up with Recoome, Guldo, and Dodoria.

"NAPPA! RADITZ! P-PLESE! HELP ME!" But nobody came to help him.

Feeling even worse, Vegeta started vomiting uncontrollably.

"Oy! I don't think we've ever gotten him to through up!" Jeice exclaimed.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"And we haven't even started!" Guldo added.

When they finally got to the cursed room, Vegeta was sweating bullets and his breathing had become forced.

The first gang beat started the 'training'.

Zarbon knocked the young boy onto his back, and Recoome jumped down onto his rib cage, shattering at least three instantly.

Vegeta stopped breathing for a few seconds, and when he started again, he couldn't get one full breath.

Guldo started breaking bones in his tail, Jeice started smashing his face, Dodoria kicked his stomach, and everyone else started breaking bones while cursing his name.

"Monkey filth."

"Royalty wanna-be."

"Pathetic lowlife."


The list went on and on, showing no sign of stopping.

When all the joints had been dislocated, all possible bones broken, and all the dignity was stripped from his broken form did they stop.

Vegeta looked like a broken rag doll.

"Lets just leave him here. Other monkeys will find him eventually." Dodoria suggested.

Sounding like a good idea, everyone left.

When Vegeta was sure that they had left, he cried.

End Flashback...

"Vegeta? You feeling alright?" Bulma was worried.

He'd had a hazy look in his eyes for the past ten minutes and wasn't responding to the present world.

Bulma had taken his temperature not too long ago.

It had been 108º, yet he was shivering.

She'd called Goku and Chi-Chi and they had yet to arrive.

"Oh, lets get you to the hospital. Maybe they can help."

She'd given up on the bath. He just wasn't responding to anything.


The good thing about living in the city was that you always had everything in reach of a five minuet drive.

When they reached the hospital, Vegeta was shivering feverishly.

His face was bright red and Bulma couldn't touch him anymore without her hand getting warm.

Sighing, she picked up Vegeta and ran to the front door of the emergency room.

"Please help. The last time I checked, his temperature was 108º." Bulma explained.

"Mam, I don't think that is possible for a human." the nurse said.


"OK. Follow me."

Bulma was still dragging Vegeta around.

The three of them walked into a room.

"Alright. I'm going to take his temperature and then his pulse." the nurse explained.

"Okay. By the way, I'm Bulma Briefs. And this is Vegeta."

"I'm Rachel."

Rachel put the thermometer inside Vegeta's mouth and waited.

When it started beeping, she pulled it out and gasped at the reading.


Bulma tried calming her down, and eventually succeeded.

His pulse was taken next. It was slow and uneven.

"Alright. Well get him to a room. He's in a critical condition and we need to monitor him."

Rachel lead Bulma to room 123 on the sixth floor.

"Well get him started on an IV drip right away."

Bulma nodded.

A few minutes after Rachel left, Goku and Chi-Chi showed up.

"Hey Bulma. How's he doing?" Goku asked.

"Not so great. His temperature was at 115º." Bulma responded.

They all looked at Vegeta.

Red bumps were starting to pop up.

"Goku, have you ever had something called Sayijin flu?" Bulma asked.

"No. I don't remember ever getting sick." Goku replied.


"So, is it contagious?" Chi-Chi asked.

"I don't know." Bulma said to her friend.

"Well then, to be on the safe side, Goku and I are leaving. You wanna come?" Chi-Chi asked.

"No. He needs someone." Bulma answered flatly.

"Why you put up with him only Kami knows." Chi-Chi mumbled.

"Bye Bulma. Sorry we weren't much help." Goku said as he put two fingers up to his head.

Once again alone, Bulma cried.

She was pulled out of her sorrow when Vegeta started moaning.

"Hey. How are you felling?" Bulma asked.

Vegeta opened his eyes and answered the question as best to his ability.


"Alright. Why don't you go to sleep then. I'm not leaving."

"T-thank y-you."

Vegeta fell asleep almost instantly.

He looked like he was dying.

Who knew, maybe he was.

All Bulma knew was that he needed her right now.

She pulled a chair up and fell asleep with her right hand on his left.

The only thing she hoped was that it wasn't contagious...

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