Bulma got the needle ready and looked at Vegeta, hopeful that he didn't fear them like Goku.

"Okay Vegeta. This will make you a bit drowsy, but it shouldn't knock you out. I need to ask you some questions." she explained.

Vegeta gave a slow nod in response.

He slightly flinched at the cool rubbing alcohol that was applied to his left arm.

"It will just be a pinch then nothing." Bulma said as she stuck a needle into the underside of the elbow.

Almost immediately, Vegeta felt the tight muscles loosen, but there was still an ache in his joints.

"Alright, first question, do any medical conditions run in your family?"

Vegeta shrugged sluggishly. "Never had a chance to ask."

"Okay. Have you ever had a surgery?"

"Yes. It was for my abdomen when the tanks were being used."

"Broken bones?"

"You know the answer to that."

"Yeah yeah. But I have to ask it. I think I know the answers to the rest of these questions too. No medication, you were in the hospitable about a month ago for a broken ribs. No allergies. That's all we really need. We can look over it later. I just need you to stay here for a few days while I adjust the small pox cure* for humanity to Sayijin pox. It should take a week at the latest."

"Is that as fast as you can do it?"

"Vegeta! Curing small pox took centuries! I'm only mortal!"

Vegeta simply rolled over to his right side.

Bulma couldn't help but smile at his childish behavior.

"Well then, goodnight, Vegeta. I'll be back later."

As Bulma walked out of the room, she swore she saw the ghost of a smile on Vegeta's lips.

But who could know for sure?

*I really don't care if we have a cure or not. This is anime, and I decide reality right now.

HELLO! I know some of you will be thinking 'You've been gone for months, pop back up, and THIS is what you managed to pull out of your ass?' The answer to your question? 'Yes. Yes it is.' So, I'm not dead. I'm not dieing. I'm just overly worried about nothing and I haven't had the caffeine to type. I'm wrestling and can't quit until its over. That, sleep, stress, idiots, family, holidays, and all the other wonderful crap and joys that come with life. I will dig my stories out of their graves. I just need to find the right soda.