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About a month later...

It was the day of Zuko's coronation. After two weeks of teaching the Avatar firebending, going on 'field trips', and caring for turtleducks, it was finally over.

The turtleducks had barely been rescued from the Temple when Azula had attacked, and they had lived in the fountain, ancient, disused, and full of turtleduck food.

Teaching them to fly had been Aang's job. No one knew how he did it, but they had learned to fly in no time at all. And, just days before the final battle, they had taken off, all grown up and ready for the world in just four short weeks. And everyone but Zuko had gathered in a room, and had sworn to never let him forget it.

Toph had been the one to share the story with Iroh, who had laughed until he literally passed out. As he was unconscious, the Gaang, minus Aang, had been forced to trust that Aang would show up.

He had. Suki almost died, and Zuko(whose nickname had changed from 'Sparky' to 'Mom')had been shot full of lightning bolts. Katara had been able to heal him, but he had felt strangely energized for the rest of the day.

And, now, it was time.

Aang sat in meditation just inside the front door of the palace. Everyone else was quietly talking near him-Katara, Sokka, Toph, Haru, The Duke, Teo, Hakoda, Iroh, and Suki.

Zuko stood there for a moment, then said, "I can't believe that a year ago, my purpose in life was hunting you down, and now.."

"Now we're friends." said Suki.

He smiled. Aang stood up, and they all walked out on stage together.

The cheering was immense. The Southern Water Tribe, The Order of the White Lotus, The Kyoshi Warriors, the swampbenders, the deserters, Mai and Ty Lee, Ursa, all their Earth Kingdom allies, and a bunch of Fire Nation nobles that nobody likes. And, at the front of the crowd was a strange object, which would record the event. The Inventor had been working on it for some time, and Sokka had helped complete it. They called it a 'video camera.'

"Today," began Zuko, "this war is finally over," Cheering, except from some Fire Nation nobles. Zuko's eyes narrowed almost imperceptively, and he took mental notes of all their names.

Zuko hadn't actually prepared a speech, but he figured that it was going well.

"I promised my uncle that I would restore the Fire Nation's honour, and I will. Th road ahead of us is challenging. A hundred years of fighting have left the world scarred and divided." I'm proof of that, he thought, "But with the Avatars help, we can get it back on the right path, and enter a new era of love, and peace."

One of the Fire Sages came forward as Zuko knelt.

"All hail Firelord Zuko!"

As he stood, with the hairpiece in place, there came even more, loud cheering, and, somewhere in the backgroud...

'Quack quack quack quack quack...'

Oh crapmuffins.

Four grown turtleducks flew over the crowd, heading straight for Zuko. One landed on his head, one on each of his shoulders, and one landed right in front of him, turned and quacked at the crowd.

Sokka got some inspiration, "Hey, Mom, look! Your kids are back!"

Suddenly the turtleduck on his head noticed something shiny. Acting on instinct, it grabbed it and flew away, the flame-shaped gold object firmly grasped in it's bill.

"What the- Wait! Come back! I need that!" It was truly a sight to remember, Firelord Zuko chasing a turtleduck that he had raised as his own child, the other three running after him, quacking all the way. And it would be remembered, as Sokka and the Inventor's video camera captured the moment, immortalized as the first video ever.

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How can the turtleducks fly? I think they hide their wings in their shells.

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