"The Skyborn Judge"

The theme was "Master Sword" if I recall. In the end I basically chose to write about Skyward Sword. This was a while before E3 2011, so I didn't have any of that information. Including that Phi, the Skyward Sword chick (who I basically wrote about), acts like a robot. Oh well. :P I didn't win the competition, for what it's worth. Comments and criticism are appreciated!

I am so tired, so alone.

I remember when my essence was of the Light and Sky. My spirit was free to do as it pleased. The Goddesses smiled down on me, I their golden child, a blade of the purest holy metal. The people of The Land polished myself and my shrine, and looked up at me with reverence. These luxuries were beloved to me, but the thing most beloved to me was my freedom. My spirit could fly to whatever thoughts it pleased.

Then the time came when my Mothers first gave me a duty. They bestowed me to the Hero, granting him their blessings besides, and we set forth to purge the universe of a new force, Evil, that had invaded The Land. Our mission was dire, but my spirit was light, elated. For the first time, I moved freely not only in spirit but in body. The Hero carried me forth throughout The Land and The Sky, and we vanquished that Evil. But then the winds carried me upward to the heavens once more, and my Mothers spoke to me softly.

They said You must judge The World.

They said You must discover evil.

They said You are of the Purest Metals. Only you can accomplish this task.

Within the land known as Hyrule that had been born in the wake of the Hero and I, the people known as the Hylians took me in their arms and revered me for all eternity. Now my body sleeps, but my mind is engaged. I am the Judge. I am the Master. I shall do my duty as long as the Evil, the Judged, exist.

I understand my role. I hold contempt for nobody. But I feel sorrow.

And I am tired.