"Conflicting Dreams"

This fanfiction has spoilers for Link's Awakening. Spoils the ending. ;) Theme was "Rivals", but due to a terrible misunderstanding it has nothing to do with that and I lost. Basically just my unique brief version of the Nightmares from Link's Awakening, writing in a trippy style talking all about their nature as dream monsters. xD Comments and criticism are appreciated!

It had been years since the fish had fallen asleep. Years since the dark clouds had begin to gather at its bed. The ideas and dreams of dark creatures and the restless dead. The Nightmares were attracted to the might and multitude of the sea god's mighty ideas as they swirled in his dreams. As they willingly entered, the swirling changed into a terrible storm. Within the storm of dreams was Koholint Island. But the Nightmares were ideas, and ideas conflict.

The many Nightmares had different feelings on what should be done with the island, with its people. Even with the Windfish and the world outside. Some of them, like the flame, only wished to be left alone so they could live within the dream in peace. Some wished to satisfy their cruel desires and prey upon the other residents of the dream. Still more wished to overtake the Windfish's mind entirely, and to spew outward and once again take form as living creatures instead of nightmarish dreams.

These ideas set against each other as the sincerely peaceful clashed with the truely hateful. But in the end, even as words were still being exchanged, the concensus had taken form. Even as the Nightmares, dark ideas brought to life, continued to debate, the final decision had already been reached. The Final Nightmare took form as the composite of all the conflicting ideas and it had already decided what it would do.

Like the darkness that it was, the Final Nightmare intended to spread outward and take power where it could in the absence of light, and when possible it would extinguish that light as it would here with the hero drawn in by the dark storm. Because of this the Nightmares were doomed, as the hero set out to stop them.