"The Mightiest Blow"

Theme was "Zelda Items", so I chose the Megaton Hammer. The story is essentially about the original Goron hero who used the Megaton Hammer to defeat Volvagia the first time, long before Ocarina of Time. Sadly, this WCC had no other participants, so I didn't win even though I mine was the only entry. :( Comments and criticism are appreciated!

The people of Hyrule were afraid whenever the earth rumbled. Every time the ground shook, they feared HE would emerge once again. The beast beneath the surface, the terrible dragon Volvagia. He would shake the ground merely by stirring, but it was also often a sign he would emerge out of Death Mountain through the lava conduit and wreak havok. It was for this that the mountain was named, for when Volvagia emerged from it, it was death he brought.

The dragon's body was mighty, and his blows were unlike anything else. Cliffsides collapsed and buildings toppled beneath his power. His breath of fire was only an addition, not his true strength.

No creature could match Volvagia's might, but there was a weapon that could. It was only a hammer, but a hammer that could strike with so much force that even the mighty Volvagia's body would crumble beneath it. The weight of such a weapon was so great that it could not be carried by any of Hyrule's heroes. The knights and soldiers and warriors who attempted to lift it could not bear its weight. And so it was that the hero who would delve into the Mountain of Death to face the beast was a mere miner. A worker in the Goron Mines, and a member of that proud and strong mountain race. Fitting it was that a person also of the mountain would be the one to defeat the creature. And so the mighty Goron dived into the lava and met Volvagia in its underground lair.

No one knows what happened in the struggle that took place there beneath the earth, but ultimately it was the greater power that won. And the mightiest blow was dealt to the dragon, its fires extinguished.