"The Temple is Alive"

Theme: "Water Temple". Naturally, if I was going to write about the Water Temple, I had to pick creepiness and Morpha as the base concept. 8D Essentially this is years after Ocarina of Time, and Ruto has taken a bunch of zora kids to the Water Temple (likely to teach them of its importance), and while they're there she tries to spook them with a story about Morpha but ends up dredging up her own fears. Given that I have somewhat of a fear of the water, I can totally relate to Ruto's anxiety. xD Comments and criticism are appreciated!

"This is your first time in the Water Temple, right children?" I asked. They nodded energetically. "Do you want to hear a scary story about it?"

The kids reluctantly agreed.

"Hee hee, alright... Well this is a story from a long time ago. You remember the stories about the Hero of Time, right? This was during his time. Back then the Water Temple was a really dangerous place. It was filled with blue tektites, the kind your teachers have warned you to watch out for. But that's not the scary part... Humans tell all kinds of stories about the dangers of the water, and while we zora are excellent swimmers, even we fear powerful tides and dangerous water beasts. But the danger of the Water Temple was different. People who went in had to face a unique kind of evil. The temple was ALIVE. The water of the temple itself hunted those who intruded. It wouldn't matter how good a swimmer you were. The water would drown you. Even if you were on dry ground, the water would follow you and drown you on land. The entire temple was one living, breathing monster..."

Rali stopped me, tugging on my arm. She was crying. I was disappointed, but I guess the story was too much for them.

"Alright, that's enough then," I said, grinning. "Go to sleep now. We'll swim back in the morning."

As they slept, I felt uneasy. It was foolish of me to tell the story I'd tried so hard to forget. It had been real; I'd lived it. Morpha was the one who froze me. In the dim light, I glanced into the dark water below. I remembered that Link had killed Morpha, but I felt no better. The Water Temple would always feel... alive... to me...