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Madara closed the bathroom door and buried his hands into his face. Nothing seemed to go smoothly in this world. Were any of the other members even having an 'affair' with another human? Or another member of the organization perhaps? A mental image of Deidara and Sasori popped into his mind and he felt a long chill run down his spine. No, he didn't want to think about that. Not at all. Perhaps if he let his mind wander...? That never helped, no, he'd have to find another way to distract himself from something so menial as a 'relationship' and was there any other word he could use for that?

Rubbing his face for a moment, he leant against the door and locked it rather quickly. Jeen was on the other side of the right wall happily doodling away at...whatever, and downstairs, everyone was lounging in the living room. He could hear the screams from all the way up here. Speaking of screams, he started to wonder what their hostage was doing at this point in time.

He pushed himself off the bathroom door and turned on the shower, stripping himself from his modern clothes and pushing himself under the cold water without hesitation. It helped him think sometimes.

Jeen, Madara, Pein, and Itachi gathered in the basement. Ren would have came if she wasn't so afraid of what could happen. Their hostage, as they now referred to him, was looking back at them with a surprising amount of tolerance and resistance as they stared down at him with similar disdain looks.

"I see you brought the pretty one down here this time." he chuckled weakly. Madara's eyes narrowed under his mask.

"You will tell us all you know." Pein said, crossing his arms. The hostage sighed and shook his head.

"No, I won't," Pein's eyes narrowed, "because I know nothing about you freaks. Except, that sexy thang right there." he smirked, looking over Jeen. She grimaced internally and reminded herself to burn her memories. She looked up at Madara and saw he wasn't exactly happy either.

"No more games. You will tell us all you know about us or we'll have to make you." said Madara. The hostage winced and squirmed around.

"I'm telling you, man, I don't know anything!" Jeen glared at him and took hold of the front of his shirt, pulling out her dagger and holding it to his throat.

"C'è una ragione per cui siete qui. Ditemi ora o affrontare le conseguenze bastardo malato. Non hanno voluto mandare un cane come te per fare la loro offerta se era di uccidermi!" she slapped him with her free hand and pressed the knife against his temple threateningly. Madara raised an eyebrow questioningly and thought about how odd she sounded speaking such a foreign language. The hostage smirked and carefully removed his head from the knife.

"You always liked to play rough, you and your angelic pus-" Madara pulled Jeen away and yanked off his mask, staring into his eyes. Time seemed to stand still for a moment while the hostage tried to control his panic, but suddenly, his grimace turned into something akin to amusement.

"Woah, what the fuck happened to your eyes!" Madara blinked.

"Tell me what you know."

"What the hell? No, bring her back here?"

"Tell me what you know."

"Dude, why are you so bossy? Is she your girlfriend or something?"

"Tell me what you know."

"I get it, you fucked her didn't you?"

"Nagato." he hissed, obviously getting fed up with everything. Jeen blanched, trying to look anywhere but at Madara.

"Is she any good?" he smirked.

"Hold your tongue." Madara's voice was dropping now.

"Can I have a try at her?" the hostage said. At this, something in Madara snapped, whether he knew it or not. His hand shot out and grabbed him by the neck, twisting. The hostage choked.

"I will not share what is mine." said Madara. Oh how Jeen wanted to slip out of the room right about now.

"Woah, dude, chill out!" he choked, but it wasn't enough to control the Uchiha's anger. Itachi sighed and blinked a few times, obviously debating whether or not to use his sharingan.

"Madara, we need him alive."

"I want him dead."

"We will keep him alive."


"I am not going to play these games with you." Madara turned to growl at his family member.

"If you think this is a game then perhaps you would be better off upstairs with the rest of them." he said, letting go of the hostage's neck. He fell to the ground coughing and hacking.

"You bitches be crazy, man. And all I asked was if you fucked her!" Jeen silently stared at him from the back of the group. Pein calmly pushed Madara to the side and stood in front of the man on the ground, eyes piercing his.

"Dude, what the hell is with your eyes?" he mumbled, watching them spin. Jeen started to wonder if coming in here was a good choice. She could stand to watch him torture the guy, she was tortured herself, but it did bring back a few unwanted memories. So, silently, she shuffled behind Madara's figure and leant forward so that her hair curtained in front of her eyes. Itachi watched her from the corner of his eye. The stoic man approached Pein leaned in next to him. The leader gave a curt nod and excused him.

"Let's go," Itachi mumbled, lightly touching Jeen's shoulder. She looked up at him and unquestioningly followed him back up the basement stairs just as their hostage began to wail. With a wince, she shut the door.

"Thanks." She whispered, clearing her throat. Itachi nodded and just when the two thought things were about to be normal.

"No! Not that much!"

"You're burning it, dumbass!"

"Sasori, that's too much sugar!"

"No, this will make it better, be quiet."

"Danna, un, stop trying to show off."

"Yeah! We all know you can't cook!"

"Better than what you usually make, Kisame."



Jeen's mouth hit the floor at the sight of several ninjas attempting to bake. Flour was everywhere, in the air, on everyone's clothes, caked on the walls, and in everyone's hair. Batter was overflowing from the mixer's bowl and everyone was still continuing to pile ingredients no matter how much batter ended up on the counter, on the floors. Ren was in a frenzy, smacking hands with her wooden spoon; Hidan and Kisame were desperately trying to keep up with the amount of batter being dished out by the other team as they flipped pancakes and alternated with frying pans. The other team consisted of Sasori, Deidara, Ren, and Kakuzu. Konan was watching from the sidelines, absent mindedly busying herself with making origami swans, flowers, you name it.

"…kitchen," Jeen choked. All head swiveled towards her, "The kitchen. Oh my Jashin." Itachi merely stared at the scene before them, not really baffled, but not really calm. In a monotone voice, he said,

"I'm starting to wonder if you would have been more fit in the basement." With that, he started to walk quietly towards the dining room table with a stick of dango that magically appeared in his hand.

"We're trying to make pancakes for breakfasts to come." Sasori explained as Jeen approached them clad in a black coat fastened around her waist, her legs covered with black skinny jeans. Ren thought she looked like that chick from 'UltraViolet' with her hair so long and black.

"I see…have any of you guys actually cooked before?" she mumbled, taking a bite of a finished (burnt) pancake.

It tasted like death.

"We've all taken turns back in our world cooking." He grumbled, adding more vanilla to the mixture. Ren slapped his hand.

"No! You already put four teaspoons of that in here!"
"It's not enough."
"It is more than enough. Knock it off." Sasori merely blinked at her.

"Hidan…that smells really bad."
"Shut up, bitch, it's fine." Kisame glanced down at their pans and took a small step back.

"I don't think they're supposed to be smoking like that." He observed, already fumbling with his hands.

"Screw this." Hidan threw down his spatula and flames sprouted from the pans, roaring like jets. Ren jumped back into Kakuzu's arms and Jeen went for the pitcher of lemonade on the island, hoping to put it out, but Kisame beat them to it with his jutsu. In less than three seconds the kitchen was pretty much flooded with chakra water. Kisame was a beast, Ren and Jeen knew that, but their kitchen!

"Fires out, un." Deidara chirped, smiling coyly. That smart-ass. In their moment of distraction, the basement door opened and Pein stepped through first. No one in tow.

"Tobi is still working on him." He explained to Jeen when she approached. She nodded silently and handed him a pancake. A soggy pancake. At first, he stared at it with confusion, unamused.

"Ever since Kisame's fish surprise, I have sworn off eating anything made from anyone part of this organization. So, no." Jeen flung the pancake into the sink and agreed.

"I can see why." She mumbled. There was a yell of protest and soon everyone was fighting against each other. This was going to be a long day.

Jeen threw her coat off onto her desk chair, stripping herself of her shirt, shoes, and pants, slipping into her pink silk pajama bottoms and MSI band t-shirt. It hung off her shoulder while she unhooked her bra and threw it to the corner of the room with the rest of her clothing. The pictures of the Akatsuki that decorated the wall over her desk reminded her that this was real. Actually real. Every fangirl's dream was in her house…it didn't seem to be real anymore, but it was. Nothing was true, everything was permitted.

Laughing at her video game reference, she turned off the lights and slid under the covers, squeezing her pillow. She wondered what Madara was doing to the gang member down in the basement. It was torture, she knew, maybe even worse, but how long would it take to break that guy? It took seconds for Itachi to break someone as strong as Kakashi and even if this guy was just a human, he was trained to withstand torture. Not ninja torture, though, she reminded herself.

The digital clock on her bedside table flashed, telling her that it was just becoming midnight and it set itself to am instead of pm. Hidan was snoring in the other room and most likely killing his partner's ears (much like hers). Paper thin walls were a bitch.

She was about to doze off herself when she heard her door creak open. The muscles in her body tensed. It was Madara, right? But what if it wasn't…? Was it Orochimaru? No, they killed him. Nobody could get past Zetsu when he was on guard out there and if it was anyone like Orochimaru, everyone would be up and on him before he could make hand signs. It's just Madara, she told herself. In fact, it became a mantra. It's just Madara, it's just Madara, it's just Madara, it's just fucking Madara, calm down! They were actually surprisingly quiet to her as the door shut itself quietly. Except when Jeen heard the door lock, she panicked and shot up, banging her head against another. There was a loud curse from her end (a small smirk from the other) and most of the tension left her when she busied herself with holding her forehead. Damn, that had hurt.

"It's just me." Madara whispered, tossing his mask next to the alarm clock. Jeen groaned and laid back down. Headaches, so many headaches; a bruise to match would be lovely, she thought. When there was no reply from her except the loud puffing noise when she fell back onto the pillows, he gracefully climbed over her onto his new rightful spot next to her on the small bed. Jeen tried to hide a blush, the darkness just made it easier.

"What happened down in the basement?" she asked, her hands wringing the top of the covers.

Madara's POV.

I watched with interest as she cautiously asked me about the torture I performed on the hostage; tiptoeing around the question, tight muscles, tense air, nervous tone, it seemed that she wasn't over her own torture experience back then and Ren's probably added to it. Is this where I was supposed to come in and comfort her? Like I already stated (oh so many time before) I could be feeling something for her, no, I did feel something for her. It didn't exactly sit well with me that she still felt the need to hide and cower. She needed to smile like she usually did, curse like Hidan, and stop hiding from me.

"We'll pick it up tomorrow," I sighed, "since he wasn't exactly finished talking today. There are more questions to be answered." I watched her nod from her position, her hands leaving the covers to scrunch up together in front of her.

"Oh, that's good then." She mumbled. If I wasn't so curious in her I would have ignored her right then. Instead of replying, I yanked her closer, maybe a tad too harshly, and pressed her to my chest. She made a gasping noise at the fast movement, but otherwise didn't object to the close contact. With my arms wrapped around her, I could feel every small movement, every breath she took. Just when I thought the gesture was going to be returned, she wrapped her arms around my neck and buried her face in my shoulder. Was that a good sign?

"You need to relax." I murmured, cautiously starting to run a hand through her hair. There was a small laugh and her arms relaxed.

"You're one to talk." She laughed. I suppose she did have a point.

"Yes, however…" I whispered, using a hand to tilt her chin up, "I don't worry. I plan." I pressed my lips to hers and moved a hand to her waist. Being so gentle was slightly frustrating, but a nice change otherwise. She reacted by moving her lips with mine, eyes closed, her hands moving to grip my shoulders. To my surprise, we both reacted fast with need, want, touch; the thought of stopping was almost unfathomable.

My hands unconsciously roamed down her sides and I felt hers move to my chest. We both pulled back, taking a small break for air before jumping right back in, still groping each other. She slid her hands underneath the fabric of my shirt and continued the ministrations, moving to bite at my ear as I moved to loom over her. I surprised myself, and probably her as well, when a small gasp left my lips; it was surprising what lust could do to someone. I'd forgotten what it felt to be with a woman after being alive for so long. Except this was different then the brothels and spas; it was more different than everything else I'd experienced and she must have felt the same.

Taking advantage, I leant down and bit down on the crook of her neck and shoulder, ushering a pleasured moan, feeling her rake her hands down the muscles of my back. The pain only made the experience stronger.

Except for the pounding on the wall.

"Oi! Shut up!" Ren screeched. That damned woman. One day, Jeen was going to hate her and I was going to rip her vocal cords out of that breakable neck with as much despicable enjoyment I could muster. Below me, Jeen groaned, pressing her palms into her eyes and rubbing. There will come a time where we will be alone without these burdens and this would happen, but not right now. I took her hand with one of mine own and pressed them against the pillows above her; she blushed, slightly nervous.

"We were interrupted." I growled, leaning into press our lips together. Maybe it would be right now.

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