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The mind-blowing sex from earlier that night still had Kurt's blood pulsing through his veins, rendering him incapable of sleep. He lay with Blaine's forehead resting against his bare chest, feeling his warm breath ghosting his nipple. Kurt played with a curl of Blaine's hair near his temple and watched the boy's face as he slept. He could tell Blaine was dreaming by the way his mouth would twitch into a smile and his eyes fluttered behind his long eyelashes. He had no idea what the boy was dreaming about until he felt Blaine wrap a leg around his, his leaking erection pressing into his thigh. Kurt gasped, but tried to make sure he didn't wake Blaine.

Blaine moaned and bucked his hips forward, causing Kurt to bite his lip to keep his moan in his throat. What happened next was the most confusing thing Kurt had ever experienced.

"Oh, Rachel, he loves that," Blaine mumbled against Kurt's chest. Kurt's eyebrows shot up and he considered waking Blaine up until he heard the next phrase.

"Give it to her, Kurt," Blaine moaned again. Blaine's hand ventured down to press the heel of his palm into his own erection. Kurt gasped and slipped slowly out of the bed, hoping Blaine would notice, but he didn't.

Blaine was dreaming about Kurt...and Rachel! Apparently, it was a very sexy dream, but Kurt couldn't help but be freaked out just a little but. He loved Rachel, no matter how obnoxious she could be and how her choice of wardrobe made him want to punch a kitten, but having sex with Rachel? He was gay! So was Blaine, as he quite obviously stated at the coffee shop to her on Valentine's day. It wasn't that Kurt was repulsed by women. On the contrary, he loved the curves of a woman, but Rachel? Kurt walked to the bathroom to pee, still thinking about Blaine and his dream... could he bring himself to maybe...make it reality?

Kurt shook his head and slipped back into his boxer briefs before flushing and washing his hands, a very arousing plan unfolding in his brain.

Kurt stood at his locker, a picture of him and Blaine wearing bright colored sunglasses at the beach staring back at him. He was waiting for Rachel, whose locker was only three down from his. The plan was perfect. He just had to get Rachel to agree.

Rachel Berry, clad in a plaid skirt, tight black t-shirt, white knee socks and Mary Jane's, bounced over to her locker humming 'Funny Girl'. Kurt smirked, shut his locker, and sauntered toward her.

"I need to talk to you about something, Berry," Kurt said, leaning against the locker next to her.

"Ok, what's up?" she asked sweetly.

"I wanna do something...special for Blaine."

Rachel raised her eyebrows. "If you need to talk to my dads about...you know..."

"Oh, no, sweetie, we've moved well passed that," Kurt waved at her, seeing her eyes shine with a bit of intrigue. "No...See, Saturday night I was sleeping over at Blaine's and he had a dream. He doesn't know that I know, but he talked in his sleep and well...he was dreaming about us."

"You and him?"

"No...me, him and you."

Rachel gasped and blushed, swallowing hard.

"Rachel, I know you like Blaine. You dated him for a week. I'm perfectly certain he's at least 75% gay so I have majority rule," Kurt shrugged. "But...his birthday is Friday. I want to give him something very special."

Rachel blushed again. "And...what would that be?"


Rachel glanced around, making sure they weren't overheard. "You'd be OK with this?"

"Yes. I think I'm only about 93% gay, so don't worry, you'll get what you came for." Kurt winked.

Rachel felt her stomach flutter. Kurt was very attractive. She had always thought so, but she knew he was gay. Now that he was giving her this invitation...for him AND Blaine...how could she say no?

"What do I need to do?"

Kurt smiled. "Meet me at my house tonight. We'll talk about it."

Rachel bit her bottom lip and looked up into Kurt's beautiful blue eyes and nodded.

"Perfect," Kurt purred. He walked away, but not before 'accidentally' brushing his hand across Rachel's thigh.

Blaine arrived home from Dalton that Friday feeling very excited. He was going to celebrate his birthday with his friends from New Directions at Quinn's house and he was going to get wasted. He prayed that things wouldn't end the same way they did last time he got wasted, but Kurt would be there right along with him.

Blaine noticed his parents had already left for Milan after they celebrated with dinner the night before and gave him his gifts. He dropped his bag on the couch and walked up the stairs to his room, loosening his tie a bit and undoing the top three buttons. As he opened the door, a sight met him that sent all his blood rushing southward.

His boyfriend was lying on his bed wearing nothing but navy blue boxer briefs and a dreamy smile. "Hey, there, birthday boy," he smirked, standing.

"K-kurt, what's this?"

"I heard you the other night...dreaming about me and Rachel." He stood in front of Blaine, his fingers toying with his Dalton tie.

Blaine's eyes grew wide. "Oh, god, I'm so sorry, it was stupid-"

"Ssh," Kurt placed a finger to Blaine's lips. He nodded toward the bathroom and Blaine looked up to see Rachel Berry, clad in red lacy boy short panties and a lacy red bra. Her curly brown hair fell below her shoulders.

"Kurt...you don't-"

"Shut up and sit down," Kurt grabs his tie and pulls him toward the bed, gently shoving him back onto it. Kurt straddled him and began unbuttoning his white oxford shirt.

"So hot," Rachel gasped, her fingers dancing over her chest and down her stomach. Kurt slips Blaine's shirt off, his tie still dangling around his neck.

"Leave it for now," Kurt growls into his ear, causing Blaine to groan and rut into him. Kurt beckons Rachel over and she crawls across the bed to meet him with a heated kiss, their tongues dancing together. Blaine moaned at the sight of his boyfriend running his hands across Rachel's chest and through her long hair.

"Tell us what you want, Blaine," Kurt looked over to him, letting Rachel nibble down his neck. "This is -ugh- for you, baby."

Blaine's breath hitched as Rachel's other hand slid up his clothed leg and traced his erection with her fingers.

"K-kurt, please."

"Please, what, love?"

"Suck me, please, baby," Blaine's cock twitch at the desperate sound of his own voice. Kurt smirked and kissed Rachel quickly before settling between Blaine's legs and unbuttoning his pants, freeing his large cock from its confines.

"Wanna help me, Rach?"

Rachel licked her lips and nodded. They both crawled between Blaine's legs and started tonguing his erection.

"Ohmyfuckinggod!" Blaine grasped the bed sheets, trying not to thrust up. Rachel mouthed at the head of his dick while Kurt dipped his tongue down and licked a strip from Blaine's perineum to his balls and sucked gently, scraping his teeth gently against them.

"Oh, shit, so close!"

Kurt pulled away, bringing Rachel with him. They lay on each side of Blaine, nibbling on his ear or sucking against the skin of his neck. Blaine was a whining mess.

"What do you want, baby," Kurt growled into his ear before licking the shell.

"Ugh- baby, f-fuck her."

Kurt looked up at Rachel for confirmation, which she quickly gave. Kurt moved to grab a condom, but Blaine stopped him.

"I want to fuck you while you fuck her," he said huskily. Kurt's breath stopped in his throat, but he managed a nod and grabbed another condom and lube.

"Kiss her, Blaine, I wanna watch," Kurt put the lube and condoms on the bed off to the side and palmed his erection through his boxer briefs. Rachel straddled Blaine and pulled him up by his tie. Their lips met with fire and passion and teeth and tongue, causing them both to moan against it. Kurt's hand had dipped into his underwear and he was fisting himself lazily.

"Mmm, Kurt...I wanna..." Blaine moaned.

"I know, sweetie," Kurt stroked his face as they kissed. Rachel pulled away and looked over at Kurt, who was standing to remove his boxer briefs.

"Oh, my," Rachel gasped when Kurt's cock sprang free.

"Beautiful, isn't he?" Blaine smiled, raking his eyes over Kurt's now naked form. Kurt crawled back on to the bed and lay Rachel down, kissing across her chest and throat before slipping a hand behind her and unhooking her bra with one hand. He tossed it aside then slid her panties down her legs, kissing back up her knee and thigh before dipping his tongue into her gently.

"Oh, Kurt," Rachel gasped, lacing her fingers into his hair.

"Tug on it, he loves that," Blaine whispered into her ear. She tugged Kurt's hair, causing him to moan against her. She shivered involuntarily.

"See?" Blaine smirked, taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking gently. Rachel gasped and arched up into his mouth. Kurt kissed up her stomach, between her breasts and up to Blaine.

"Wanna taste?" Kurt asked him. Blaine kissed Kurt, slipping his tongue inside his mouth to taste Rachel on this tongue. He moaned and Rachel gasped at the sight.

"Mmm, baby, please," Blaine begged. Kurt nodded and pulled away to grab the condom from next to Rachel's head.

"Wait...can I...?" she looked down hungrily at Kurt's cock. He got the hint and nodded. Rachel crawled around and Rachel licked the precum from Kurt's head before taking him halfway. Blaine crawled behind Kurt and grabbed the lube, coating his fingers generously, and slipped a finger inside him.

"Oh, fuck!" Kurt arched back against Blaine, whose arm had snaked around Kurt's chest and was pulling him against him, adding another finger. He began to stretch and scissor Kurt while Rachel bobbed up and down on Kurt's cock.

"So good! So close!" Kurt whined. Rachel moved away and lay back down. Kurt slipped the condom on and lowered himself over Rachel, lining himself up with her. Blaine slipped his fingers out and moved to put on the other condom, watching as Kurt slid slowly into Rachel.

"Oh god, Kurt!" Rachel's nails dug into Kurt's back, causing him to hiss. He slid back out slowly before thrusting in again with more force.

"Oh, Kurt, that's so hot," Blaine moaned, coating himself with lube and lining himself up with his boyfriend. "I'm gonna enter you now, baby."

Kurt nodded, his breath hitching at the feeling of warmth around his cock. He stilled to allow Blaine access. Blaine pressed into Kurt slowly, making the boy whine with pain-pleasure. Blaine began picking up his pace, causing Kurt to thrust more furiously into Rachel. The three were moaning together, sweat and sex all around them. Blaine gripped Kurt's hair and pulled, causing Kurt to buck even harder into Rachel, who writhed beneath the two men.

"Oh, Kurt, Blaine, I'm-"

"Me too!"

"Oh, fuck!"

With that, Rachel came hard. Kurt followed seconds later and Kurt coming caused Blaine to thrust three more times before he cried out in orgasm, too.

The three fell onto the bed, boneless and spent. Kurt moved over on the bed and pulled Blaine up between the two of them, their breathing still erratic.

"So," Rachel said heavily, "You like your present?"

Blaine gave a breathy laughed and nodded. "Yeah. Best present ever."

Kurt smiled and kissed Blaine passionately on the lips. "I love you, sweetie."

"I love you, too, Kurt," Blaine said, stroking a lock of hair out of his lover's eyes.

"I'll leave you to it, then, Kurt," Rachel smiled and placed a kiss to Blaine's lips before standing to dress. She said goodbye to the couple and left with a wide grin on her face. Blaine and Kurt lay facing each other, occasionally placing kisses to each others lips or face.

"Thank you for that," Blaine finally said.

"It was no problem, baby. It was actually really fun."

Blaine smiled. "Would you be willing to do it more often? Maybe not with Rachel, but..."

"You whore," Kurt giggled, smacking Blaine playfully on the chest. "But no, I wouldn't be opposed to the idea. Just as long as you always love me the most."

Blaine smiled, stroking Kurt's cheek with his thumb. "Always and forever, love."

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