Chapter one:

X Fighters

It was a normal day at Acmetropolis, and in the loonatics HQ the team was relaxing knowing that days like this doesn't come too often; Tec was working on his latest invention: a device that translate any language at the moment; Rev was helping him and trying not to break anything important; Slam was devouring the leftovers from yesterday; duck was taking one of his beauty sleep, Lexi was in the training room doing jus that… training, and Ace was watching TV after making sure everything was ok in the tropolis, he was watching his favorite program when a commercial showed up: !He's dangerous, he's fearless, he's insane and he's on Acmetropolis, come to see this daredevil as he makes insane stuns at the motocross x fighters today at the coliseum, come and get your tickets before they disappear!(While the TV guy was saying this some images of the past stuns were shown)

-I'll have to check this guy out- Ace said as he walked to Tec's lab, as he walked in he could see Tec chasing Rev for braking something important. Ace tried to stop them but the only thing he could do was to crash with Rev and fell to the floor –!Whoa! easy guys- Ace said getting up – sorry-Ace-but-Tec- was-chasing-me-and-I-couldn't-stop-when-I-saw-you-cause-I-was-going-too-fast-and-I-didn't-see-you-coming-in-to-the-lab-cause-I-was-distracted-by-Tec-and-bfff-nffbf- ( Tec had shut Rev`s mouth with his hand) – yea no problem Rev, I just want to see if you guys would come with me to watch this daredevil at the coliseum today?- -realy-that-sounds-great-Ace-coun-me-in-I-love-that-kind-of-performances- Rev said –sorry Ace but I can't, I'm really busy here fixing Rev´s mess- Tec said angrily facing a shamed Rev.

Ace and Rev walked out from the lab and soon enough they were at the coliseum getting their tickets, and before getting to their bleachers they went to get some food: a big pile of nachos showered in hot cheese and two super sized sodas, when they get to their seats the could tell that the show was beginning as the motorcycles started to appear in the coliseum. After a few minutes and some cool stuns the master of ceremony showed up - ! Here's what you've been waiting for! The insane: Kaz Wolf! -And the crowd goes crazy- Kaz said in his mind as psychosocial by slipknot played on the background and a big screen showed him outside the coliseum where he was in front of a ramp speeding his bike and then jumping over the coliseum and then landing in the middle of a platform, the crowd including Ace and Rev went crazy cheering the daredevil as he waved at the crowd.

A few more minutes passed and the stuns were even more insane by the minute, and when he was about to make the most insane and dangerous stunt a big explosion coming from one of the field entrance surprised everyone making Kaz to fell of his bike, Ace and Rev jumped to the field to help the daredevil ant to see who or what caused the explosion.

-Are you ok dock? – Ace asked to the unharmed cyclist as he was helping him getting up –Yeah I'm ok – Kaz answered as he was cleaning the dust of his outfit, then he saw the two heroes and stare at them for a moment and the only thing that passed trough his head was:- what?-

Chapter two:

Saving the day

But before he could say something a shadow formed as the dust of the explosion vanished, then the dust disappeared letting the stranger reveal his identity, and Kaz still with his helmet on said with a surprised tone on his voice –you! - Then the stranger said – surprised to see me Kaz? - - what are you doing here? I thought I warned you not to show yourself in front of me any more!- Kaz said angrily as he walked towards the character that was thin looking with short straight brownish hair and an evil kind of looking on his face, he looked weak if you compared him with Kaz who looked stronger with his wide shoulders and muscular but flexible body, - well, I was near and I thought I could see your last performance of the season, and of course get some old business done once and for all – said Tony with an anger tone referring to the time when they used to work together.

They have meet in one of Kaz´s performances a couple months ago, Tony got him some contracts for him to perform in cities, almost at the same time the cops started to investigate him for some crimes that happened in every city he went at the time he stayed in there, and for the cops that was very suspicious.

- So, I guess you know this guy? – Ace asked Kaz as he noticed some mini robots walking behind Tony, obviously stolen from some lab or something. – yeah, he used to be my tour manager until I turn him to the cops for fraud and some other crimes he did, but that's old news now I have to take him back to the jail he escaped from, but this time for good!- Kaz said without taking his sight from Tony.

- Yeah-well-lets-take-this-guy-and-and-showhim-some-good-old-justice-so-we-can-go-back-to-the-show-cause-I-realy-liked-it-and-I-want-to-watch-the-rest-of-it.- Rev said, -does he talk like that all the time – Kaz asked, - nah sometimes he talk fast- Ace said with a funny tone on his voice.

- All right, stay back dock while Rev and I take this guy and his toys out- Ace said now more seriously, then Ace and Rev started to attack the robots trying to reach for Tony who was running to were Kaz was, and when Tony get there Kaz throw him some ice daggers from his hand, Ace watching what Kaz just did said –what the…? – When a few robots jumped on him taking him to the ground then he used his laser vision to get rid of the robots that were on top of him – we need backup! Rev, call the rest of the team fast!- Rev quickly called Tec from his communicator – Tec-we-need-you-and-the-rest-of-the-guys-here-in-the-coliseum-come-quick- -there are more?- Kaz asked to himself as he could hear what Rev said.

Soon enough the rest of the team arrived, and started to destroy the robots, Kaz looked amazed at the rest of the team when Tony hit him, then he partially froze Tony just his head didn't get frozen at the same time the Loonatics finished destroying the small but strong robots and walked close were Kaz had Tony frozen – what were you thinking trying to kill me? - Kaz asked him angrily for ruin his show. – Well I had to give it a try don't you think? - Tony said with a resignation tone, as he was taking in custody by the A.P.D.

Chapter three:


- Who the heel was this looser? - Duck asked, -some one who didn't like our friend here, I guess- Lexi said facing Kaz, - you are right, - Kaz said – we used to work together, he was my tour manager until I discovered that he had stolen some banks in every city I performed,- - What a jerk – Tec said, then a robot that didn't get completely destroyed shoot a laser at the group aiming at Lexi, quick Kaz pushed her to the side getting hit by the laser in his helmet knocking him to the ground and breaking his helmet – dam it!- Kaz said getting up – are you ok?- Lexi asked to his savior.

-Yeah I'm ok; he just broke my favorite helmet- Kaz said taking his helmet off, as the team looked amazed at an anthropomorphic wolf. – What! He is… - Lexi couldn't finish her sentence because Kaz interrupted her – an anthropomorphic like you guys? Well, I'm as surprised as you are; I'm Kaz, by the way. - -I'm Ace, nice to meet you. - - hello-nice-to-meet-you-my-name-as-you-may-already-know-is-Rev-Runner-but-call-me-Rev- - Hi I'm Lexi, thanks for saving me by the way- - any time- Kaz said making Ace felt a little jealous.

Hi, I'm Danger Duck, the most brave and stronger of the team!- - I can tell that- Kaz said with a confused look on his face – nice to meet you Kaz I'm Tec E. Coyote, and this big guy here is Slam, he doesn't talk that much - - gadahadaHi – Slam said shaking Kaz hand, after they all finished introducing to their new friend the team, got ready to go back to HQ.

-well, Zodavia hasallot to answer when we get back to HQ. – Duck said - why don't you come with us? I think Zodavia would be very interested in meeting you. - Ace asked Kaz, - yea sure why not? – Kaz said, then Slam picked him up and then they all jet to HQ.

When they get to HQ Duck noticed something of his new friend – yo, Kaz, I don't wanna criticize or something, but, dude, where's your tale? - - Duck!- Ace called his attention- no worries; I hide it round my stomach every time I make my stuns so it doesn't bother me and I don't get in an accident. –Kaz said as he unroll his furry tale rising his black metallica t-shirt and showing his muscled stomach for a moment.

-Al right lets get to the conference room and contact boss lady so she can answer a few questions for us and get this thing cleared once and for all- Ace said with a little bit of jealousy cause he looked at the way Lexi looked at his strong stomach, of course Kaz did notice the way Ace looked at Lexi and how she looked at Ace in the same way and well, he had to be an idiot if he didn't realized that they felt something for each other, but he didn't want to get between them and he knew that they had to figure it out by themselves some day. They walked to the conference room and contact Zodavia.

Chapter four


-Greetings Loonatics- Zodavia said appearing in the conference room; Kaz got a little scared when she showed up in the hologram. - Ace, I believe you got the today's activities report ready, am I right? - Zodavia asked Ace but she didn't notice that there was an extra person in there – Got it right here boss lady, but, haven't you noticed something strange round here?- Ace asked looking at Kaz who was kind of nervous, mostly for the impression Zodavia gave.

- I see, you've got a new friend - - no just a friend, he was at the meteor also- Tec said explaining to Zodavia that he as powers like the rest of them. –I must ask you to leave me With Ace and… I'm sorry but, what is your name? – I'm Kaz, Kaz wolf - - I see, like I was saying, I need to have a word with Ace and Kaz in private please.

The rest of the team leave the conference room leaving Ace and Kaz with Zodavia. – Kaz Wolf, I am impressed to see another one that got affected by the meteor radiation- - Yeah well, I thought I was the only one of my kind, so… - - Wee both were mistaken then, but that is not what matters now, what matters is that with you, there is a possibility that many others got affected by the meteor radiation, and I will search for them- - So, what you're saying is that there are more like us?- Ace asked with an incredulous tone – perhaps, and as I said I will search for them, but now you will have to train Kaz, and teach him all the rules I have given you, Zodavia out- and with that she disappeared leaving Ace and Kaz with more questions that the beginning.

When they walked out of the conference room the rest of the team were waiting outside with a big curiosity look on their faces, and when they all see the two guy walking out they drowned them with questions, but Ace just said - the only thing I know is that there may be more like us out there, but nobody is sure- and that leave them even more confused.

Then Tec hurried up to prepare a room for the new member of the team as it was getting late already, but it only take a matter of minute as he was pretty good at building anything, and he had Rev´s help, they finished the room in record time, they have put a bed, some furniture and a book shelf – here you go, your new room. - - I don't know what to say guys, thanks, thank you for accepting me, I am very honored to be part of this team. - - Lest stop here before wee all get sentimental – Duck said feeling sick about the moment. – This calls for a celebration! Don't ya think? - Lexi said wanting to celebrate not just for her new friend, but cause she always wanted an opportunity to celebrate something all the time.

-I'll get the music- duck said quaking out – -I'll-get-the-food- Rev said exited about the party, a few minutes later the party started.

Chapter five


The party was small but great, the team had fun listening Kaz´s stories from the circus, like how he learned the hard way some of the circus acts and how he got some book for studying which wasn't the right way – it aint stolen, I just borrowed them for a undefined time- Kaz said followed for some laughs, the time flew by, and Duck was sleeping in the table hugging a turkey leg like if it was some kind of teddy bear, Slam tried to eat the food that was on the side of Duck trying not wake him up, Rev was sitting on the couch unable to get up as he had eaten allot, and the rest of the team was in the main room talking, about the unbelievable adventures.

- I propose a toast – Lexi said a little bit nervous, because she had never proposed one before- for Kaz, for saving my life today and cause we made a new friend- they all drank the soda in their cups then Kaz added – well, first of all thanks Lexi - - call me Lex - - ok, thanks Lex, second, I think that it was my fault that you were in danger, and third, well, I have no words to thank you all for accepting me- - you don't have to thanks – Tec said – well, welcome to the family- Lexi said making Kaz to lose his smile and leaving him thoughtful, it was almost 11:00 pm an everybody went to their respective room except Kaz who found his way to the roof and sit on the edge of it and stared at the city illuminated in part by a full moon, pretty cool view Kaz thought, then after a few minutes Ace got to the roof.

-I thought you were asleep already- - I came here to have some fresh air- Kaz said a little surprised – fresh air? in the middle of the city? That's weird – Ace said drawing a tinny smile on Kaz (an imaginary boulevard of broken dreams by green day played at the background) – you gut me, I was thinking, you know, most of my life I ´´walked alone´´ jus me and my shadow, you know? My dad, found me when I was a baby on a forest in Colorado, he was the master of ceremony of his circus, then he took me to his RV and adopted me, he said that he called me Kaz cause that was the name in the note my real parents leaved, - - but didn't you want to find out who were your real parents?-Ace asked

- of course I did, but then I realized that my real parents didn't want me, so, I decided that he was my real father, the years flew by and I was the main attraction of the circus, and some of the actors didn't like that, then my dad started to feel weak, he started to lose weight, the doctor said he had cancer, and one day, he couldn't wake from his bed, I was with him all the time, he told me not to stay in the circus, he told me to move on, to be someone in life, his last words he said were to me he told me that he loved me and to move on, and after the funeral, I leaved the circus, and honestly, I didn't know what I was going to do, I get to the daredevil acts by accident you know, and now, I'm here,- - with a new family- Ace added- yes, a new family, but it feels unreal, like a dream, and I'm afraid to wake up sooner or later- - well, enjoy your dream so it doesn't turn into a nightmare, and, welcome to the family- Said Ace.

They watched the city for a couple minutes, then Kaz remembered he left his bike at the coliseum. – Dam, I just remembered I leave my bike in the coliseum, I have to go back there and get it - - you mean the one that got destroyed? - - No, I leaved it on the locker room for safety, - - well, I know a thing or two about motorcycles, what kind of bike do you have? - - a Harley.

Ace put a surprised look on his face as he knew that those motorcycles didn't exist any more – you've got to be kidding me? - - No - - but the Harleys don't exist no more! - - well, I guess I have the only one there is. - - what are we waiting for? Let's go and get that bike! - And with that, Ace took his motorcycle and Kaz jumped on the back and in no time they were flying to the coliseum.

Chapter six


When they arrived, Kaz pick up his broken helmetdon't worry, Tec will fix it for you – Ace saidtrying to cheer a sad Kaz – let's go get that motorcycle- Kaz said walking to the locker rooms, he hoped for the bike to but ok as the early explosion occurred near it – there it is! And not a single scratch- Kaz said felling relieve that the bike was ok – a real Harley Davidson! – Ace said getting closer to the Harley to see if he wasn't hallucinating or anything like that –

I can believe it, how did you get it? Ace asked – when I was back in the south, I went to a yard sale to see what could I find, I was wondering round the useless objects when I saw something that call my attention, so I went to look what it was and imagine the surprise when I found out it was a Harley, it was all rusty and had missing parts, I convinced the owner to sell it to me for $300, and after that I have spent thousands of dollars bringing it back to life, most of the parts I had to build them my self, it was hard work, but totally worth it don't you think?-

- Totally worth it! – Ace said amazed at the story and how cheap he had got the bike; it was late and not a single soul in the streets, so they decided to make a race to HQ, and before you could say ´´anthropomorphic´´ they were half way already, they were head to head, then Kaz noticed something that made him stop, when Ace got were Kaz was they went to see a little case abandoned on the side of a trash container, the case had a little intermittent blue light, and when Kaz and Ace got close enough, the blue light turn red followed by a huge explosion.

Kaz moved fast and put himself in front of Ace as his body was five times more resistant than normal (thanks to the meteor) when the worst had pass Kaz got up with a few scratches an a little confused, then he went to see how was Ace who was getting up no harm thanks to Kaz; (the Harley and Ace's bike were ok as they were far from the explosion) the explosion made a big hole on a building, and two shadows were walking towards the building.

- Alright, let's get those diamonds, and get the hell out of here, before the cops show up! – The stranger said with a southern accent, when Kaz heard that accent immediately knew who he was – oh no, not you again! – Said Kaz – an old friend maybe? –Ace asked - Not quite - - well, well, well, look who we found here – Said Vic Cobra - so who is this lizard anyways? - - Vic Cobra, thief, the most wanted in three counties, and a big pain in the ass! –

Vic Cobra and Tribal scorpion: two criminals from the south, genetically modified to become a new army of super soldiers, but the experiment went wrong and the scientist canceled everything leaving the two reptiles who decided to use their new powers for their own benefit, Vic can throw poisoned needles and Tribal can shoot acid from his tale.

- This terrible excuse of a worm here tried to steal my bike a couple of times and now I believe there out to something- Kaz explained Ace as they were getting ready to fight. And they started to fight Kaz throw ice daggers to Cobra and he throw poisoned needles while Ace shoot laser at Tribal who did get hit by the laser, then Tribal got up and throw acid at Ace who dodge the Acid and with some cool moves knocked Tribal out, back with Kaz, he was trying not to get hit by the needles and trying to find a weak spot and then hit him there with a big ice ball which made Vic fell to the floor, then when they thought that fight was over Tribal getting consciousness shoot acid at Kaz who dodge it easily, but the acid did hit the Harley on the front tire, melting it immediately.

Kaz watching that, and already mad, got even angrier, furious at the two reptiles – Idiot! What have you done! – Vic yelled at his partner, Kaz fell on his knees like if he was having a terrible headache and tried to retain something – Kaz? Are you ok buddy? - - agh! Don't come any aagh closer to me please! – Kaz tried to warn Ace, but then Kaz got up like if the pain was gone, his eyes were dark, but no glowing dark like when he used his powers, they were just dark – ok, listen Kaz buddy, I can fix your bike, - Vic said terrified trying to calm Kaz who was walking toward him with a freaking look on his face.

Then Kaz took Vic in the neck – Kaz pleas don't! – Vic couldn't breathe – Kaz I think that's enough dock! – said Ace grabbing him on the shoulder, Kaz hit Ace sending him a few meters away, Vic use that distraction and hit Kaz with his tale, Kaz released him and Vic with the little energy that he has escaped forgetting the diamonds, Tribal followed him.

-what's wrong with you? We're partners remember? – Ace said getting up, but Kaz didn't respond, then Kaz throw him some sort of black laser coming from his mouth, hitting Ace, then Ace knocked him out with his laser vision, after a moment Kaz woke up – wha… what happened? – He said very confused – you almost kill that snake dude, and then you attacked me – Ace said a little angry with Kaz – I'm sorry, but the only thing I remember is that I was so pisted off cause they ruined my bike, and the I blanked- - well, you did look pretty mad, and that thing coming out of your mouth, well, I have to admit that it was pretty cool - - oh no, not him again! – Kaz said with a disappointed tone – what do you mean by HIM? – Ace asked a little confused

- Well, he is like, other me, an evil me, I don't fell very well talking bout him right now, its late and I have to repair my bike, I just wanna go and sleep - - ok lets go – Ace said seeing that Kaz was sad about his bike and that he didn't like to talk about his other self, after a few blocks they were back at HQ were Kaz managed somehow to put his bike in his room, so he can repair it as soon as possible.

Chapter seven

Firs day

It was 6:30 am and Kaz was already woke, as he had a nightmare about his evil self were they were fighting over the control of his body, in the next 30 minutes the only thing he did was to think about his dream and that if that meant that his evil self wanted to have permanent control of his body. After a few minutes the rest of the team was already awaken, when Lexi came knocking his door – come in – Kaz said- good morning Kaz - - good morning Lex - - I just came to tell you that breakfast is ready - -perfect, I haven't eaten since before the performance, and I'm hungry- they walked down to the dining room and Kaz sat in one of the two chairs that were unoccupied, wile Lexi went to the kitchen to get the breakfast – Good morning Kaz, how was your sleep? – Asked Tec – good morning every one, it was ok I guess – Said Kaz remembering his nightmare, then Lexi brought a big plate full of pancakes, and they started eating.

So, tell us Kaz, who was that stupid jerk from the coliseum? – Asked Duck putting a lot of maple syrup on his pancakes – I met him in El Paso TX. A couple years ago, after a performance I made, he told me that he could get me better contracts and more money ´´I'll take you to the big leagues´´ he said, and at first it was ok, I mean he got me more contracts in many cities, I was doing better, you know? Better equipment, everything was going up, the only problem was that the cops were investigating me for some crimes that had been happening in the cities I went.-

- but why – Asked Lexi – I fitted their description: outsider, mysterious, always leaving town when the crime had been occurred, I was the perfect match, and if it wouldn't get any worse, my money began to disappear, so I started to investigate myself, after some coincidences between the murders and the disappeared money, I found out that the person behind this was Tony, I confronted him and we argued for a couple hours, then he leaved and I took my chance to call the police to clean up my name, by the time Tony returned the cops were waiting him, he started to yell at me, you know? He call me a traitor, I warned him not to show his face in front of me any more he swore revenge on me, and that's the last time I saw him, till yesterday.

The team was impressed, Ace wanted to ask him about last night but he decided that he would tell him in the right moment; - Wow this is delicious!- Said Kaz eating the pancakes Lexi made- you made this Lex? - - Ah yes - - well I go to say these are the best pancakes I had ever tried - - why thanks Kaz - said Lexi a little shy – well, thanks for the breakfast Lex – said Ace- but now is training time, lets get ready and I'll meet you in the training room guys. –

The rest of the team went to their rooms to get changed, and get to the training room. When everybody was on the training room the training begun, first some target shooting, Lexi was the first, and she hit the targets perfectly with her brain blast, then, Duck who needed more shooting practice as he missed some targets, third Ace who was even better than Lexi, then Tec's turn, he throw some metal stuffs that were in the room, it was Slam turn, he didn't hit the targets, he destroyed them with his tornado arms, then, Rev, he hit the targets in record time, and last, Kaz, everybody was waiting to see what could he do.

he got in the room and then a few targets started to show up, and he throw his ice daggers and aim at the center of each target, Ace was impressed, the next exercise: team work, Tec pressed some buttons on the control panel and a virtual street appeared, and the whole team was inside this time. Then it started, a big explosion followed by screaming people, and this cyborg dude, who was shooting his proton cannon and destroying everything. – Loonatics attack!-Ace yield and the team went on action, Tec tried to control him but he got hit by a laser the cyborg shoot, then Duck tried to knock him out, but he just hurt his hand.

Rev tried to hit him as fast as he could but he didn't do any damage – this is team work guys! Slam take this cyber dude down, Lex, find a weak point and use it, Kaz… Kaz! What are you doing? – Ace said as Kaz was running towards the cyborg with some sort of ice swords on his hands, and then he jumped and with a cool move cut the cyborg in half, - that was easy- Said Kaz looking at the team who were staring at him- what was that? - Ace asked- I'm not sure but I think I beat this guy- - yeah, but this isn't called team work for nothing- - I apologize, but I've work alone my whole life, so - - well, we need to work on that later, for now the training is over- Ace said, then they all go to their rooms to take a shower and started officially the day.

After a long shower with freezing cold water, Kaz went to his closet to take some clothes to put on: an old slipknot t-shirt a pair of ripped jeans and a black leather jacket, and when he finished putting his jeans on someone knocked at his door, (it had to be a really hard knocking cause the music was too loud) – come in! - said Kaz, it was Lexi, and when she saw him without a shirt she covered her eyes- Kaz I… oh my… - - oh I'm sorry, let me put something on- Kaz put his slipknot t-shirt on- ok, you can look now- - wow, you are strong. Any ways, I came to see how you were doing, cause I felt bad abut the training today and…- - no worries, I just need more practice working in team that's all - - ok, well, I'm glad you're ok, - then she noticed his old t-shirt- are you gonna wear that? - - Yeah, this is the best clothes I have- - we need to make a trip to the mall, seriously! – Then she leaved his room leaving him with a smile on his face.

After a few seconds Ace appeared in his room – what's up dock? - - Hi Ace, come in please - -what are you gonna do today? – Well I was thinking on getting some stuffs to repair my bike - - sound great, mind if I help you? I really love your bike dock - -sure, why not? – Really? Thanks, oh, and remember those rules Zodavia told me to tell you? - -Yeah- - well, there is this rule about Lex, how do I say it? We are not allowed to date team mates, and like Lexi is the only girl in the team, well - - I understand, and don't worry about me, the last thing I wanna do is make some enemies, but I believe you're not telling me this cause of the rules - -what do you mean? - - well I have like a ´´six sense´´ that let me read people, and, well, I have seen how you look at her, and - - am I that obvious? - - not really, since the rest of the team doesn't know, but you have to do something cause she felts the same way about you, and if you don't do anything quick, well, - - she felts the same way about me? - - totally, I mean, she tries to hide it, but she can't control all her feelings - - well, I'm glad to hear that, and lets keep this to ourselves, we don't want to make this a big mess - - don't worry your secret is safe with me.

It was almost noon and the team mat in the conference room for the daily meeting with Zodavia- greetings Loonatics- - hello Zodavia- said Ace – how are you feeling with your new team Kaz? - - I'm feeling just great, they have treated me very well - -I am happy to hear that- - uh, Zodavia? - - Yes Ace- - how it's going that search of yours, trying to find more people affected by the meteor? - -Well, I have sense the energy of the meteor, I still have to make sure if it is not a false alarm, I will give you updates as soon I get them, until then, Zodavia out- and with that the team got exited – yeah, we'll have more members, isn't that exiting?- - don't get exited yet Lex, boss lady said it could be a false alarm- - yeah-but-what-if-we-got-more-members-I'm-so-exited-bout-the-idea-of-having-more-friends-and-maybe-we-should-need-to-make-some-extra-rooms-just-in-case-there-are-more-man-I-cant-wait-to-meet-them-mmbpff-pffmbb- - yeah, yeah, Rev, we all are exited about the idea of having more friends- said Tec closing Revs mouth with his hand.

-Well I just hope we get more girls- said Duck- I mean, we are already full of dudes, this team needs girls- - for once you're right Duck- said Lexi- this team does need another girl, I want someone to talk with bout girls stuffs you know- - yeah well, it ain´t our choice, I mean, we can't decide if it's a chick or a dude- Ace said making a point-

After that the team dismissed to do what they usually do, Lexi went to her room have some time on her own, and to think of the possibility of having a new girl friend, Tec went to make a jet pack wile Rev went to make an uniform for Kaz, which Kaz wasn't very exited abut, Duck was about to play a joke on Slam who was cleaning the dishes cause it was his turn even though every time Slam washed the dishes half of them ended up broken, Ace and Kaz took the bike to The repair garage of HQ to fix it.

The time flew by, it was almost three PM, Ace and Kaz were still working on the bike when the alarm sound, they were stealing the Acmetopolis First Bank- What is it?- asked Ace – A bank robbery – Said Tec- Aright team lets jet!- Said Ace – uh Ace? - - yup? - - how do I…- - oh yeah, here you go- said Tec giving Kaz his new jet pack – thanks, how do I… - - the red button is the ignition, move left to go left and… - after a quick lesson they were ready to go- so, everything ok duck?- - yes, I'm sorry for that- - no problem, now were was I ? Ho yeah, Loonatics! Let's jet! - And with that the team was on their way.

When they got to the bank, there were some police cars and cops aiming their guns at the thieves who were inside the bank with a few hostages- what's up dock? - Asked Ace to the police chief- thanks the writer you got here, we have four suspects and seven hostages, we think one of them is injured- - don't worry chief, we got everything under control now- Said Ace taking the control of the situation- Kaz like this is your first official mission, lets show us what you have, - - aright, I just hope I don't mess up and end up killing everybody- said Kaz to himself-ok, watch this- he stood up in front of the entrance, then he concentrate and with his dark glowing eyes, he place his right hand on the floor (kind of ratcicle from crash of the titans stile) and looking at the suspects, he froze them one by one, when he finished he got up – ok, there you go, - - wow, I'm impressed! Dock- Said Ace- thanks I…- Kaz almost felled to the ground- are you ok?- - yes, yes, I'm ok, that attack wears me out every time I use it, I just need to rest for a couple minutes, that's all, - - ok, sit down, we'll do the rest-

The rest of the team went to unfroze the thieves and to help the innocent people who were in the bank, a couple minutes later, Kaz joined the team to help them, after a couple more minutes, the team was done, and jet back to HQ- aright team good job today, especially you Kaz, you did a great job to be your first mission- -thanks Ace, but I still feel that I need more training to do- - well, I think we can take the rest of the day off- and with that the team dismissed and everybody went to do what they were doing before the mission, Kaz went to his room to relax, and recover the energy he used in the attack.

Chapter Eight

Going Shopping

It was morning, and the second day of Kaz as a new member of the Loonatics, the day started like the last one, training, but now Kaz did try to work in team, it was weird for him to have to follow the orders from Ace, and it was less fun if you asked him. Later that day, in Kaz´s room, Rev knocked on his door- com in!- Kaz said- oh Hi Rev, can I help you?- - no-actually-I-just-came-to-give-you-your-new-uniform-I-made-yesterday- - a uniform?- asked Kaz- yes-it-is-a-uniform-like-the-rest-of-the-guys-used-it-is-black-and-it-has-a-gray-triangle-on-the-front-cause-I-thougth-you-liked-gray-color-are-you-ok-with-gray-or-do-you-want-me-to-cange-it?- -no, no, its ok, its just that I'm not into using uniforms, especially the tight ones- said Kaz, he didn't like to use uniforms, he used one, back in the circus, he used to be the tight rope walker and he used a tight leotard that he hated cause it was very uncomfortable, and had ugly color combinations.

- well, I guess I have to use it one way or another- Kaz thought – well, thanks for the uniform Rev- - your welcome-Kaz-don't-forgete-that-you-have-to-use-it-all-the-time-ok-see-ya-then Rev disappeared leaving Kaz with his new uniform, Kaz didn't want to wear it but he did wear it just to get over it, he looked great on it, the uniform gave him a gray color to his fur even though he was a black fur wolf – I don't look that bad- he say to himself, then someone knocked on his door again- com in, its open- it was Lexi- hey Kaz, I see you got a new uniform? – She was on her typical good moth-yeah, Rev just gave it to me a few moments ago, but I don't feel comfortable on it- - what do you mean? You look great on it- - yeah, well, thanks, but, I still prefer my normal clothes- - you mean those old and crappy clothes you have?- - what do you mean? They seem pretty good to me- - come on, lets go- - to were? - - to the mall of course, you really, really need a new wardrobe, and besides, I wanna go shopping.

A few minutes later, when Lexi convinced Kaz to go shopping, they arrived to the mall- ok, let's go to Hugo's, he has the best clothes in the city- when they arrived to Hugo's- oh my!, what do we have here? Lexi Bunny, my favorite client, what can I do for you my dear? - Hugo said in a soft voice, you could tell he was gay on the way he dressed- and, who is your new friend? - - He is Kaz, he is the newest member of the team, and I want you to give him a new wardrobe, if you don't mind- - are you crazy? Of course I don't mind, besides, I think I just got the right clothes for you, follow me- - uh? Ok- said Kaz a little nervous- don't be nervous, Hugo is the best there is- said Lexi following them, then, when they got to the man section Hugo started to pick up some jeans and some shirts- ok handsome, go in there and try this- - ok – said Kaz even more nervous, then he went to the fitting room to try the clothes Hugo gave him, after a few minutes and some tried clothes later- well, it was kind of hard, but I think I've got the perfect style for you- said Hugo with a couple bags full of jeans and shirts- thank you Hugo- said Lexi with even more bags full of clothes for her- any time my dear, come back soon, and bring your handsome friend- -ha, ha, ok, see ya- then they leaved the store- that Hugo, is kind of weird, isn't he?- - yeah, he is funny, I like him, he's a good person- -yeah, he is- - how bout I invite you a pizza?- - mm… ok- said Lexi feeling a little hungry cause they spent a lot of time at Hugo's, they got to the food part of the mall, and sat on a table, they were having such a great time, hearing Kaz's stories from when he was a daredevil, and Lexi's stories of her many adventures with the team-

And when I landed, the bike broke, and the next thing I saw was the ground hitting my face- - dam, but, didn't you break anything?- - nope, not a single scratch- - incredible; can I tell you something- - sure- - well, its Ace's birthday next week, and I don't know what to give him, and I thought that you could help me choosing something for him- - sure, I'll be happy to help you, but why me?, I mean, the rest of the guys know Ace better than I do- - well, the thing is, that the rest of the guys always tell me to give him the same thing, and I wanted a different opinion- Kaz looked at Lexi for a few seconds and then told her- you know what? I don't know him too much, but I am sure of one thing: it doesn't matter what you give him, it will mean a lot to him jus cause its coming form you- Lexi looked at Kaz trying to guess what he meant-

What I mean is that you could buy him a new motorcycle cause he likes motorcycles, or you could give him a happy birthday card, and he would appreciated equally, just cause its coming from you- - so what you are trying to say is that…- - exactly what you are thinking, well, I've noticed how you look at him, and, well, I know that you are in love with him- - am I that obvious?- Kaz laughed when he heard the same question Ace did- no, not really, well maybe just a little obvious- - can you keep it like a secret? I mean, I don't wanna the rest of the guys to know- - don't worry Lex; your secret is safe with me- -thanks- said Lexi thinking in Ace- well, how bout we…-suddenly a woman screamed- stop! Thieve! Somebody help me! - Immediately Kaz and Lexi went to see what was going on, then they saw a guy running towards them with some purses- Kaz, froze the floor now- said Lexi preparing to attack, Kaz did froze the floor, and the thieve slip, then Lexi hit the guy like in a football game- dam it- say the guy who was on the floor, then Kaz picked him up

He grabbed him until the security guard came and take him to the place where he kept the guys who steal in the mall- good job Kaz, see? You can work in teams if you want it- - thanks, I guess you are right- then the two heroes were surrounded by the people that was in there, they were curious in who was that wolf who was with Lexi- ok, ok guys- said Lexi trying to escape from the crowd- who is him? - Someone asked- ladies and gentleman, I would like to introduce you to Kaz Wolf, the new Loonatic- then the started to take pictures with their cell phones- ok, lets go- somehow they managed to escape from the people, when they arrived to HQ, Ace was waiting for them in the living room-oh, hi Ace- said Lexi-hi Lex, Kaz- said Ace a lilted jealous- hi Ace, - - I'll go to my room to try my new clothes- Said Lexi nervous for her feelings with Ace, and that made Ace to suspect- Kaz, can I talk to you for a second?- - sure- - remember that talk we had in your room? - - Yes I remember- - I'm not mad or anything, but, what the hell dude? - - What? - - I thought that you new that I love her- - course I do, we went to buy some stuffs, that's all. And don't worry, the last thing I wanna do is to stand in the middle of you two, I'm sorry for making you mad- - don't worry dock, its just that I'm feeling weird bout this situation, you know- - I know, love is a mystery, but, lets forget about love for a little, and get working on the bike- - good idea- the two heroes went to repair the bike again.

Chapter Nine

Secret Mission

It was four days till Ace's birthday, and Kaz had the perfect gift for him- hey Tec- - hi Kaz- - so, what are you doing? - - I'm just making Ace's gift- - really? And, what is it?- - its just a… wait a minute, did Ace send you?- - what? Course not- - right, tell Ace that he will see his gift till his birthday- - ok- Kaz went with Ace to tell him that it was a failed mission, Ace have been doing this for a few years now, he wanted to know what kind of gifts he was getting- that's too bad- - well, if the mission is failed, then I'm out- Kaz said leaving Ace who was planning on how to fin out what was Lexi´s gift, Kaz went to Duck's room- Duck?- asked Kaz as he was knocking Duck's door- can't a guy take his beauty sleep any more?- Said Duck opening the door- oh, its you, what do you want?- - I just wanna now if you could help me with Ace's gift?- - and for that you dare to wake me up in the middle of my beauty sleep?- - I guess?- - go to bother someone else- said Duck closing his door in Kaz´s face- ok, I'll take that as a no then- then he went to Revs´ - hey Rev,- - oh-hi-Kaz-come-in-please-what-is-the-purpose-of-your-visit?- - I was wondering if you could help me with Ace's gift- - sure-I'll-be-happy-to-help-you-with-Ace's-gift- - really, thanks- - no-problem-but-can-I-know-what-Ace's-gift-is-cause-I-need-to-know-what-is-his-gift-soI-can-help-you-with-it- - well, can you keep a secret?- - sure-I-can- - well, the ting is, I am planning a secret mission to unite Ace and Lex, what do you say?- - I-say-that's-a-great-gift-for-Ace-I'm-in-but-how-do-you-spect-to-make-it-happen?- - I don't know, I guess we have to improvise a little.

Meanwhile, in Lexi´s room, she was figuring out what kind of gift would be very special for Ace, when the alarm sounded, she immediately went to Tec's lab where half of the team were already- what is it Tec? - Ace asked as the rest of the team showed up- is Massive, he is destroying the metro building- - ok Loonatics, lets jet- the team flew towards metro building, one of the tallest buildings in the city, when they arrived to the building they saw Massive throwing cars, and whatever he found to the building- Massive? What kind of name is that for a villain? - Kaz asked- don't underestimate him, he is more dangerous than he look- Tec said-