Authors Note: here is my first season chapter finale, its pretty sad, enjoy the ride

Chapter Thirteen

The Good Die Young

The news reporter, now on top of a building, transmitted the event

``oh, my… I can't believe what just happened, apparently Kaz just absorbed his double, and got smashed by that building that just collapsed, it all seems that this is finally over, now, the Loonatics are trying to locate Kaz, I just hope he isn't dead``

Said Trisha with a worried tone


Yield Lexi as she was moving the rocks trying to find Kaz

``you better be alive there dock``

Said Ace throwing rocks, when suddenly Duck called everybody

``guys, guys, I found him!``

Said Duck

And there he was, unconscious, with blood all over his face, some broken bones, Duck tried to wake him up with no success

``kgaz dfeadg? ``

Asked Slam sad

``I-I-I… I'm afraid so Slam``

Said Rev with some tears on his face

``I told him, I told him that absorbing that amount of energy all at once would kill him``

Said Tec

``I aint dead yet``

Said Kaz very weak

``Kaz, you survived you son of a bitch``

Said Ace with joy

``you are one lucky bastard, and I'm glad you're alive``

Said Lexi, now crying of happiness

``yeah well, you'll be sad again soon``

Said Kaz, still weak

``don't say that, you'll be fine, we just have to take…``

Ace was interrupted by Kaz

``not this time, I can feel it, I'm just glad its over, Ace, you've been like the brother I never had``

Kaz started to say good bye to his friends

`` Lexi, my beautiful Lexi, please take care of Ace, he likes to get into trouble, and take care of yourself``

Said Kaz

``I will``

Whispered Lexi as she couldn't speak louder cause she was crying

``Duck, keep being you; Tec, the smarter mind this side of andromeda, and maybe the other side too; Rev, I'll never forget those great moments we had``


Said Rev

``Slam, I'm just glad I was on the same side with you; and it have been an honor to fight at your side guys, I love you all``

Said Kaz with a peace look on his face, as he was closing his eyes

``no, don't, don't die on me Kaz, Kaz!``

Said Ace desperate

``Tec, do something, heal him``

Said ace

``sorry Ace, but I can't, he's gone``

Said Tec


Said Lexi hugging him for comfort

``today, we have lost one true hero, who gave his life, to save a city he had adopted as his home, and the last we can do, is to say, thank you, thank you, Kaz Wolf, for giving your life, to save us``

Said Trisha, with a broken voice, as she saw the Loonatics in silence, next to Kaz`s body

A couple days after, in the Acmetropolis cemetery, at the foot of a statue of the lost Loonatic, the Loonatics gathered along with hundreds of people, to say the last good bye to Kaz

``even though he had been with us for almost a year, things will never be the same without him, he had saved us uncountable times, he was a confident, a good friend, a great hero, and he will never be a memory, thank you``

Ace finished giving a speech on Kaz's grave

Time after, the Loonatics were preparing to take a trip, to find the two girls that had been affected by the meteor radiation

``hurry up Slam, we leave in two minutes``

Yield Duck putting his suit cases on the ship

``we'll be gone for a few days, not for the rest of our lives, do you need to take all that stuff to the trip? ``

Said Tec

``duh, you never know when you'll be needing all of this``

Answered Duck

``I can't believe were finally meeting more friends``

Exclaimed Lexi, then Ace hugged her

And don't forget the best part sweetie; we are going to the beautiful England, the Big Ben, the London eye, Old Trafford, the Wembley stadium, I cant wait to be there, come on guys, lets go``

Said Ace

´´don't get to exited, this is no vacations, we are going to a mission, now, come on, lets go``

Lexi reminded Ace, who was the last to get into the ship, but before closing the door, Ace gave one last look at the unfixed Harley, and remembered those moments he and Kaz spent trying to fix it

``wish you were here``

Ace whispered to himself before entering the ship

Then they all hop on the ship, and with Zodavias` signal, they leaved to their next adventure

I know, I know, how I dare to kill Kaz, but hey, new characters are about to appear, and don't worry, this aint the last time we hear of Kaz, and that's all I'm gonna say about it, I don't wanna spoil the surprise,

Wait for the ``untitled`` sequel: ``untitled 2: still untitled`` coming soon; there were a bunch of names I had to decide from, like untitled 2: the revengizied, or untitled 2: untitled reloaded, or U2: back in action, but I decided for the underlined one, anyways, please comment