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In case you hadn't noticed this is a Scorpius and Rose fic; although it has a bit of a twist to it…

A Talk with the Weasleys

A crack and cry were heard trough the house, then a door slam. Hermione looked up from her book meeting Ron's eyes. It was more than twenty years since she actually accepted he was her one, but his eyes still made her falter a bit.

"You reckon that was Rose?" he spoke

"It sounded like her." Hermione said standing up. "I'll talk to her." She kissed him before leaving the room, she couldn't help it; he made her heart melt.

As Hermione walked closer to her daughter's room she heard a muffled cry. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

"Rosie? Honey, I'm coming in." As she opened the door the sight caught her breath. Rose was sprawled on her bed, face on her pillow and hair all over, sobbing uncontrollably. At the sight of her daughter so anguished, tears filled her eyes. She walked over to Rose's bed and sat halfway from her, extending her arm to the girl's back and rubbing it tenderly. At this Rose turned to her mother, clasped her arms around her and continued sobbing. They sat there hugging and crying together. Hermione couldn't bear to see her child in so much pain. After the cries became a soft tremble, Hermione spoke softly. "What happened Rosie?"

Rose looked into her mother's eye, brownish green eyes locked to brown ones, tears threatening to spill once more. "S-Sc- hebroke up with me!" With that her crying restarted. Hermione wasn't sure what to say, what to do, so instead she sat there comforting her daughter until her tears subsided once more. She remembered how it felt when she saw Ron with Lavender; how her heart shattered. She closed her eyes and silently prayed that her daughter hadn't lived through something like that.

"Rosie, what happened?" She probed cautiously.
Rose gave a dry laugh "That's what I would like to know!" She wiped the new tears. "We were fine yesterday, we've been fine for a long time, mum. But all of the sudden that stupid prat brakes up with me! He didn't even give me a real reason! He just said it wasn't 'right'. And that he would never forgive himself for it, but that he couldn't be with me anymore. The nerve!"

They continued talking until Rose slightly regained her composure. As they finished their chat Hermione said "Refresh yourself darling, go watch your face or better yet, take a shower. Wash your hair. You'll feel better." Hermione had to admit that seeing her spirited daughter so down was dreadful. She kissed her daughter's red mane and stood to leave the room.

"Thanks mum, for everything."

Hermione smiled softly at her and continued her walk towards her husband. When she got to him he arched his brow. His wife had been crying; he knew that. "Everything okay 'Mione?"
"Depends on your definition of 'okay.'"
"Oh." He kissed her forehead. This came while you were upstairs. He said handing her the letter.

She eyed it curiously. On the top Dear Mr. and Mrs. Weasley read, with the 'Dear' crossed out, yet another one put on top of it.
"Who's it from?"
"Scorpius." Ron said in a lowered tone.
Hermione arched her brow and looked at him incredulously.
"That was my reaction. Why would he write to us after breaking up with Rose? Um, I-I heard." He said uncomfortably.
"Did you read it?"
He nodded.
"Is it bad? Will I want to jinx him?"
"No more than I want."
She turned back to the letter, it was written in a wobbly penmanship, ink smeared slightly by a couple of tear drops.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Weasley,

I bet you weren't expecting to hear from me, ever, especially now after , um... I couldn't really tell Rose why I did what I did, but maybe if I explain it to you, you can explain it to her. I can't tell her...I was wondering if we could talk face to face...
If you can please name the time and place and I'll be there.
I am so sorry.

Scorpius Malfoy

Hermione turned to Ron confused.
"That was exactly my reaction."

"When shall we meet him?" she asked.

"I don't think I could meet him without punching him square on the nose."

"You can, and you will."

"Hermione, I finally get around to the fact that our baby girl is dating, a Malfoy no less, and then the git does something like this!" Hermione took his hand in hers, calming him down a bit.

"I want to get to the bottom of this" she half whispered.

Ron nodded in understanding. She accio-ed a parchment and a quill and wrote back to the boy that broke her daughter's heart.


I believe this is an odd request, but we want to understand better. Meet us outside The Three Broom Sticks tomorrow at noon.

The Weasleys

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