This is picking up from Layla Nasreen's story Gryffindor's Princess or Slytherine's Heir? Chapter 5. Thank you Layla for letting me post this! Enjoy you all!

"I'm half elf," Alexis said hooking an arm with him and started to walk away.

"Really?" Fred said, delighted to be dragged off.

"Yes, you see my mother worked part-time as a dancer in Vegas. She was quite graceful and had a certain elegance, because of her being an Elf. She was tall and slender with long auburn hair, which only enhanced her exotic image." Alexis began, eyes gleaming with pride.

Freddie and Alexis walked around Diagon Alley, occasionally Fred would interrupt her story to point out a shop, or person of importance. Eventually, Fred and Alexis walked into a side street. Alexis leaned against one of the rough, stone walls as she explained her heritage. Fred leaned against the other stone wall, facing Alexis as she spoke.

She was propped up against the wall, one leg crossed over the other. Fred's eyes traveled up from her long jean clad legs, which sparkled as winks of the sun hit it from the street, to her narrow hips which were hugged tightly by the fabric. Moving his eyes up higher he saw the flash of her white, buttoned up, collared shirt which set off her skin tone nicely and accentuated her belly button piercing. His eyes continued their climb to her chest, which was straining against the white cloth. Fred could feel a stirring in his lower regions as he progressed up her body. He finally managed to look past her impressive body to reach her beautiful, elfish face. Her brilliant blue eyes sparkled with amusement as she noticed his journey over every inch of her body.

Alexis smiled deviously as she noticed Fred lick his lips. "Oh! And her eyes? They were bright, blue sapphires that hinted at mischief-"

Fred stepped forward, needing to touch her in some way, and caressed Alexis's cheek, "I can see the family resemblance."

He pulled away as Alexis blushed immensely. "So how'd she meet your dad?"

"Oh, well at the bar after a number on stage. She went to the bar to get a drink, and noticed a man sitting there, nursing a whiskey on the rocks. She sat down and looked him over, getting thrills at his tall stature and fit body. For a human, she thought he was quite dashing. While she was scanning over him, he turned his stormy sky blue eyes on her and smiled, asking if she believed in love at first sight. My mother, wise beyond her years, told him that love was for fools."

Fred stepped closer to Alexis, "Hopefully you don't feel the same." He smiled.

Alexis purred and batted her long lashes, "I'm open to new things."

Fred chuckled and trailed his hand from her shoulder, down her arm, to her hand - to let their fingers intertwine. "So, how did he conquer her heart?" Fred asked with a lopsided grin.

Alexis smiled and squeezed his hand slightly. "He came back everyday and sat at the bar, waiting until she finished work. She humored him and spoke with him about, well, everything she could. Her heart began to soften as she noticed how his dark blue eyes shone with interest and laughter at her every word. This went on for about a month. Then, one day as they were talking, a strand of my father's thick, dark hair fell over his forehead and eyes. Surprising both him and my mother, my mother reached out to tuck it back. After she had done so, they both stared at each other as they noticed their close proximity. My father put his hand behind her head, and pulled her across the last several inches separating them. He kissed her, and she responded with wild abandon. They never married since my mother didn't believe in simple paperwork meaning anything, but they stayed together living freely and totally in love." Alexis sighed happily with the last sentence.

Fred's eyes traveled over Alexis's face as he watched her eyes close and a small smile adorn her ruby lips.

She's exquisite. Fred thought fondly as he used the hand not holding hers to cup her cheek. Alexis leaned her face into his hand, feeling his thumb graze over her bottom lip. Feeling wicked, she nipped at his thumb with her teeth. She stared into his eyes as she did so, watching Fred's eyes cloud with lust. Alexis drew her leg down his, behind his knee to pull him closer. He did just that and made it so that now there wasn't a part of them that wasn't pressed up against the other. Alexis let her leg stay mingled with his as she then soothed the nip of her teeth with curling her tongue around his thumb. Fred sucked in a breath at the sensation.

"You're very tempting, Alexis." He whispered as he watched her teasing mouth smile slyly.

"I'm not the only one." She licked her lips, eyes traveling slowly down Fred's lean, fit body and back up to recapture his eyes.

Fred grinned as he leaned closer to brush his cheek against hers. His lips caressing her ear as he spoke, "How am I supposed to resist this temptation?"

Alexis shivered as his hot breath tickled her ear and his lips teased as he spoke so softly to her. She whispered, "You don't." She then nipped at his chin, looking up at him with a seducing gleam as she did.

"Bloody hell." Fred groaned as he captured her lips with his own. Alexis instantly responded with a small moan, hitching her leg higher to drape around his waist. Fred trailed his free hand to hers, intertwining their fingers on these hands. Alexis groaned slightly as he had captured both her hands, prohibiting her from touching him. Fred raised their locked hands above her head, then tore his lips from her to see her flush and panting against the wall. Her eyes sparkled with lust, watching him. Her taut, fit body stretched out as he held her hands up straight.

"Fred, stop teasing." Alexis whimpered as she rubbed her lower hips against his, feeling his hardness through his jeans.

Fred groaned at the contact and once again crashed his lips to hers. She nipped at his bottom lip, demanding entrance which he quickly gave. Her tongue dueled with his as she continued to rub against him.

"Please, release me." Alexis murmured against his lips. Fred abandoned her lips to trail kisses down her throat, nibbling slightly along the way. "Why? I rather like you like this, an offering of beauty." Fred replied huskily between kisses.

Alexis's breath hitched as he found that sweet spot on the base of her throat. Fred smirked and began to suck on the tender spot. Alexis moaned, head tilting back with pleasure.

"I want to touch you." She bit out as he continued to torment her.

Fred slowly released her hands, his own traveling down her arms, skimming the sides of her breasts. Alexis's breath hitched at the sensation of his hands continuing down her body to her waist before settling his hands behind her waist, above her butt. Alexis growled as Fred let his hands skim down her butt to squeeze slightly.

"Harder." She begged.

Fred let his hands grab her butt and pull her tighter against him. Alexis moaned in appreciation. She let her hands tangle in his bright, red hair. She tugged hard, demanding his mouth. Fred assuaged her need as he let their tongues once again dance with each other. He began to helplessly rock his body against hers, impossibly hard. Alexis moaned into his mouth when his hardness met her softness in just the right spot. Fred took her other leg and hitched it around his waist. Alexis felt herself being lifted off the ground and pushed against the wall harder as she felt Fred's hardness at her core. She twisted against it, grinding herself onto him. Fred gasped, leaning to the side to capture her ear. He let his tongue slide down its side, and sucked the lobe gently as his teeth bit down passionately. Alexis let one of her hands curl around his neck to drop to the small space in-between them, finding instantly proof of his attraction towards her. She grabbed him through his jeans, and squeezed slightly. Rubbing her hand down the length of him through the fabric. Fred's hips twitched as she did so, and he couldn't help but return to her sinful lips, already swollen with his kisses. Alexis's mind was a haze of lust and pleasure as Fred dominated her mouth with his own once more.

Through the haze Alexis could hear music, and tried to focus on it, then realized it was her phone. She growled in annoyance as she felt it vibrate in her back pocket. Fred reached for it and put it to her face as he paused his administrations to her mouth and body. Alexis smiled in apology to him and he smiled back.

"What do you want, I'm kind of busy?" Alexis snapped.

Fred chuckled, letting his lips skim down her neck as she talked on the phone. Alexis squirmed as he began teasing her sweet spot. Fred smirked against her skin before continuing to lick and nibble on it.

"You're absolutely delectable." He murmured in appreciation as he tasted her milky skin; which had a slight taste of vanilla and cinnamon. Fred began to wonder what else of her might taste like this, and grew harder -if possible- with the thought.

Alexis tipped her head back to let him continue as she purred to show how very much she liked his statement. Then, her back straightened and she instantly became focused on the phone, instead of his administrations. She slightly pushed his face away, preoccupied. Fred grunted in disapproval.

"Oh my God they're not going to close the club are they?" Alexis asked frantically.

Fred cocked his eyebrow at her in question, but she ignored him. His eyes narrowed slightly, this would not do.

"Oh My God!" she screamed, "I am so happy for you!"

Fred let his lips trail to her other ear, whispering, "I should be the one making you scream."

Alexis looked at him through the corner of her eye and smiled slyly, leaning in to kiss him briefly while Scales kept talking. She was pulling away to continue talking on the phone when Fred pulled her face back to his, running his tongue along her bottom lip. Alexis parted her lips, wanting to deepen the kiss but he pulled back and smiled innocently, causing her to whimper.

She broke away from his gaze as Scales mentioned Fred and rolled her eyes in humor.

"Yes I am eternally grateful," Alexis said mockingly, "how did you know I was kissing him?"

Fred smiled and winked at Alexis, earning a small blush. He absentmindedly let his hands run back down to her bottom, grinding her forcefully against him as his hot breath teased her lips. His hips rocked against hers and he tried to bite back a moan.

"You feel so bloody good against me." He murmured quietly.

Alexis rubbed against him as he rocked against her, causing his words to end on a moan. Realizing that Scales had hung up, Alexis quickly closed her phone and tossed it onto her purse which lay discarded on the ground.

"It's very nice when you try and distract me." Alexis smirked while staring into his clouded, garnet eyes.

"Try?" Fred raised his hips, rubbing against her in a very sensual way.

Alexis couldn't help but let her eyes roll slightly at the pleasure it caused. Fred's eyes flickered over her face, proud.

"Not try, do! You DO distract me!" Alexis half giggled, half moaned as Fred continued to rock against her.

"Good." He smirked, watching the pleasure dance across her face. "So? How did she know we were kissing?" He asked, his voice husky.

"I'm not sure. All she said was: "Because I know you and I know him." before she hung up on me." Alexis replied while leaning in to try and capture his lips. Fred leaned away, chuckling as she growled quietly.

"Good enough for me." He replied as his eyes lowered to her lips, which were currently pouting in the sexiest way he'd ever seen.

"Where were we?" Alexis purred as she leaned closer to nuzzle her nose against his.

Fred squeezed her butt as he replied, "Right here." Leaning in to capture her lips which she so readily gave.

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