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Before I begin, I'd like to tell you all I was inspired to write this by my best friend, and the friendship we had. We had a roleplay in the past much similar to this fanfic I'm writing, and it was such a wonderful memory. But I took the two characters we roleplayed as, Son Gohan from Dragonball Z and Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon, and decided to make an all-new imagination.

This will probably be the only fanfic I'll ever write, since I have so many original stories I'm creating. I'm a huge fan of Sailor Moon, and was a fan of Dragonball Z when I was younger. Honestly, I don't believe my fanfic writing ability is as good (it might suck) as my original works, but I'll give this a shot!

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Chapter 1

Fade to Black

"Hotaru-chan, Chibiusa-chan, you have to run!" shouted a frightened Usagi, also known as Sailor Moon, the hero of love and justice.

She could run further, much further. If only her health hadn't worn her out so much... Her name was Hotaru Tomoe, the human alias of Sailor Saturn, the Sailor Scout of Destruction and Rebirth, ran for her life from the new breed of invaders, whom were unknown to her. She begged to fight along with the others, but she was told to stay away from the battle. Hotaru's friend and mentor, Setsuna Meioh, had told her the night before that the guardian of Saturn was the one they wanted. She didn't even know who "they" were.

Why did they want Chibiusa, her loyal friend and the human alias of Sailor Chibi-Moon, too? While she ran away from the battle alongside Chibiusa and Setsuna, she had so many questions for herself. She could hear the cries of the suffering humans, but she couldn't dare look back and watch the horror. The last thing she saw from this battle was a man, slowly being consumed by a dark and shady creature.

So they ran, non-stop, with Setsuna in the lead. Hotaru could feel the creatures gaining on them.

"Hotaru-chan, help me!" She heard Chibiusa yell. Hotaru turned around, and noticed Chibiusa fell and twisted her knee. Setsuna rushed over and carried her over her shoulders, but then looked up ahead.

"They just keep coming in great numbers, come on!" She told both Hotaru and Chibiusa, and she kept dashing along with them.

Hotaru didn't want to turn around and be frightened. She wanted to transform, but why wouldn't Setsuna let her fight?

She looked up ahead once more, and realized Setsuna had led them to the Tokyo Tower! Hotaru tried to turn back, but Setsuna didn't hesitate and took her wrist and brought her inside the elevator. It moved up, and all they could see was the darkness of night.

"Setsuna-chan, please tell me. Why are they here and what do they want me fo..." Setsuna placed the tip of her finger on Hotaru's lips.

"It's not you they want, Hotaru. It's Sailor Saturn. All you need to know, is these fiends are the cause of the true destruction of the Silver Millenium." Setsuna said in a depressing way.

"The Silver Millenium? But that's..." Chibiusa said, but was interrupted.

"Yes, Chibiusa. This is why I brought you here to the past, too. Just before Crystal Tokyo had been put into flames, I came and..." Setsuna stopped when she saw a tear run down her face. Hotaru went to Chibiusa and hugged her, and tried to comfort her. She then looked at Setsuna sternly.

"Please tell us who these people are, Setsuna-chan." Hotaru shed a tear, too.

"Very well..." Setsuna closed her eyes and said softly, "Not much is known of them. These invaders are known as the Noire Empire. Ruled by a tyrant unnamed leader, for many eons this kingdom had been travelling across the universe in conquest."

Hotaru's eyes widened, and Chibiusa gasped.

"Even our once enemy, Sailor Galaxia, powered by Chaos, fought against these madmen before. Their forces were devastated, but what made them powerful was not their people, but the Beast." Setsuna's eyes suddenly opened, looking frightened.

"Th... The Beast?" Chibiusa said and shivered.

"Yes, this Beast had been at a stalemate with Galaxia and Chaos. Ultimately, the result was par. The Noire Kingdom had fled to another galaxia, while Galaxia continued her reign of terror in our own." Setsuna said, looking more frightened now. "I'm afraid Sailor Galaxia was our best defense against them, and I assume they've come for revenge on her. But she's unable to help us in this time, unfortunately." Setsuna shed a tear and fell to her knees.

Hotaru, deep inside, felt frightened at her story. If even Sailor Galaxia, the Sailor Scouts' strongest enemy, struggled with this new foe, how would they stand a chance? But above all, she asked herself why did they want her?

Setsuna placed her hands on both Hotaru's and Chibusa's shoulder, "Before I bid you farewell, I must give you these." She shut the palm of her hand, then slowly opened it. Hotaru glanced at what she was holding, it was a locket and... The Silver Crystal! She and Chibiusa both stared at the Crystal in awe.

"Chibiusa, I trust you with the Silver Crystal. The stone of great power that once belonged to your mother." Setsuna held the Silver Crystal in front of her.

"But I can't have this, Setsuna-sama. I'm too young to handle something my mommy had. It's too strong, I couldn't handle it. Give it to Usagi-chan!" Chibiusa looked away with tears in her eyes, shoving Setsuna's hand away.

"Chibiusa, you will be a Queen, too, one day. Look at this as the first step in becoming the strong Queen your mother wants you to be. You have to accept this, please." Setsuna looked at her, but Chibusa turned to Hotaru with her head down, crying slowly.

"I don't want to leave my mommy and daddy here to die! I can't be a hero without Usagi-chan!" Rini hugged Hotaru tightly.

Hotaru hugged her softly, "Chibiusa-chan, please take the Silver Crystal. Usagi-chan and Mamoru-kun have their own responsibility here in our world. We've been preparing for this, and tonight is the night we have to fight, just once, you and me." Hotaru's eyes sparkled as she looked into her friend's eyes.

Without saying a word, Chibiusa held her hands out to Setsuna, and she placed the Silver Crystal in her hands. Setsuna turned to Hotaru now, and held out the locket, and shed a tear.

"I... I don't want to tell you this, Hotaru-chan. But, your father, Professor Tomoe..." She shakes a little, looking guilty. Hotaru turned to Setsuna, and looked into her eyes.

"Please tell me, Setsuna-sama..." She said calmly.

"He won't make it after the invasion by the Noire is complete... I wish I could have you stay here and be with him his final hours, but we all know what must be done. I want to give you this locket, to remember him by forever wherever you go." She says and places the locket in Hotaru's hands.

She opens it slowly, and sees that it's her very first picture with her father as a little girl. It warmed her heart, and closed her eyes and said to herself, "I promise you, Setsuna, I'll do everything I can to save our world."

The elevator reached then reached the very top of the Tokyo Tower. The three all took a step out of the elevator to look around. Chibiusa fell to the ground again. Hotaru forgot she twisted her knee while running, so she walked up to her, placed her hand on her knee, and it began to heal slowly.

"I wish I was as strong and brave as you, Hotaru-chan." Chibiusa said and she got up.

"Not really. I feel just as frightened as you are..." Hotaru said in reply. She turned around to where Setsuna was.

She pulled out a sack laying on the wall, and beckoned to them, "Come now, you two. We have to go to the very top of the tower." Hotaru and Chibiusa followed her to the perimeter, where there was a ladder leading higher. They were both afraid of looking down to see how high they were, and Chibiusa shivered because of the cold temperature up high. But they had to follow Setsuna towards the escape, so they deliberately followed her climbing up the ladder.

In a few moments, they finally had reached the highest point in all of Tokyo. Setsuna went to the middle of the top area, and emptied the sack. Out came seven orange-like balls with stars, something odd thought Hotaru. She noticed Setsuna had arranged them in a large circle, in order of the number of stars.

"Chibiusa, Hotaru, stand in the middle of these orange spheres, and transform using the Silver Crystal." Setsuna said as the other two stood where she told them to.

"But what are these orange balls for?" Chibusa asked.

"These seven orbs are known as the Dragonballs. You will learn more about them where you're going, but for now they're powerless unless combined with the magic of the Silver Crystal. Setsuna nodded and said.

Suddenly, Hotaru saw Setsuna's eyes widen. She glanced around, and began hearing the screechy voices of the creatures chasing them. Hotaru looked behind her, and saw two men covered in black, climbing onto the platform they were on. It stood up, with its body covered in black, frightening red eyes, and terrifying screech. There were more of them coming from every direction. These creatures had climbed up the Tokyo Tower, and they were not human anymore.

"Go now, you two! There isn't enough time to lose!" Setsuna held up her Lip Rod, "Pluto Crystal Power, Make Up!"

Setsuna began to transform, spinning once with the mighty winds breezing at her. She emerged from the winds in her tiara, mini-skirt, boots, and the rest of her outfit as Sailor Pluto, the Soldier of Space and Time.

"But Setsuna-sama, what about..." Chibiusa said, but was interrupted.

"Go now!" Sailor Pluto held out her Garnet Rod, her tool against evil, and pointed it at the creatures closing in on the three.

Hotaru held Chibiusa from behind tightly. Chibiusa shed a tear and held the Silver Crystal high above her head. Trying to say the words, "M-moon... Crystal Power, Make Up!" She yells the final words.

A blinding light suddenly flared out from the Silver Crystal, stunning the dark creatures. Sailor Pluto turned around, and noticed the Dragonballs were now in the air, revolving around Hotaru and Chibiusa at high speeds. Soon, the two girls were hovering in the air, as though the Dragonballs were carrying them. The light glimmered, as well as Hotaru and Chibiusa had dissapeared from their prescense.

Sailor Pluto sighed in relief, and stood strong, "They did it." The creatures charged up to Sailor Pluto once more. She stood with her Rod held high, and she closed her eyes.

Hotaru and Chibiusa found themselves in a world, everything white around them. It was a stage in the travelling process, they thought. They sat down next to each other, with Chibiusa resting her head on Hotaru's shoulder. She pulled out the Silver Crystal, and embraced it tight.

"Hotaru-chan, please tell me the story again." Chibiusa closed her eyes and said.

"Which one?"

"The story of the boy and the girl who fall in love, but their families wouldn't let them."

Hotaru smiled and cleared her throat, "Okay, Chibiusa-chan. I love telling that story, too."

"Thank you... You're the best, Hotaru-chan." Chibiusa said. Hotaru wiped away her tears and hugged her warmly.