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I simply couldn't have ended it where it was at the moment... It felt too abrupt, and left some open-ended questions. So alas, here's the real final chapter. Again, thanks everyone for all your support these past several months. I do invite you to read some other stories of mine when they come to life in the future. ^-^


One week after the events...

And so, Gohan returned to his normal life at the University. With all traces of the Noire vanished, including its sole existence, life seemed to return to its fullest quickly. Trunks had decided to stay around for one more week to ensure that no more disasters would occur shortly after he left. However, he would need to leave soon, so he would leave the following day. Gohan spends the Friday night with his friend in a small, quiet, luxurious cafe, where Trunks just arrived next to his friend at the window seat with his milkshake.

"So, yeah... Just one week after they leave, I disappear, as well," Trunks remarked.

"Yeah," Gohan said, sipping his smoothie.

Trunks watched Gohan, whom was staring straight outside the window. Trunks wondered what his friend was possibly gazing at, so he took a quick glance, and there it was. There were kids standing there in the same school uniform that Gohan was wearing. One of them was a girl, around Gohan's height, with short, fragrant black hair.

This girl had turned towards the boys. She gave them an embarrassing look, wondering why these two boys were looking at her continuously. However, she turned around immediately to return socializing with her friends. Eventually, they set off in moments, leaving their sight.

"Well, she certainly isn't as beautiful as... You know," Gohan said.

"Can't say I really know what you mean there," Trunks paused, "I've never had that feeling for myself,"

The two boys went speechless again, just silently sipping their drinks. Trunks looked at Gohan again, whom was again staring off into space. Gohan, twirling his straw within his smoothie, just heavily hinted to Trunks that something was up. Whatever it was, Trunks didn't like it, and he had to know.

"What's on your mind, Gohan? Enough with the blank faces and silent treatment," Trunks asked a little furiously.

"Well, my mom's pregnant again... Just the fact that this brother or sister I'll have growing up without a father just bothers me immensely," Gohan said, resting his head against his palm and still twirling his straw.

Trunks noticed that his friend looked even more in a dreadful state than before. Gohan seemed to be moaning in his mind, desperately trying to hide something else from his friend.

"Look, Gohan, I know that's not the only thing," Trunks said, placing his hand on your shoulder, "This is reality, and there's always the virtue of moving on with life. Your father demonstrated it the best, because him moving on symbolized that it was time for you to shine. Look at how far you've gone in this journey of yours. You defeated a pure evil far greater than anyone we've faced," Trunks gave him a little smile, "I was neither the hero nor the villain in those times of crisis, but I'm thankful that I spent those moments with my best friend. The moment I leave this time, it will be the first memory I'll carry on with me back home,"

Gohan now showed a little more hope. Raising his head, he turned to his friend and gave him a slight nod. Picking up his drink, he raised it in front of Trunks. Trunks did the same with his, as well.

"A toast, to prosperity for the future?" Gohan asked.

"Indeed," Trunks replied as the boys tapped their glasses against one another, taking a sip out of the drinks immediately after. Suddenly, Gohan noticed a whipped cream mustache on Trunks' face, and he couldn't help but give a short chuckle.

"Fun times, huh?" Gohan asked.

"You bet," Trunks said while wiping off the mustache, "You know, Gohan..," He paused, with Gohan's eyes widening in curiosity.

"What is it, Trunks?" Gohan said, placing his drink down.

"I've had these dreams lately that you were dating and courting Hercule's daughter. It's like some kind of predestination of your love life or something," Trunks said with a blank face.

The boys both gazed at one-another puzzled, with an awkward feeling arousing the both of them. Gohan's eyes spun around for a moment, just thinking deeply on this strange story. He felt as though he took a ki blast straight to the forehead. However, he looked deeper within moments and just realized the ridiculousness of the statement. He burst out laughing immediately, and Trunks followed, accidentally crushing the glass in his hand with the milkshake splattering on the table.

"That's a good one, Trunks. That made my night," Gohan said, "And don't worry about the glass. Dessert's on me tonight!"

"Heh, fine with me," Trunks said, crossing his arms over the table.

Gohan then scratched his chin with his elbow on the table. He appeared to be thinking deeply now, about something more positive this time.

"What's on your mind, now?" Trunks asked.

"The time machine that Bulma made for you... It really does travel through time, right?" Gohan asked.

"They certainly don't call it a time machine for nothing," Trunks sarcastically said.

"Sailor Pluto said that time is an inevitable fact of nature - a component of every universe. So by traveling through time, you practically traveled throughout universe to universe?" Gohan asked.

Trunks blinked, "I doubt it's that simple, so probably not."

"But wait... If Sailor Pluto had the power to move through and control time, just like how we saw the vision of the Noire's first encounter on their world... Something in your time machine must have enabled you to do something almost like it."

"Yeah, and...?"

Gohan smiled and stood up from his seat. Taking some zeni out of his pocket, he laid it on the table as both the bill payment and tip.

"What are you thinking this time, Gohan?" Trunks questioned.

"I completely understood what you said the other day, about everyone having a responsibility in their own worlds. However, you came here because you wanted to protect us, while the Sailor Scouts came here to defend our world from a menace that rooted from theirs."

Trunks looked even more puzzled than ever, "What are you implying?"

"If what Sailor Pluto said was right about Hotaru having to defend the world once more, than I think we can help them throughout their struggle for a change. We don't have to go for long at all, but we can at least remind them that we have their backs, too," Gohan said.

"You're beginning to ask too much from me, Gohan. This time machine was meant entirely for..." Trunks was interrupted immediately.

"Lets send them a message, then. We can let them know that we'll always be there for each other, and there's a way for any possibility. I know that we're meant to stay in our respective universes in order to retain the balance, but I don't think that should hold us back from breaking the barriers once in a while to do the right thing, just like why you've come here. I've told you before, Trunks, but there's always that hope that you just have to reach out for and embrace. That's exactly how we got out of this war, so we'll do the same right now."

"...Except we're not going out to fight or defeat anything this time," Trunks said with a shrug, "But I don't see why a mini-reunion would hurt. Prepare for tomorrow morning, Gohan. I'll give you one stop before I head home to my time!"

The boys stood up and head out of the door. Looking upwards, the crescent moon was shining brightly at this very hour. It's been blown up time after time, and was in fact a surprise for the boys that saw it right above them, but who possibly could have wished it back now with the Dragon Balls? It had to have been made by lovers of this world, and who could have cared for the world as much as they did like Sailor Saturn and her friends?

Author's Final Notes:

A part of me has died, and a part of me has born. Throughout two years of enjoying writing this fanfic, I can't help but look back and remember all of the work I've accomplished while keeping up with school and social life. In the end, I feel rather happy that this is finally complete, though I can't help but remember the anxiety I've gone through while typing these chapters. It feels like it comes to an end right here and now, but no... I leave my imagination to roam free now, and even yours if you'd like to fantasize what happens in this story next. :)

From the first chapter, I realized that it looked bad looking back. I was a mediocre writer then, and my diction and syntax were only subpar with real writers at best. However, I'm glad to say I've evolved from that larvae stage into a much more fluent writer. It warms my heart even further that I gained much support for this story, too.

Gohan and Hotaru just have so much in common. Both care deeply for their loved ones, but deep inside they held a nearly uncontrollable beast that, when unleashed, would wreck havoc among their enemies. Okay... Maybe that was rather hyperbolic, but nevertheless I try to convey that both Super Saiyan 2 and Sailor Saturn are both powerful forces. This is why I made the ship.

While I couldn't please everyone, particularly a few hardcore fans from both fanbases, I look at the glass half-full and am thankful for every fan that's helped made this fanfic for what it is. Rainstorm, my beta reader, and Lizzie Rebel, the creator of another story were both my prime influences to come this far.

I have one more fanfic in the making, and after that, I'll retire from fanfic writings. I may just do some revisings of several chapters to stick to the Dragon Ball/Sailor Moon canon better, alongside editing some grammar mistakes I didn't catch, but that will probably only happen if I get a lot of demand to. In a nutshell, I can't thank you all enough for making my evolution into a better writer a pleasant one in this two-year journey. :)

- SpoonedCat