Hey, this is my first fanfiction. It follows after the first chapter. I wrote a few chapters, then found this other sneak peak for SoN that ruins my idea (I'll ost it as my last chapter, for those of you who don't know) so I sort of gave up on this one. But I'm publishing it, anyway. Criticism is wanted. Please comment!


Sledding down a 1300 foot drop was not Percy's idea of fun. Or more specifically, it hurt like Pluto. There were a lot of annoying rocks and walls to hit as he made his way toward the oncoming traffic. When he finally hit the road, he had to roll out of the way instantly to avoid becoming a pancake. He was lucky. Stheno's tray, not so much. The platter got carried away down the tunnel by a car. Percy followed it.

He walked down the tunnel until a marking on the wall caught his eye. It was a weird triangle. A delta. His headache came back, and he had a weird vision of some giant shaggy dog licking his face. He also felt the triangle had some connection to Annabeth. A cell phone, maybe? He didn't know. Then again, he didn't really know anything.

Curiously, he fingered the delta. Soon his hand was sucked into the wall, like there was a demonic vacuum cleaner on the other side. Then his arm disappeared. Then he was gone.

The inside of the wall was blacker than the helm of darkness. The what?

"Hello?" Percy called. "Anyone home?"

Instinctively, he uncapped Riptide, and the sword began to glow.

The good news: there was no vacuum cleaner.

The bad news: he was in a cage.

Outside said cage was a barren room made of cold stone. There was a door cut through the rock, and a boot was barely visible around the corner.

"Hey, you!" Percy called again.

The boot turned, and attached to it was a girl of about fourteen. From what he could tell, she had caramel hair to the middle of her back, and eyes a shade of red-violet. She crossed her arms, as if trying to be intimidating, but she was barely over five feet tall, and didn't seem all that into being here.

She stared at me. "Who are you?" She asked in a voice that had very little interest in the answer.

"Percy Jackson." He answered. "Can you let me out?"

She smirked. "If you got yourself in there, you can get yourself out."

Percy tried to hide his annoyance, but apparently she saw it, because the girl started to snicker.

"Fine." He said, kind of haughtily. Let her laugh. He could find his own way out.

There was a tugging sensation in his gut, and he could feel the power of the sea mere miles away, but he didn't want the sea. Percy clenched his hands slowly into fists, and he could feel the earth shake as he did so. The girl looked mildly concerned. He spread his fingers quickly, and the ground he had been standing on before sank a few feet lower, as well as a path to the girl.

As he crawled out, the girl reached her hand out to help him up. But the moment they touched, she twisted him around. It was so fast, Percy didn't even notice his hands were bound behind his back until she ordered him to move, and his arms wouldn't.

"Well then," Percy grumbled, "do I at least get to know your name?"

She looked him square in the eye, and he could have sworn he saw a drowning dolphin. "I am Gwendolyn, daughter of Bacchus, and you, Greek, need to move."