Author Challenge

My challenge is simple, maybe. As I was writing "The Best of Both Worlds" I couldn't help but notice something interesting about Strawberry Panic. What is was is that it reminded somewhat of Harry Potter.

My challenge is to make a Potterish version of Strawberry Panic. Don't make it a crossover. The only thing I'll allow is the Sorting Hat.

Pairing doesn't matter.

Villains are chosen from the usual plus Kaori or whoever else might be a good villain.

There is only one prize:

I'll read the challenge story, plus five stories you have written with reviews. Plus writing you in as a character as one of my stories.

I'll also be participating, but mine don't count. Have fun!

Deadline of the challenge for now is October first. I know it's a long time, but I want to get as people as possible. Deadline might change depending on how fast I work on my story. If you're entering just send me a review to this. If you find the idea sucks, also send a review.

Good Luck!