Chapter 17 – There is No Spoon

The Twilatrix

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Bella removes her long latex jacket and opens the holdall. Inside the bag is a silver case. Once she purposefully opens the clasps, it reveals the bomb inside, and as Bella presses the buttons to activate the explosive device, Edward emergency stops their upwards progress at the forty-first floor. The elevator screen ironically tells them to have a nice day.

Edward pulls down a ceiling panel and disappears through the hatch as Bella arms the bomb and joins him. As her companion fastens his harness onto a cable, Bella pulls out her gun and aims at where the cable joins the counterweights. There is a jolt as the elevator drops a little. Bella takes a step closer and allows Edward to wrap a secure arm around her waist as she takes a firm hold in return.

She looks up at the shaking cables, up the elevator shaft, and takes a deep breath before whispering, "There is no spoon."

Confidently, she aims her gun down at the cable once more—it snaps, and they are yanked skywards.

With a shower of sparks and a metallic squeal, the lift plummets, hitting the earth with a crash and a burst of fire, blowing away the doors and engulfing the already destroyed lobby with flames that flow like liquid.


As Agent Jane catches up with the data feed through her ear piece, she and Agents Felix and Demetri stand motionless around a weakened and bloodied Alice.

The lights flicker and go out before water sprays from the sprinklers in the ceiling, soaking them all. As water drips down her face, Agent Jane commands, "Find them and destroy them!"

Agent Felix searches for suitable hardware wired to the system in proximity of the terrorists. He hears an army helicopter pilot calling in on his radio.

"I repeat, we are under attack!"

The pilot sees the two terrorists: the first, a slightly built brunette, wearing shiny latex and shades, takes down a bulky soldier twice her size in hand to hand combat. The other, a guy dressed in a long black coat, also in shades, grabs two guns, and then kicks the both soldiers twice in turn, in a move that the pilot only thought existed in martial arts films, disarming them both.

He can't believe what he's seeing, and he's seen many things in his time.

And then something changes. The pilot's thoughts become confused, interrupted. He reaches out for something to hold onto as he becomes disorientated, one hand splaying against the glass of the cockpit. As he silently screams, open mouthed, his body morphs into that of Agent Felix.

Using one of the weapons she's retrieved, Bella fires rapidly, taking down another soldier. She doesn't notice one of her stunned victims slowly getting to his feet behind her, his own gun in hand. As he takes aim, Edward whirls around and throws a knife, striking the plugged-in would be hero in the centre of his forehead.

The roof now seemingly cleared, Bella relaxes, throwing her spent rifle to the ground. As she turns to say thanks for Edward's help, she sees a change in his expression and his body grow tense.

Knowing what has joined them on top of the skyscraper, Bella takes a millisecond to compose herself before grabbing two new pistols from their holsters, turning and firing both in the direction of the agent.

Each shot is perfectly aimed, taking into account the rules of the Matrix—gravity, wind direction, and other artificially set laws of physics meant to recreate the fake human world. Not one bullet hits Agent Felix as he moves faster than the rules should allow, blurring with motion.

Composed and unflustered, Agent Felix pulls out his gun.

Bella stops firing and drops the now empty pistols. "!" She stares down the barrel of the agent's gun.

The first bullet explodes forward, leaving a swirling trail of turbulence behind it as it flies towards Bella. Moving as quick as she can, Bella dodges the first, and falling backwards, she avoids a second with flailing arms. Time slows as she twists, ducks, and gets closer to the concrete with every shot, leaning back at an impossible angle. One bullet finally grazes her thigh, leaving a bloody grove of torn flesh exposed.

Lying on the floor, Bella looks at the approaching Agent, the bright false sun behind him blinding around his eclipsing shadow. Spent, Bella looks up at him defiantly.

Agent Felix points his gun at her in disdain. "Only human..."

There is a click as a handgun at his temple is armed.

"Dodge this." Edward fires at point blank range and Agent Felix is blown away with the force, his body returning to that of the pilot with a flash of electrical current once it hits the ground and lies motionless.

Edward holds out a hand to help Bella up. He gives a puzzling expression. "How did you do that?"

"Do what?" she replies as she gets to her feet.

"You moved like they do. I've never seen anyone move that fast."

For a moment Bella wonders if she really has done something extraordinary, but then she sees the wound on her thigh. "Wasn't fast enough."

Her thoughts returning to their mission, she sees the abandoned helicopter and a plan begins to form in her mind.

"Can you fly that thing?"

"Not yet." Edward takes out his cell and waits for Jasper to pick up.

At the controls back on the Nebuchadnezzar, Jasper picks up. "Operator"

"Jasper, I need a programme for a V-212 helicopter. Hurry."

Jasper searches until he finds the correct one and then presses load.

In the Matrix, Edward's eyes flicker as if in R.E.M. sleep while the skills he needs are implanted in his mind.

His eyes open. "Let's go."