"No... they're not..."

I threw my head in my hands, almost slapping my face. Tears were running down they got so thick I could feel them wash through the cracks in my fingers.

David, my twin brother said nothing. I never felt so much hatred towards him in my life. This person had just told us our parents were dead, and he said nothing. Nothing?

"It's okay Riley..." David said softly.

I stood up, about to kill something. Man did I wish that there was something here to hit. I stared at David, hoping my eyes could kill.

"It's not okay David! How could you even say that!" I screamed, making the house shake. With that, I ran out the door. My crying was getting more heavy. I pulled out my cell phone. And without thinking, texted April.

'Hey April. You busy? What about everyone else? We need to talk.'

I texted 'we' instead of 'I'. I didn't want everyone to know that big tough Riley wanted to talk about feelings. A few seconds later, April texted back.

'Yeah sure. Everyone's at my house. Somethin' wrong?'

I didn't really need to text back. I was about a block away from her house. I ran the rest of the way there. I felt bad though. I had just left David alone. I was the only family he had now. Where would we go now? The only other family we had was our Aunt and Uncle. And our Aunt was a drunk, and our Uncle was abusive. It's not like a social worker would dump us with them. Right?

I knocked on the door. Instantly, the door flung open. Adrian had opened it.

His eyes widened. "Riley? Are you okay?"

I bit my lip, trying not to cry. Without being able to talk, I just shook my head.

Adrian looked behind his shoulder. "Guys! Come on! Riley's here!"

The way he said Riley... it shook me up a little. Like it was a huge surprise to see me cry. I mentally shrugged it off and threw myself on April's couch.

I ignored all the yelling of questions for about ten minutes. I just sat there an cried into one of April's pillows. Finally, I put it down and was able to talk. With a big lump in my throat might I add.

"My parents died." I said softly. Suddenly, it got really quiet. Fernando put his hand on my shoulders as I just stared into the tear stains I had made in the pillow. I just couldn't the image of my parents being... gone.

Ana smiled softly. She started to rub my arm to make me feel better. "It's okay Riley. You know-"

"No it's not!" I yelled, making everyone flintch. "It's never gonna be okay! Never!" I buried my head in the pillow again.

"Hey. What's going on?"

I recognised the person without looking up. Chad.

"It's none of your buissness Chad." Ana snapped.

Chad laughed. "That's okay. I heard." Then, to be a jerk he added, "Don't you think it's ironic that momma's boy doesn't have a mommy anymore?"

That did it. That really did it. I stood up and threw the pillow at Jake. I looked for a weapon, and found an empty vase that was actually pretty small. I grabbed it. The others, seeing the accident about to happen, tried to stop me. But I shrugged them off.

I stared at Chad's smirking face. I hated that face. Without hesitation, I lunged.

We fell down to the ground with a thud. The vase was still in my hand, so I brought it up to his neck. I was going to kill him. I was!

"Ahhh!" He screamed in surprise. My free hand raised up, about to punch him in the face, when somebody caught it. I spun around, to see Ana holding my fist back.

"Let me go Ana!" I screamed.

"No. Riley listen to me. My parents died too okay? I know how you feel. But trying to kill Chad won't bring them back. Now stop it!"

I calmed down for half a second. But then struggled again. I was struggling so much that Jake and Adrian came to help hold me down. Which was pretty epic fight. But I'll skip the details because I lost. Hey, it was like three against two. And I did fight pretty good.

Jake pinned me to the ground, then rolled over to keep my arm down. Adrian kept my other arm down. I started to thrash around with my legs, but ten April and Fernando held them down too.

"Guys stop!" I yelled. "I'm gonna kill him! I'm gonna kill you guys next! I'm gonna..." My voice trailed off. Even I didn't believe in what I was saying.

Ana knelt next to me. "Riley, listen. I know what it's like. My parents died too. But killing Chad isn't the answer." She shot Chad a look, and he ran. "No matter how much we'd appreciate it."

"Your wrong Ana!" I screamed. "You were with your parents. You were there in their last moments. I wasn't! And you had April to take you in. I have no other place to go! Where an I supposed to live? With my drunk Auntand abusive Uncle?"

Ana bit her lip to keep from crying. She sniffed and leaned down and hugged me. I calmed down. I tried to cry, but all my tears were gone.

After maybe twenty minutes of just all of us hugging, I stood up. "I... I'm gonna go check up on David. He probably needs me."

The others nodded and let me go. I ran out of there as fast as I could. I mentally kicked myself. How could I just leave David? We're all we have now.

Half way to my house, I saw Wally and the rest of sector V.

By the way, I'm Riley Berenson. And this is my story.