An: Things are actually gonna heat up a little in this story. And next chapter, we're probably gonna have the fight scenes :)

Anyway, I was thinking of Fernando the other day, and I was like "Does Fernando have an evil cousin named Alejandro?" And then I was like, "Is there an evil version of everyone? Then for some reason I thought of Vada and thought that her evil cousin would be named Sada or something.


That's my face after thinking all this. Anyway...

April's POV:

The next day was Saturday, so we didn't have school. Which was so awesome, 'cause I soo didn't want to go to school in Fernando's body. Which is awkward on soo many levels.

So now we were all in the treehouse in my backyard. All trying to decapitate Jake with our glares.

"Okay." Jake said while typing something on a computer. "I don't know how, but you guys switched bodies. And I may have a way to get you guys back." He pressed one mmore key and stopped everything for five seconds, probably reading something on the screen.

He then burst out laughing.

"What?" All of us, except Jake obviously, demanded.

Vada rushed to the computer and read it. After she read it, Jake whispered something in her ear. She started to laugh too.

"What is it?" Adrian asked and stood over Jake and Vada. Vada walked next to Adrian and whispered in his ear. And he was thenext one laughing.

"Okay." I said, annoyed. "Can someone just tell me."

Vada giggled and said, "You guys gotta kiss!"



Ana sighed. "Either this is popular demand from the readers, or the author is trying to get back at us."

"Will you please STOP breaking the forth wall!" Fernando yelled.

"NOW EVERYBODY KNOWS IT!" Riley yelled back.

"Can you guys please SHUT UP!" I screamed.


"GUYS!" Adrian yelled. "Can you guys just pick who's gonna kiss first?"

Ana pretended to think. "Well how bout we just... ONE TWO THREE NOT IT!"





"OMG! PICKLES!" Vada cried.


Jake shook his head. "How come everything we do is so awkward and stupid?"


"What magic word?"

"HE SAID STUPID!" Vada yelled happily... and went laughing out the door.

Adrian blinked. "Can you guys just kiss so we can discuss stuff? Something serious is happening."

"I hope it's not THAT discussion. My mom told my dad to give me that conversationa few years ago. We ended up talking about cookies 'cause he didn't know what she meant." Riley randomly mentioned.

"We SO don't need to hear that Riley!" Ana said.

I sighed. "I have no idea how this will work, but whatever." I grabbed Fernando by the shoulders, and gave him a deep kiss.

When I opened my eyes, I looked down... and saw my body! Yayz!

Ana looked at me, astonished. "How did that work?" She asked.

Jake shrugged. "The lips are where bodies have the most spiritual connection. You guys needed to touch somewhere where both yours body would-"

"Okay. Whatever. Ana and Riley kiss."I interrupted, pointing at both of them.

Ana sighed and did the same thing that I did to Riley. A few seconds later. She was bouncing up and down with joy. Not really. But she did do a fist pump.

Suddenly, Vada appeared in the doorway with an armful of balloons. "Here's your prize for saying the magic word Jake!"

Jake took the balloons and gave her a small peck on the cheek. "Thanks Vada. I'll be sure to say stupid again real soon. Now back to business.

"Hurry up." I said. "The Author is really tired and has writers block and wants to get this chapter finished."

Fernando sighed. "We SO don't have a forth wall anymore."

Adrian smirked. "Does that mean we can thank the reviewers now?"

"Okay guys." Jake interrupted. "ENOUGH BREAKING THE FORTH WALL! Now can we get back to-"

"The author doesn't appreciate you yelling." Ana said with a smirk.

"There's a traitor somewhere in the KND and TND."

"What?" Riley asked, his face was a little bit more surprised than the rest of us.

Jake nodded sadly. "Everyone in the KND have been captured. Everyone in the TND were attacked, or have disappeared. We're the only TND operatives left."


"Chad." I hissed. "This has to be him." I stood up, ready to leave and go puncch his face in.

"Lets go." The others said and stood up, ready to go after my brother.

"You know." Vada said as we walked to the house. "I think the chapters gonna end here. The Author is really tired and is trying to get through writers block."

Fernando groaned in annoyance and defeat and walked ahead of us.

Heh heh... oops.