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The story takes place in Paris, after Chuck saved Sarah in 3X13.

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Chuck vs. the Eiffel Tower

Chapter 1 – Too good to be true

Hotel room in Paris

08.45 am

In the morning chuck wakes up lazily, little bit shock actually, because there is something beside her, and it feels so warm. He open his eyes slowly, turn his eyes to the left, and he is staring the most amazing and the most beautiful creature of God. He is holding Sarah in his arm right now, and too good to be true, he is with Sarah in naked version.

"Is it a dream? Oh my God she looks so peaceful."

He looks on her once again…

"No...no… it is a dream! Wake up chuck! It couldn't be happen, Oh come on…She was going with Shaw, and maybe they're together already in DC. "

And then he slaps his cheek by himself, not so hard but it hurts enough to make him realize that it isn't a dream.

"This is real"

Now, Chuck remembers what really happened, crystal clear. He saved Sarah's life from Shaw. And…

"I shot him. He's dead"

He feels bad, the sad appears on his face, but he really did it for Sarah. For his only love.

"Shaw, I know I feel really-really bad, but you know what? I feel relief."

His eyes looking around the hotel room, from the windows he can see outside the town buildings, and the morning sun bright so clear, and then Eiffel Tower, He's smiling. And then he stops in the greatest view in his arm, Sarah never makes him bored to see even for a second.

Suddenly the person in his arm moves slowly. Sarah opens her eyes, while Chuck is staring on her. Sarah's hand still on his chest and her head rests between his neck and shoulder. This is definitely a brand new favorite position for Chuck.

"Good morning, beautiful"

He is smiling and the bright on his face picturing he is in a very good mood. Sarah is also smiling, staring on his smile his eyes, and his hair in the morning looks like animal shape, just like what Ellie said. But Sarah thought that's so cute.

"Morning, Chuck"

She is leaning closer to Chuck, and kisses him on the lips. And she grinned…

"What?" Chuck asks anxiously.

"You're watching me sleep"

"No, i am not"

"Yes, you are!" Sarah's eyes open so wide, and make him powerless.

"Did I snore?"

Chuck just smile and then he caress Sarah's cheek with his thumb, and peck on her lips.

"No, baby, you didn't snore... I just…you know…even in your sleep, you're so adorable…and I feel so happy right now. And you are the greatest view on this hotel room"

He looks on her lips, and moves her hair over her ear. Sarah's just waiting for his move, patiently. And he kisses her again. Sarah's heart beating so fast, but she's trying so hard to hide it.

"Can you see the Eiffel Tower over there?" Chuck's pointing his hand over the windows, and Sarah just follows the direction.

"Yeaah, I can see that. Finally you see the Eiffel Tower again, Chuck. I know, you've been here on the previous mission, but I'm afraid you didn't actually see it so close. Not like from here. You've told me before about what really happened on the plane."

Sarah's face suddenly changes, because she remembers that the mission in Paris made chuck met Hannah.

"Hi-yooo…what's wrong with you..."

"Nothing, Chuck. It's just…You met Hannah on the plane to Paris"

"Oh baby, come on…I'm not in the mood to talk about Hannah, ok? Please…I'm telling you this by the way...I was about to describe to you that, even with the beauty of Eiffel Tower over there, it can't beat the beauty of you, Sarah…how amazing you are, how sexy you are, and for me you are the apple of my eyes."

The tears coming from Sarah's eyes, and falls on her cheek. She just feels horrible talked about Hannah, but yet, she feels really-really lucky because Chuck's here right now and she does so happy to hear what Chuck said.

"I'm sorry, Chuck. Maybe it's not a very nice "good morning greeting"…knowingly I'm naked right now, and you know what, thank you for everything you've done for me, for saving my life, I can't imagine what's gonna happen to me, if you weren't there. You've changed me, and you are the greatest and my hero, and the best part is you are mine."

It sounds so nice to hear the word "mine" comes from Sarah's mouth. And she kisses him again passionately, and he replies the kiss.

"Have I told you, how beautiful you are this morning? Apart from the naked version of course. Oh I remember. But I'll never get tired to say that. And Sarah my angel, I love you yesterday, today, the next day, and for the rest of my life until my last breath. And I love to say… you're mine, baby."

"And I love hearing that from you, Chuck"

Sarah is not really good in relationship stuffs, and to share her feelings. The spy just trained to be that way. But she really does want to tell him everything, she just couldn't, not yet. Not the three words, but she really happy to say that Chuck is hers.

"Once again, baby… tonight was amazing…I mean, in the past three years, what I could do is just dream about that, about you're being mine, and I could kiss you whenever I want, just like this…"

He kiss him again, start from her lips and then move to her cheek, her ear, and back to her lips. They're moaning, and his hand stick on her cheek. Sarah caresses on Chuck's curly hair, and pull him for deep kisses.

"I know, it was amazing. And the good news is…."

Chuck cut her words…

"We can do whenever or wherever we want…"

"Not WHEREVER, Chuck!"

"Ahaaa….are you sure don't wanna try, in some amazing places…Which is new or maybe…"

"Stop it, Chuck…we still have another time to talk about that." She's smiling on him.

Sarah feels so grateful, so happy, and she knows Chuck with him right now. And tonight was really special, more than she has expected. He treated her so lovingly, it went so smoothly, romantic, and it was the best night for her, definitely. The first time with Chuck, his Chuck.

"Chuck, can you hold me?"

"Of course, baby…come here…I want to hold you forever, If that's okay…hmmmm"

"I just wanna make sure that all of this is real, you're real, and you're here with me. Please, never let me go this time, Chuck."

"I won't, Sarah…I will never let you go from me. Because you're mine, and I love you."

He holds her tight, secure her, and her head rest on his chest. He actually waiting for her to reply the three words, but he knows so well that it hard for Sarah to talk her feeling. And what he can hear just…

"Me too…"

They're holding for a long time. Until Chuck breaks the silence between them.

"Sarah, I think I'm little bit sweating…"

"I like your sweat…"

"Ouuch…that's sweet honey, I hate to break it to you, but I think I need a shower…you know, it was a long trip from America, babe…"

"You really didn't shower yesterday?"

"We arrived in the hotel on 04.00 am, and I had to take care of you, baby…and I was just too tired to take shower, so I only changed my clothes. I didn't wanna leave you alone on the bed, and I was watching you all night until you open your eyes, which is, it took 10 hours for you to conscious. I wanted to be the one to see your eyes again…Oh, yah…after you're conscious…you know what happened, right? Until today, this amazing morning … And the shower thing just out of my mind…and my mind, my heart is full of you, Sarah…"

"Thanks for your complete report, Agent Carmichael" she grins on him

"You're welcome Agent Walker….or maybe should I call you my everything or maybe my angel or my queen, my juliet?"

"Oh my God he is so cute….and my heart beats rapidly, he is the one…he is the one who can change me…the one makes me melt…he is the one I lo…"

Even in her mind, she still couldn't say the L word…

"Anything you want to call me, as long as it nice to hear, I'll like it, Chuck…And speaking of clothes, did you change my clothes too? The shirt is too large for my size, but you know what? I love to wear your shirt, because I could smell your scent… and my dress can't compare to your comfy shirt."

"ahaaaa… I did change your clothes, u didn't remember, did you? Because I thought it would be better for your breathing…you know, I did it for your own good, Sarah. But one thing, you can't wear my clothes outside our room, only me can see you wear my shirt. Because I think you look so sexy on my shirt, and I don't like people to see that. You look stunning on everything, baby, I mean it Sarah…but, too bad I can't wear your dress to smell your scent…"

They're laughing together…

"You're so funny, Chuck…okay sometimes, I'll wear your shirt only for you…besides, your shirt becomes one of my favorite…"

He kisses her again on the lips, and slowly leaving her to take shower.

"No, Chuck, don't leave me alone…"

"Baby, just for a shower okay, I'll be back A.S.A.P…"

She reach his head to kiss him again, don't wanna break the kiss, and she pull him again for the deep kisses.

"Okay, chuck…you can take the shower…I think, I'm still lil bit tired…I'll miss you"

"I know, last night was pretty long, we did it several times, honey….mmmm…and I'll miss you too, babe"

Chuck is leaving her to take his own shower. Honestly, she really wants to join Chuck for the shower, but she knows, she still has another time, a lot of time actually. Because this time in Paris, she really wants to make him happy. So, she needs to make a plan.

"Me and Chuck together now… I still can't believe it…Paris, Paris, I've been here several times…but it was always about the missions…hmmm what can I do?"

While chuck in the shower….she raise her voice…

"Chuck, honey…did you see my purse?

Chuck is so happy to hear the "honey" comes from her…and he is smiling, the last time, she's just only called him "sweety" , but it felt so nice to hear that…

"oh yah sorry, I put it, on my bag…"

"okay…chuck…thank you"

"yes, baby…anytime"

Sarah has to make a call, while he was showering. And she put the phone in her purse, so she reach his bag, and look for her purse. After she finds it, she takes her phone. And make a call.

"Hey, Joe…how are you? still remember me?"

She has to low her voice so Chuck can't hear the conversation

"Hey beautiful…I'm fine, of course I remember you…what can I do for you now?"

Joe is a friend of hers and lives in Paris, He's American and move to Paris 5 years ago. He works in the Eiffel Tower, she knows him of course from a mission she had. Joe is a nice guy, he's happily married man, and he has 2 children. And he is a former CIA agent too, he retired because he loves family more than his mission, and Paris is the place he met with wife for the first time.

"You still the same, Joe…you know what? I'm in Paris now with my boyfriend, and he really loves the Eiffel Tower, I think you know what you could do."

"why are you whispering, Sarah?"

"I wanna make it special, Joe…This is the first time for him…he is showering now so he can't hear what I say , and I wanna surprise him…"

"Okay, I think I get it…I can make it special tour of Eiffel Tower…how about romantic dinner on Eiffel Tower? Just for you two…I can arrange the table and make it fully booked, so the table around you will be empty, just you and that luckiest boy on earth. Because he's dating super-hot CIA agent Sarah Walker"

"Oh come on, Joe…I'm the luckiest girl right now, to be with him…"

"Is this really Sarah Walker I knew? Oh my God I can't believe it, you are really in love, Sarah"

"I know, Joe…so, can you make it?"

"Ok, Sarah…of course I can make it…but maybe not for tonight, maybe for the next day, is that ok? I'll call you later when it's done…"

Suddenly, Chuck comes out from the bathroom, all wet…covered with a towel.

"Ok…Thank you sooo much…I have to go, bye"

"Bye, Sarah. See you soon"

And then Chuck startled Sarah while he is drying his body…

"Where are you going, baby?"

"Oh wow…you scared me, Chuck! I think you still in the bathroom…No, no, no I'm not going anywhere…it was just a call…"

"Who was calling?"

"Nothing, Chuck…"

Chuck hates when she hides something from him…

"ok,then…why you have to say thank you to him?or maybe to her?

"You're investigating me, honey…It was a friend of mine, I have to thank him because I have to, he helped me when I landed here, when I was with Shaw…I don't wanna say it to you, because it related to Shaw, Chuck…"

She hates to lie to Chuck, but she really has to, to make her plan works…

"Oh…you're right, I don't like to hear Shaw and everything related to him…so sorry, Sarah…I just terrified hearing you will go…"

"I'm not going anywhere, Chuck"

"Miss me already, huh?" she's teasing him

"Of course, I miss you, Sarah, always, everyday…even in the bathroom I was wondering you could joined me…"

"Next time, okay?"

"Really?" Chuck's smiling

"You bet…and you smell so good, honey…May I kiss you now?"

"Of course baby, anytime you want…"

They're kissing again passionately…

"I love you, Sarah Walker…always do…"

"Me too, Chuck Bartowski…"

To be continued…

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