As promised, I'm back! I hope you all have a very very Merry Christmas!


"Mommy, Alex won't quick bugging me!" I sighed and rubbed my hands over my face.

"Alex, leave your brother alone!" I saw Hunter stick his tongue out at Alex. Alex, in return, fired his breakfast at him. Hunter looked momentarily shocked, but got over it when he fired his oatmeal at his brother.

"Boys, stop or I will tell your father," I said. They ceased their food battle and looked at each other and smiled mischievously. Those boys would be the death of me.

"Mommy, can I go out to play with Rosa?"

"Oh yeah, can we?" I looked at my boys. The ever present Cheshire cat smiles were on their face and I immediately felt sweat start to build along the back of my neck.

"Do you see what you boys are wearing?" They looked down at each other. Alex was wearing his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt with his batman underwear, while Hunter was wearing the opposite of him, which were some jeans and a T-shirt.

"Mommy, I'm dressed already," Hunter whined. I laughed and wipped the ketchup off his nose. Hunter seemed to realize this and blushed before running towards the bathroom. Alex was licking the oatmeal off his arm, but stopped when he saw his brother run for the bathroom.

"Hunter! No fair, I want to take a shower first!" He ran after his brother and I soon heard the shower turn on.

"Boys will be boys," I heard from my window. I looked to see Mark smiling at me.

"Hey Mark, where's Sabrina?" He jerked his thumb over his shoulder.

"We were making our way over here until Xavier wanted to get his toys from home to show Hunter and Alex, so Sabrina went after him," he said. I nodded and moved to clean the breakfast table.

Mark and Sabrina had gotten married about a couple months after Vaughn and I had. It wasn't really a shock to the townspeople except Regis. He didn't really approve of Mark until Mark decided to show how much of a great son-in-law he'd be. This included cleaning the mansion, helping Regis with his mining company, and overall being their whenever Sabrina needed him. Regis was beyond touched by how Mark showed so much compassion, so he then approved the marriage. It was a little sappy to see Regis get all teary eyes, but Sabrina promised this is how he is usually like. Surprising, because I really did think he was just a heartless, Edward Cullen wannabe.

"What happened here?" Mark exclaimed when he saw breakfast, or what was supposed to be breakfast.

"A massacre and the victors are cheering over their win by taking a nice hot shower, while me the merely mother has to clean up the casualties," I said placing the dishes in the sink. Mark chuckled and took the sponge and whipped off the table and the countertops.

"Thanks for the help," I said. He shook his hand and started washing the dishes.

"Why don't you get changed in your work clothes and then we can get started with the chores?" I snorted and him giving him an 'are-you-serious' look. He smirked and resumed washing the dishes. I turned and suddenly felt a kick in my stomach. I grabbed the countertop and stared at my belly in amazement.

"Whoa, did she just kick? Are you okay? Do I need to call Trent?" Mark's eyes radiated concern and I quickly shook my head and rubbed my belly.

"Nah, Trent said she should be out anytime now and hopefully after today," I said. Today was Vaughn's birthday and the last thing I needed was for the new baby to come popping out like a jack in the box. Don't get me wrong, I am so excited about the arrival of my first daughter, but I really want to spend time with Vaughn tonight because he's been so busy.

"Speaking of Trent, when's the wedding?" I dried the dishes as he handed them to me.

"I think he said something about fall because that is when Ashely's birthday is." Trent was FINALLY getting married. He was always too caught up his priorities as a doctor to look for love. A savior came in the form of a vet for Trent. They actually met at Mark and Sabrina's wedding when he spilled his wine on her dress and they looked in each other's eyes and it was love at first sight. Gag me with a spoon.

"Oh, and I feel sorry for Eliza."

"Why do you say that?"

"Since Gannon has been dating that Helga look alike, Eliza hasn't really been Daddy's little girl." I laughed at that statement. Rachel was a pretty lady, but she was just muscular and big. She was kind but one time, she hugged and I really did see my life flash before my eyes.

"Remember the time she crashed into you?" Mark cringed at the memory.

"Everything happened in slow motion I swear. All that was going through my head was the refrain from "Jesus, Take the Wheel". Chelsea, stop laughing," he said embarrassed. I covered my hand with my mouth to hide my giggles.

"Sorry, it is just so funny!" He grumbled something and shut off the water before walking out the door in the direction of my farm.

"Oh yeah, if you need me for anything yell," he said.

"Yeah, yeah," I said. I could feel his eyes on my back so I turned to look at him.

"Chelsea, I'm serious. Vaughn will stomp on my grave if something were to happen to you or that baby. Do you swear?" I smirked at his statement.

"I try not to because people find it unbecoming of a lady," I said. Mark rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I swear just go and take care of the farm."

"Mommy, Alex keeps hogging the soap." I sighed and rubbed my hands across my brow.

This was going to be a long day


"Hey Mirabelle?" She poked her head from around the corner. Her newly graying hair shined in the sunshine.

"Yes Chelsea? Do you need anything?" I looked at my fighting twins and smiled sheepishly.

"Well, could you watch the boys for a couple hours? Vaughn is coming home in a few minutes and I have something special planned for him," I said emphasizing the word special. Mirabelle grinned broadly.

"Of course! Julia left Kelly here too!" Mirabelle turned to the shed "Kelly, we have visitors!" A strawberry blonde little girl came bounding out and Hunter immediately stopped fighting and stared at her. It was obvious that Hunter had a crush on Kelly. She resembled her mother in many ways. Blue eyes, high cheek bones, and a bubbly personality; she resembled her father in terms of her pale skin and kind nature.

"Hi Aunty Chelsea!" She gave me a hug and quickly rubbed my belly and stuck her ear to it.
When can I meet her?"

"Get in line kid. I am going to meet her first!" I sighed and inwardly cringed as I saw Denny strolling towards us proudly with his son on his shoulders and little (or actually) not so little Rosa tailing behind him. She has acquired her father's curly hair and her multi-colored eyes twinkled with excitement as she saw the other kids.

"Hey guys. Some kind of party going on here?" I saw Pierre and Natalie along with Mark and Sabrina, each with their kids. Natalie had decided to let her hair grow long, which gave her more of a motherly look. Jean had inherited his father's short stature and his strikingly blonde hair. Although, his eyes were the same color of Natalie's, a rich chocolate brown.

"Yes, and you're not welcome since you were not invited!" Mark deflated and everyone laughed.

As I stared at Jean, I immediately thought of Shea. He had taken his leave from the island to go study other animals and search for his parents. I occasionally got messages from his via mail whenever he had to opportunity. The last time I heard from him, he was in Castanet and staying with a man he called "Wizard." He had mentioned that the "Wizard" was rally a wizard and was helping him track down his parents. I almost didn't believe him until Vaughn and I had been on vacation and we met a woman who she called herself "The Witch Princess". She has explained her long battle with the Harvest Goddess and I couldn't help to be amused by this woman.

I saw all of the children immediately huddle around each other and start playing around. I heard a giggle and saw Eliza and Charlie holding hands on their way to the beach. I would've never seen those two together. Eliza seemed to be more into mature guys. Though, when Charlie had hit his growth spurt and started to develop more masculine appeal, I couldn't really blame Eliza. Maybe it was because Eliza actually liked Charlie or maybe it was because he was the only species around her age that had a Y-chromosome.

Love comes in mysterious ways.


"All set!" I had managed to squeeze my pregnant body in a nice skirt and a baggy shirt. The room was nicely decorated and soft music was playing. All that was left was the guest of honor.

I turned to get the tablecloth and the doorbell rang. In the setting sun, I saw silver locks blowing in the wind. Giddy, I sped walk to the door and opened it.

"Hey," his voice seriously made me just want to scream. He was simply wearing a dark pair jeans and a white button down. His hat was no longer present, but his cowboy boots still fit snuggly on his feet.

"Hey yourself," I moved close to him and kissed him on the cheek. He smiled and walked inside the house.

"Wow, this looks great," he said moving to a chair and pulling it out. I strolled over to it and sat down as he pushed me in.

"Why thank you and happy birthday," I said. He smiled and made his way over to his own chair. We chatted about his work and what happened on the island and what not.

"How were the boys?" I inwardly grimaced. Vaughn seemed to notice and paused mid-sip of his wine.

"Were they bad?"

"I wouldn't say bad. Hunter tried to behave, but Alex would do something and hell would break loose," I said. Vaughn chuckled. The boys would listen to Vaughn no matter what he said.

"Any injuries this time?"

"Alex climbed a tree and fell out. He only had a skinned knee believe it or not."

"Did he go to you?" I shook my head. Now, most kids would come to their parents for any problems or injuries. Not my boys. When they would get hurt, I would immediately launch into "mother bear mode". The boys nicknamed it 'Smother loading".

"Maybe you should try not to turn into a crazed lunatic when something like that does happen," he said. I waved my hand and in the process, accidently knocked my water on the floor. Thankfully, the glass didn't break on impact, but there was a lot of water.

"I'll go get a towel," Vaughn said quickly moving to the cabinet. I grabbed my napkin and moved to sit down on the floor when I felt a very sharp pressure and my legs suddenly became very wet. I gasped and reach under my skirt and widened my eyes.

Oh mother-loving shit

"There is a lot more water than I had expected," I heard Vaughn say as he walked back to the table.

"Vaughn, it's time!" He looked at me confused.


I all but snarled, "You're daughter is coming down the mountain!" Vaughn seemed to realize what I meant and dug out his phone and called for Trent.

"Hey Trent, you might want to get down to the farm now. Why?" Vaughn put the phone in my face.

"Trent! If you do not get your ass down here, I'm going to bring my labor self to you and beat you down while giving birth!" Vaughn let out a light chuckle and hung up. He scooped me up and walked to our bedroom.

"You know I love you so much," he said. I looked at him and glared.

"Shut up!"


Needless to say, I owed a lot of money to the swear jar. I had totally forgotten what the pain of childbirth was until I had to squeeze out a 5 pound baby girl. Her cries were soft and the look on Vaughn's face was absolute joy. I could hear on the other side of the door Hunter and Alex desperately trying to see their new baby sister.

"Vaughn, she is gorgeous," I said as I marveled at the tiny angel in my arms. Instead of my chocolate hair, she had a tiny tuft of her father's silver hair which curled in an almost comedic way.

"Chelsea, your boys really want to see her," Trent said. I could hear the fear in his voice. He must be still scared of my threats I let out to him as he delivered the baby.

"Let them in," I said. I handed the baby to Vaughn and he took her like she was a prized jewel. Trent opened the door and my two boys came in very quietly with wonder oozing from them.

"Are you okay, mommy?" I smiled at the two and I patted next to me. They climbed in the bed, careful not to touch me. Vaughn was sitting in the rocking chair and was softly humming a song.

"Do you want to meet your new baby sister?" The twins stared at me with absolute certainty in their eyes. Vaughn got up and handed the baby back to me. The boys sat on each side on me and I showed them how to hold their arms. I settled the baby in Alex's arms. The baby must have noticed the change in stature because she let out a soft yawn and opened her eyes.

"Mommy, her eyes! They are like yours!" It was true; her eyes were a beautiful cerulean blue. Alex and the baby seemed to have a stare off until finally she waved her arms and started laughing. The look on Alex's face was complete and utter joy.

"Mommy! Daddy, she likes me! She really likes me! I love her!"

"Wait until she hits her teenage years then you can say that," I heard Vaughn mumble. I laughed and he placed a kiss on my forehead.

"Mommy, what are we going to name her?" Hunter asked curiously. He was now peering down at his little sister in his arms, whom had fallen asleep again. Alex jumped off the bed and struck a pose.

"We should totally name her Laserblasterextreme!" You could have heard a pin drop in the silence of the room. Vaughn was the first to recover and laughed quietly.

"Um, why don't we pick something more subtle?"

"What about Strawberry?" We all stared at Hunter who turned a bright scarlet color. "What I like strawberries?"

"Dude, that was so lame," Alex said smirking.

"At least it was better than Laserblasterextreme!" I took the baby from Hunter and stared at her. She opened her eyes again and smiled. As soon as she smiled, my heart immediately picked up speed when I realized it was the same way Molly used to smile.

"Molly," I said. Vaughn looked at me curiously. "I want to name her Molly." He smiled and kissed me on my temple.

"That is such a sissy name." Alex said "I love it!"

"You have a sissy name, Alexander!" Alex huffed and tackled his brother to the ground. Vaughn immediately tried to break the two apart. Molly seemed to be watching with interest and then she started to cry.

And when she started to cry, whether she liked it or not, she had signed up for a wild ride with our crazy family.