Konk destroys Pufftop

Disclamer: I do not own any charecter or location from the Starfy or Zelda series. Or any series for that manner.

WARNING: The following is VERY random.

Konk woke up one morning. He put on his conch shell and armed himself with lamp oil, rope and bombs. He took a warpstar and crashed into Pufftop palace. Konk then burped so loudly that he destroyed the space-time rift. Starfy then jumped out the window and into the ocean. He was swallowed by a whale and then he bombed some dodongos. Then, Konk took off his shell and started to belly dance. Konk then self-destructed and sent himself flying to the horizon. Then, Starly jumped out of an airplane and turned into Big Squiddy. An explosion rocked Pufftop, it was the god of NES! He shot a LAZOR at Pufftop and then you lost THE GAME!