Chapter 7

"So, this is definitely not how I thought this was gonna go." Ron said, his voice edged with sadness. He was watching his daughter Rose sitting on the floor, playing. It was her first Christmas, and it definitely was not going the way he had envisioned. Hermione and he had decided that while going to the Burrow for Christmas was a family tradition, they wanted to have their own little Christmas with Rose before going over there. Hermione insisted on doing some things the Muggle way, like putting up stockings and cutting down the tree. They went into a large forest and cut it themselves, unlike going to a "farm tree farm" or some nonsense like that. It didn't make sense to Ron to pay someone else for a tree that grew in the wilderness. As a family, they decorated the tree. Well, Hermione and Ron decorated the tree, while Rose giggled in her bouncy. Ron was excited to get Rose her first Christmas gift, a little toy broom. It couldn't fly or anything, Hermione would flip, but he thought she would like to pretend to run around on it until she could actually have a real broom that flew. He had gotten one when he was a small boy, around the age of two or so. It had been a hand-me down, and although he loved it to death, he was proud that Rose and any other children that came along would have a new toy broom at Christmas. Hermione thought the idea was mad, in fact, she had out right laughed at the idea. Holding her sides, she managed to mutter out—

"Are you out of your mind Ronald? She's a toddler! She's gonna be more interested in the wrapping paper than the gift!" She was very confident in this answer, saying the gifts that they got Rose would be more for them, than for her. She sent out a list of needed things for Rose, saying that Rose wouldn't know what she wanted for Christmas for a while. Ron kept the toy broom; determined to beat Hermione on one thing.

Christmas Day came, and Ron seemed more excited than Rose. He was up until the crack of dawn preparing everything, and then woke up only a few hours later. He sat on the couch, waiting for Hermione and Rose to come downstairs. As it turned out, Rose slept in much later than she normally did, and Ron was more than anxious to start opening up gifts. They put Rose in a little chair and put a pile of gifts around her. She had no idea what was going on, and was simply giggling and throwing her arms around. Hermione decided that they should go first, since it was not their first Christmases. Ron received the usual Weasley sweater, but had to wait for other family gifts at the Burrow. He also received a great present from Hermione, tickets to a Cannons game during a time she knew he had some time off. He gave her a gift card for her favorite bookstore, since he always got the wrong book. Then, it was Rose's turn.

She had no idea how to unwrap a gift, let alone that she was supposed to. Hermione helped by simply grabbing Rose's hand, putting it on the paper, and then ripping the paper. Rose seemed indifferent about the gifts as each one was opened, but Ron knew that his gift was different, better. His gift was last, and when Rose opened it, she had no reaction at all. She ended up sitting in the middle wrapping paper, simply playing with it. Her gifts lay unplayed with all across the floor. "What can I tell you Ron? I told you. She'd too young." Hermione said. Ron sighed, and a slung an arm over Hermione's shoulder.

"I know, I just wanted to be right once. I loved that toy when I was little." Ron said.

"Really? Because I remember your Dad telling me that when you first got it, you cried. Wouldn't even go near it for a year."

"That can't be true." He said, but when they got to the Burrow, Dad confirmed it.

"I don't know how you don't remember that. Yet, again, it was your second Christmas, and you have selective memory."

"Do not" Ron said

"Do too." Hermione whispered,smirking. It wasn't the Christmas that Ron had been envisioning for Rose, but it definitely was a Weasley Christmas.