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"Hey Don?" Raph rapped his knuckles twice on the open doorway to get his brother's attention. "I can't find Master Splinter or Leo."

"They woke up early for a morning training session." Donny replied distractedly as he carefully removed a small metallic looking panel from the device currently claiming most of his attention. Setting it aside, he pulled the contraption closer for a thorough inspection of what resembled a printed circuit board. "Did you need them for something?"

"Nothin' that can't wait." Raph frowned in interest. He'd seen his brother fiddling around with PSB's before, but they'd usually been green rather than vibrant fuchsia and muted violet. Entering the room, Raphael leaned against the desk with one hand and nodded his head at the device. "What's this one do?"

Don set it down and rubbed at his chin thoughtfully, "I'm not sure exactly."

"You don't know," Raph's eyes widened to an almost comical degree. "Is that even allowed?"

"Cute," Donny shot him a dry look. "I didn't make this one, it's alien technology."

Raph discreetly leaned away from the desk and casually rested a hand on the hilt of his sai. "You brought it home and you don't know what it does? That's two strikes against your smarts, Einstein."

"Relax Raph," Donny sighed. "It's not even active."

"Oh yeah?" He challenged. "How d'ya know? You didn't make it, remember?"

"If I felt this possessed any sort of potential threat, do you honestly think I'd bring it here?" Donny countered, picking the device up to prove it was harmless. "I'd never be so thoughtless as to put my family in danger that way."

"Yeah I guess," Raph conceded, crossing his arms tightly across his plastron. "Still don' like it though. Alien tech puts me on edge."

"Almost everything puts you on edge," Donny pointed out. "Mikey looking at you puts you on edge."

"Yeah, because he's usually plannin' something I know I'm not gonna like!" Raph said hotly.

"Hmmm," Don barely contained his amused smirk as he turned the machine in his hand. It was intriguing really. Almost an hour of study and he still couldn't figure out its purpose. "Come on," he said finally, "I'll make lunch."

As he let the small machine slip carefully through his fingers toward the desk's surface, he felt something on it move, shifting in the way a Rubik's cube might.

The device began to hum and Don's grip on it tightened. Without realizing it, he turned his back toward Raph, putting himself between his brother and the device in an unconscious effort to protect his sibling.

"Donny?" Raph said, his voice low and unsure. "Did you just activate that thing?"

"It appears that way," he replied, rolling his wrists to look at the machine from different angles. The humming steadily increased in volume.

"Well don't keep holdin' it!" Raph barked, reaching around his brother to push the machine down onto the desk. The minute his fingers brushed its surface the device separated into two parts, though there was a solid compartment within that kept the two pieces together.

The two brothers hardly had a second to be surprised at the device's movements before there was a blinding flash of light and a large clattering sound as the appliance slipped through their fingers and landed heavily on the desk.