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Splinter smelled the medical supplies the moment the door to the lair opened. It had a very distinct smell, and the supplies were out and used often enough that the scent had become familiar. His gaze snapped immediately to his three sons all gathered around the couch.

"Ow! Mikey! Stop pokin' it! Donny, stop laughin'!"

"I'm not!" Donatello insisted, but the amusement was more than obvious in his tone.

"What happened?" Leonardo asked before Splinter's mouth could form the words. There was a hint of a smile in his voice at his sibling's tactics, but his expression sobered immediately at the sight of the IV pole next to the couch. Master Splinter wasn't all that thrilled to see it either.

Mikey looked up, his struggling to reclaim his wrists from Raph's iron grip momentarily forgotten. There was a role of gauze clutched in one hand and medical tape in the other. "Hey Leo! Master Splinter! How was training?"

"Who was hurt and how serious?" Splinter inquired, gesturing to the pole once more.

Donatello stood from his seat on the coffee table. "It's a very long story Sensei. Unbelievingly so, but everything is okay now and everyone is fine."

"You're sure?" Splinter questioned.

Donny nodded. "Positive."

"Then you may fill me in on the more interesting details later, after I've had my evening tea. Chamomile I believe." Splinter said. "I feel this story may result in a rather large headache."

Once the door to their father's room slid shut, Leonardo shifted in to complete big brother and leader mode so fast it nearly left their heads spinning. "I'd like to hear the story right now."

"There's not much to tell," Raph shrugged. "Don't worry so much, Fearless."

"You call this not much to tell?" Leo demanded, sweeping his arm toward the pole. He spied the bandage wrapped around Raph's shoulder and entire bicep. "Or that?"

"Oh," Mikey began a bit meekly. "That was my doing. I went a bit overboard."

"On purpose!" Raph snarled at him, his grip tightening around his little brother's wrists again. "And then you poked it! It's not serious but it still hurts."

"Will someone please tell me what happened?" Leo resisted the urge to massage his temples. "Donatello?"

The minute Donny opened his mouth, Michelangelo jumped in before he could answer.

"Well you see, Leo," Mikey took a deep breath and launched himself into a longwinded explanation. "Raph and Donny here shrunk themselves with some alien doohickey thing and then the doohickey broke so they, in their tiny but extremely cute shrunken states, hiked across the lair to come find me to help fix it, but along the way they ran into a spider and the spider's fang grazed Raphie's arm. So when they found me, I helped fix the doohickey and Don and Raph returned to their normal size, but the venom was still in Raph's system and we think he had an allergic reaction or that the doohickey somehow made it stronger and he got a fever and he passed out. So then Donny and I carried him here and I covered him with a blanket and ice packs and Don gave him an IV, and it worked, and he woke up, and then you and Master Splinter came home. The end... Why are you looking at me like that?"

The expression on Leo's face was that of absolute disbelieving along with shock that Mikey was able to go so long without taking a single breath. His eyes slid over toward Don inquiringly with an eye ridge lifted. "Is that what happened?"

Don shrugged his shoulders. "More a less."

"What's goin' through that head o' yours, Leo?" Raph asked.

"You mean other than the fact that I think I have the most troublesome brothers ever, who can't be left alone for a few hours without finding the most bizarre trouble to get themselves into? That Master Splinter was right in choosing chamomile."

"Heeeey!" Mikey objected, "they got themselves into trouble. I helped get them out of it."

"Like I said," Leo continued, moving to lean against the back of the couch, his arms crossed casually across his plastron, "bizarre. And you're all right now?" He said to Raph.

Raphael rolled his eyes. "Like I said before, like I'll have t'say again, and like I'm about to say now. I'm fine."

"So you're okay then?" Leo said again with a smirk.

Raph faked a lunge toward him, but he didn't get far as Michelangelo was still practically on top of him from 'bandaging him properly'.

"Would you get off already?" He barked up at him, planting a hand over Mikey's face and pushing him away.

His protests muffled, Mikey ducked under Raph's hand and claimed a seat on the back of the couch right next to Leo, so that the two brothers were facing opposite directions. "Ha!" He declared victoriously. Raph ignored him.

"Promise me that next time you guys find so much trouble, you'll do it while I'm around?" Leo said.

Raph snorted. "We did just fine without you, Fearless. You worry too much."

Leo frowned at that. "I just don't like not being there when I was needed."

Mikey grinned and bumped his shoulder repeatedly against Leo's. "Only you would feel guilty for not getting into some trouble with the rest of us."

Before anyone could blink, Leo bumped Mikey's shoulder with his own, but he used more force and the youngest turtle lost his balance. Arms flailing like a mad man, he toppled backward off the couch and landed on the floor with a groan. "How's that for trouble?" Leo asked mischievously.


Then he, Donny, and Raph started laughing.

"It's not funny you guys!" Mikey objected from the floor.

"Oh yes it is."