six | resolution | 162 words

At some point in his life, Jet learned it was easier to angst than it was to maintain a sense of positivism. Upon the day of his graduation from high school, he was determined not to fall into the same emotional rut Sam had fallen victim to, he wouldn't let the misgivings between himself and his father drag him down to the point of being angry at all the time.

He would do exactly what his mother always urged him to do; he would be happy, he would live his life to the fullest and let the past fall behind him, become a mere reminder of mistakes to avoid.

Turmoil would not be his coil, "Simple Man" wouldn't become his anthem. Instead, he would hold onto the theme of that one Journey song and dance his way through way through trouble. Or in this case, into the elevator that would take him to the floor where his cubical he waited for him.