This is my first Kekkaishi fanfic! Sadly I don't own it, Tanabe Yellow owns this wonderful story.

Gen did not die in my story!

A young Tokine barely heard the small sobs coming from the other side of the wall. With a slight worried frown on her face, Tokine climbed the tree and jumped down onto the other side of the wall and saw a young Yoshimori crouched along the wall crying into his arms. Tokine went towards him and sat next to Yoshimori.

"What's wrong Yoshi?"

He looked up at her with big, sad eyes.

"M-masamori l-left."

Tokine looked shocked.

"Why did he leave?"

Yoshimori sobbed harder and held up his hand, showing her the mark that claimed him as the heir of the Sumimura family. Tokine's eyes widened in realization.

"Oh Yoshi I'm sorry."

"Tokine it hurts so bad. I l-love him and he h-hates me!"

Tokine pulled Yoshimori into a big hug. She felt the warm wetness of his tears and her heart clenched at the pain her little brother, in everything but blood, was feeling.

"I'm sure Masamori doesn't hate you. He's just frustrated that he isn't the heir like he thought he would be."

Yoshimori sniffled gently, "Really Tokine?"

She smiled widely at Yoshimori, "I'm sure Yoshi."

Her honest words were rewarded with the brightest smile Yoshimori had ever or would ever give her.