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Twilight isn't mine…

Chapter 1

Edwards's POV


Edward 25

Bella 23

Rose 27

Emmett 28

Alice 25

Jasper 30

Carlisle 53

Esme 50


Angel by Akon

First time by Lifehouse

Closer by Ne-Yo

It's amazing how much your life can change in the blink of an eye; so much so that it reaches a point where you don't know which way is up, and that all you have been searching for will literally appear in front of you and knock you on your ass.

Well that is exactly what happened to me today.

Now before I go and explain the how and when, let me tell you a bit more about me...

My name is the most feared name in all of South Florida. Wherever I go, people bow down to me and my family. We are feared, respected and envied. No one dares to fuck with a Cullen; they know that the legends about us are true and that if they did manage, they wouldn't live to tell about it.

Now, I know you're all wondering the why… let me clue you in. My name is Edward Anthony Cullen and I'm the head of the Italian mob here in Florida, but we've made Miami our home…for many reasons that will be discussed later on. People envy us and will try to get close, they think the moment they associate themselves with a Cullen they'll have access to all we've dominated. They quickly learn it doesn't work that way. We're close knit family, we have everyone we need right here.

Outsiders aren't needed and we trust no one.

Women all try to get close me; they throw themselves at me constantly because of what I could do for them. Social ladder climbing bitches think that if I fuck them, that they are entitled to my cash and the power name adheres. It takes one swift kick in the ass and out the door they go!

They learn it's not that simple.

I have all but given up on ever finding the one, that one special woman that was made to be mine. I have watched my parents and siblings with their spouses over the years and I honestly envy them. What I wouldn't give to have my soul mate next to me during Sunday dinners and family gatherings. I see the looks of pity my sister and sister- in- law give me when they think I'm not looking… how badly they wish to see me happy and with someone worthy of being a Cullen.

My mother, Esme, and father, Carlisle, have been together for over twenty five years. They still look at each other as if they are the only two people in the room. Their devotion to one another is astounding.

Then there's my brother Emmett and his wife Rose, they met while she was being robbed. Of course my brother flew in to help; turns out she helped him when one of the muggers got a cheap shot in. It was love at first punch. Rose is a blond bombshell that kicks ass and takes names. She's loyal to her family and if you cross any one of us she will shoot you faster than you can blink. Emmett is a hulk of a man and is the muscle of the family. He has the heart of a teddy but mess with us or our business and you better pray he just leaves you in the E.R.

And finally there's our Tink, a.k.a Alice, my twin, she's smaller than us all but packs a deadly punch. No one dares to cross her, her temper is short and her motto is shoot first ask questions later.' She's married to Jasper, who is my right hand man…my collector; so to speak. They met while at a coffee shop where she literally fell into his lap and just never got up. He's the calm to her storm. She's exuberant, he's laid back, and they just...fit.

And finally there's me…a man with a lot on his shoulders and my father's legacy to live up to. A man's who's closed himself off with each betrayal from the opposite sex. Jaded by the dollar signs others see in him and who refuses to let others in when it comes to love.

It was late in the in afternoon on Monday, when I found myself in a small restaurant called Latin Cafe having a Cuban sandwich while I waited for Miguel, my informant, to show up. His job was to snoop around and give me the info on what's going on in the underground. It just so happens that a shipment of cocaine and weapons of mine was supposed to arrive three days ago and never came. I would be willing to bet my left nut that it was Hunter who intercepted. I'm so fucking sick and tired of that dumb piece of shit fucker always trying to one up me.

I think it's time we put him down like the dog he is.

I'm interrupted from my internal dialogue when Miguel arrives. "Good morning sir." He's all chipper and shit like this is some kind of social gathering. I swear this idiot is going to tire me out one day and will wake up with the fishes. That saying has always made me reminisce on those days back when I would watch my father work. He always walked with an air of authority and power.

I focus on Miguel for a moment and watch as he tries to collect his thoughts while I sit and wait. He automatically starts off by telling me how he overheard James right hand man Laurent tell some henchman what needed to be done. His words were close to "No matter what, the goods must get to the warehouse before five in the morning so it can be moved and sold to the buyers he has."

My anger flares and my hands start to shake.

I'm going to kill James, how fucking dare he!

I tense my body to stand when out of the corner of my eyes I see a goddess appear. She's wearing small cut off shorts with a blue tank top and black chucks. She's making her way over to a table with her friends at the other end of the patio. Her legs are long and shapely…they go on for days, so sexy and when she bent down to pick up a piece of paper she dropped, I was stupefied.

God what a sweet ass I thought as my cock hardened. My body reacting to hers automatically, wanting to drop its knees and worship those luscious cheeks with a series of bites, licks, and smacks.

I could see myself bending her over the table where she sat and plowing into her from behind. I would love to watch those cheeks jiggle with the force of each thrust... shit I need to get a hold of myself, my mind screamed.

No woman has ever affected me this way.

I swear I heard angels sing, the sky parted and a beam of light hit her when she got up and flipped her luscious hair, swinging it over her left shoulder. It exposed a tattoo of a lotus flower and Chinese symbols in vibrant colors for all to see… I couldn't make out what the symbol said but I vowed in that moment that I wouldn't rest until I did.

I had yet to see her face through all this torture, but when I did I almost died… she finally, after destroying me with her tempting body, turned my way while she sat. Her face looked up and we locked eyes. The world stopped. All I could think was, beautiful. Perfect heart shaped face and almond colored eyes that spoke to my soul...

Really spoke to my soul where's your man card...My inner beast sneered.

Then my eyes began to roam, down they went slowly as if to caress and memorize every freckle. My eyes landed on her lips and even my beast whimpered a bit. God those lips …so juicy, plump, he thought… so fucking bitable. I can see them wrapped around my cock sucking the life out of me while she looks up with those hypnotizing eyes of hers. My cock began fighting with my zipper... Let me out, Let me out he was screaming at me. Wanting to stake a claim on the love of his life, or so he claimed. I could only sigh as my inner beast joined in already claiming her in front of everyone and yelling "MINE!"

I had to adjust myself to relieve some of the tension before I listened to them both and reacted.

Shit I'm not opposed to that at all, my cock screamed at me.

What is she doing to me? I haven't even heard her speak or touched her and I already want to claim her as my own. It's like my heart and cock know she should be mine.

I've never reacted to a woman this way before. In fact women usually fall at my feet and beg for my attention, but shit, I just can't stop staring, THIS GODDESS has me and she doesn't even know it.

"Edward, are you paying attention or are you too busy watching the sweet little piece in the corner?" Miguel asked with a bit of annoyance in his tone. Quicker than he could react, I grabbed him by his throat and pulled him across the table and in a low menacing tone told him."I would watch the fuckin' tone you use when speaking to me, Miguel," my hand tightening with each syllable that left my lips, "before you end up looking at me from the end of my eagle. My patience is getting thinner with each second that passed and believe me when I say no one, and I mean no one will miss a dirty cock sucking rat like you." I sat back still holding onto his neck and watched him squirm. "I came here to get info. I don't chit chat or waste my time so get the FUCK on with it!" I yelled at the end and let go of his throat. I kept my glare on him as I watched him swallow hard and start shaking knowing this wasn't a threat, just a promise of what's to come if he doesn't show respect when in my presence. We spent the next half an hour discussing what he knew and how James Hunter, the Don of the Irish mob and my enemy since birth, was indeed behind all the fuckery. At this point all I wanted was the names of anybody and everybody involved… the why just wasn't important to me anymore.

The fucker never got it through his head that I'm better than him in every way. I know that it eats him up that no matter how hard he tries, he just isn't good enough. In school he always tried to beat me in sports, girls and popularity, the list just goes on and on. He just never measured up. This however was a new low for him.

To send a bunch of drunken loud mouth idiots to steal from me and think first, I wouldn't find out and second, that he could get away with it? Well that's just hilarious at this point. I think it's time I show him how the big boys play. He fucked with my shit so it's only fair that I return the favor.

Miguel sat there waiting for me to reward him for this info, but what he didn't know was that I knew he liked to play both sides to his gain. So he wasn't getting shit from me.

"Miguel, do you realize that the only reason I haven't blown your fucking head off is because of how loyal your father has always been to my family? Because if you are really sitting here, in my presence, still under the impression that I don't know the selfish, greedy and conniving bastard you are, you'd be dumber than I originally thought! Now you have exactly thirty fucking seconds before I change my mind. Because all I want to do is say 'fuck it' and expose your insides to the light of day and leave you to rot outside my warehouse while I watch the pelicans tear you apart slowly, piece by mother fucking piece," I hissed at him under my breath.

His shaking started all over again as he began swearing that he wasn't trying to gain anything out of this. That his loyalty was as his father's, were with me and the Cullen's. His words meant shit because I knew what his dealings with Hunter and the rest of the underground world were and the back stabbing son of a bitch had no leg to stand on in front of me.

I should just kill the idiot and be done with him...I thought.

"Get the fuck out of my sight and you better not run your cock sucking mouth to anyone, keep my name and those of my family out of your mouth, you get me?"

He quickly gets up on shaky legs and bolts, not wasting any more time in following my orders.

He knows by now my fuse is short and seconds away from igniting.

As I signal the drooling waitress to come and give me a refill to my colada (strong Cuban coffee) I notice my almond eyed beauty looking at me and blushing. She quickly turns away. I hate that, I never want her to turn away from me. But now it's too late I've seen that sexy as all hell blush and I groan at how mouthwatering she looks and how badly I want to just lick her. She notices I'm still staring and looks my way. The moment our eyes connect again the universe stops and it is only me and her in this room. My cock is in the fights of his life with my zipper. He wants to meet the love of his life that keeps calling to him from between those luscious thighs.

I can't find it in me to argue because I truly do believe I just met my other half and I haven't even spoken to her. Shit how can this be? I feel like she belongs in my arms, in my bed, in my home- it's like she belongs with me, belongs too me!

Her friends notice that we're having this stare off and nudge her to get her out of it. She's with a brunette with glasses and a pretty smile and a blond that looks like a walking carrot…complete opposites but in a weird way complement each other

I hear the brunette with glasses tell my girl yes, I said 'my girl' because she will be mine ..."Bella snap the fuck out of it".

Such a beautiful name for my goddess, I mused. It just rolls of my tongue- Bella, Bella, Bella. I keep repeating it over and over in my head as a mantra.

My girl looks over to her friends after a moment; looking completely clueless about what the hell is going on. Her friends laugh and tell her something in her ear. They both tilt their heads my way which causes my girl to blush, again, and smile from ear to ear.

In this entire exchange I haven't once looked away from her, not even when the drooling bimbo they have as a waitress comes and practically shoves her boobs in my face or when another girl leaves her number on my table. My attention is solely on this enticing creature before me.

She has entranced me and I just can't look away.

Too soon for my liking, they signal a waiter over. I could make out the word bill as it leaves her lips…I'm not the only one whose noticed. The incompetent and almost dead waiter leaves and comes back within seconds…he sets a billfold on the table and asks her, my girl, one last time if she needed anything.

With a shake to her head and a barely contained smile, she gets up to leave and my mind screams, NOOOOOOOO… I can't let her leave without having a way to trace her later on. My mind starts going into over drive. I need a name and that I can get easily as I know the owner and he owes me a favor.

My beauty paid with her card…it won't be hard at all to find her and make her mine… because now that I have found her, she won't be getting away again.

I pick up my phone and prepare to let my tech guy what I need, when I see her walk my way and get lost in the swaying of her hips and shaking of her ass. She is the center of attention to every male within the restaurant. A growl starts deep within my chest, it comes out of nowhere and my glare is set on every mother fucker that's looking at what's mine.

She finally makes it to my table and leans forward… I swallow hard while I get a peek at those delectable mounds that are being barely contained by a lace black bra. The sexy and delicate lace teases and makes me want to bury my face within them. I feel her breath on my cheek as she gently lays a small kiss to it and I shiver.

Much too quickly for my liking she stands up and whispers in a breathy voice "I'll be waiting " then places a small piece of paper in my hands and walks away leaving me an utter mess till I look at the paper and see a business card with her full name and number ...

Ooh baby girl you just unleashed the beast and he will get what is his!