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Chapter 40

Bella's POV

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Come on get higher by Matt Kearney

How could I ever choose the one over the other?

When all I wanted was for this man, my bad boy, is to consume me entirely, claim me...mark me. I wanted him to feed into my most basic of needs and destroy me. To take and take all that I am while giving me all that he was in return.

My mind recognized a worthy adversary in him...

He was my equal, a player in the same dangerous world I encountered day in and day out. We lived in a world where money, power and greed ruled; where every man out there looked out for numero uno…them.

Men who trampled or killed to get themselves to the top of this food chain and the number of casualties that laid at their feet or who the casualties were never mattered. Yet, I felt that he was different, that being a mob boss had not tainted his heart in that aspect and that believed in what I did.

Innocents were to be protected and not harmed.

I wanted this man, who watched me and tried to control his impulses to take... wanted him in every way a woman could want her other half.

He was my mate, lover, and friend. He was my everything.

"I don't want one or the other, Edward," his brow rose in confusion and his lips pursed in displeasure... silly bad boy. "I will only be accepting option C."

"I don't recall giving you that choice, princessa," he answered in a low voice next to my ear, "I only gave you two and you will pick from those options. I need you, Isabella, and will have you... now fucking pick!" He was shaking at this point; muscles clenching and unclenching as he awaited my rebuttal.

"I did pick, bad boy," I crooned softly back while wiggling my hips and looking into his hypnotic green eyes, "I chose C. I choose it all...your mouth, tongue, fingers and cock. All of it."

For a second...a small and completely enthralling second he was lost, confused, and not understanding. I had the extreme pleasure of watching the realization of what I had just said hit him and set his body ablaze.

I swear to God I witnessed his beautiful verdant eyes turn black as his pupils dilated.

Watched his nostrils flare.

Body tense.

He was otherworldly to look at.

"Oh fuck," he lowly groaned under his breath before crashing his lips unto mine. It was rough, intense, and everything I needed from him. His teeth bit into my lips and pulled back...I nearly collapsed in his arms.

"Mmm," I moaned out, wanting to voice my pleasure yet not willing to let our mouths separate long enough to speak. His tongue began to force its way between my lips and I gladly accommodated the strong yet delicate muscle... not that my lips put up much of a fight to begin with. I wanted it all...the harsh and demanding to the gentle and soft... everything he was and everything he would become.

He was it for me.

"Taste so... shit baby, ughh," he growled as he bit my lip, only to soothe it a minute later with his tongue. "I love you, princessa...only you...no one has ever or could ever take your place…just you." Those sweet and passionate words were my undoing...I attacked.

My mouth left his panting one and began nipping and leaving tiny love bites down the length of his throat, across his Adams apple, which never ceased to swallow and bob...down his collarbones and finally to his finely sculpted chest.

I couldn't get enough of his smell...taste.

"Are you trying to fucking...oh shit," he groaned in a tortured tone as my teeth latched onto his sensitive nipple and pulled. My hands busied themselves fighting with his belt...managing to take it off, barely, before his fingers took a hold of my hair and pulled me away from his trembling form.

"What the...," I began to protest, but his glare and angry facade cut me off mid sentence. His fingers tightened in my lock to the point of pain and held me in place. I was mere centimeters away from him, dying to act on this burning need that exploded in my veins with each minute that passed… yet all he did now was watch me.

The way I trembled in his hold.

How goose bumps arose and made me blush.

How my nipples pebbled and how my breath left my body in harsh pants.

He watched it all with so much dedication...not a word exchanged as I stood there at his mercy. The only indication to his desires I had was the enticing bulge he wore in his pants and the evil smirk he used to torment me with.

Lethal motherfucking combination.

I couldn't tell you how long we just watched the other...how long he held me at his mercy and for how long my mouth watered at the thoughts of things to come.

What I can tell you is that the moment he chose to break our spell, the moment those first words left his lips, "You seem to be confused today, princessa...I'm going to be the one fucking devouring here. I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't be able to throw a measly knife for days. I want to fuck that silly notion, that you have to prove yourself to me, right out of you... the only thing you'll want to prove by the time I'm done with you is that you can take my cock..." the gush of fluids that left me at that very moment almost drowned us both.

Him in desire, me in my need.

"Did you just fucking...oh fuck yeah, princessa...that's my dirty little killer!"

I couldn't talk even if I wanted to.

His hands made quick work of my shorts and shirt...panties ripped off and bra harshly yanked down exposing my breasts to his awaiting lips and hands. Dipping down he took a tip between his lips and pulled...hard.

The rosy colored fleshed puckered while I hissed in the pleasurable pain.

"Like that baby?" He asked while attacking my other breast with his brutal attention. I wanted to scream in frustration...beg him to fuck me already, but his fingers running up and down the outside of my labia rendered me mute.

The most I could do at this point was try to keep myself standing and hum out a series of "mmm's' and 'ohhh's' to let him know how fucking good everything felt.

His play never ceased and with each tweak or pass of his tongue or the way he would enter the very tip of his fingers in my box... drove me closer to the land of no return. He knew this and instead of giving me a chance to play too, he swiftly turned me around and bent me over the edge of his desk.

Breast pushed onto the cold wooden surface...the coolness making my already sensitive skin prickle with need.

"Please, please, please," became my new chant...I couldn't take the burn and ache anymore; I was so close to just taking what I needed from my own fingers. As wound up as I was, I doubted that more than one finger was necessary or that a few tight circles over my overly sensitive bundles of nerves wouldn't throw me over.

He stopped those plans in their tracks as he took hold of my hands and with my torn scraps of underwear tied them up, behind my back.

I was on verge of tears as my body burned for his...so close to losing reason when his cock finally slammed in my nearly drowning pussy ...to its home.

"Fuck…shit...ughh!" His voice was as rough as they way his hands held onto my hips. Each slam orchestrating a symphony of moans, groans, and gasps; notes so beautiful that getting wrapped up in the melody became second nature. His hips, with each push in, would land flush with my rear...his chest pressing me back down and into the hard surface beneath my face, his lips lavishing my neck with kisses and whispered words of love.

"You feel that baby," I could only nod in response, "Feel that electricity shooting through us... solidifying that tether that keeps us grounded...in love. I, we, could only feel that...live through this, with each other...fuck, Bella, my beautiful little princessa...only you."

"Only you, Edward… fuck baby, I love youuuu," my orgasm shooting through me at a blinding speed. His hips and hold on me relentless as each squeeze of my walls made his balls grow tighter... I could feel the muscles in his stomach clench and stress under the onslaught of pleasure assaulting us both.

This was our euphoric moment... our completion, and with a roar of blissful agony he erupted and drowned me in his love.

"Seems someone's done destroying his office," laughed the paternal patriarch of the Cullen family. His words only igniting a rush of questions and good old fashioned ribbing from every person in the room... much to my bad boy's annoyance.

"Enough fuckers," he spat before taking his seat at the head of the dinning table with me on his lap…the entire clan including mine had set up camp in his dinning room and had been hard at work, while we…played. "What have you two learned about the men lurking at our warehouse, Bella's office?"

This was directed at my girls and without batting a lash or looking at me for confirmation that this, their taking orders from his was okay, they spoke…

"From what we have gathered and the phone call I received from Ben a few minutes ago…it was Laurent snooping, wondering why all the commotion at the docks and who the new Death dealer was," Angie answered while Jess was busy watching tapes from our security cameras… my mind was already planning on ways to gut this fucker for snooping, but what role Ben played in all this mess caught mine and Edward's attention.

"How the fuck is Ben involved in this Angela," my bad boy pressed in an angry tone…I could feel his worry and anger at the thought of us being tricked and used.

"No, nothing like that Edward… I had a good visual and sent it to him so he could go through their database and search out who he was. Ben is a computer genius and is only working for the paper until 'something' better comes along…he's a hacker and a fucking good one at that. He sent us a video from inside Hunter's club, the Red Cub, where the commissioner, James, Laurent and some red headed bitch spoke about the Swans being in town and how to get close. They want the heir to the Swans business to take sides…theirs."

"Are you fucking kidding me," my father yelled angrily, "We would never work with those imbeciles…I fucking disliked his father, Liam, and from what I have heard and seen, this kid is just like his old man, a greedy and predictable cock sucker who needs to be taken out. I put the bullet between his father's eyes and won't mind doing it once more to the leader of the Hunters clan."

"No!" Edward and I yelled at once, "This time their leader will die by my hands and my hands alone…the only person who will witness and help will be my princessa." My surprised eyes snapped up to his and I couldn't help but tear up, "I mean it baby… me and you, no one else…are you ready to take this fucker out…together?"

"Together," I whispered before leaning forward and giving him a tiny little kiss on those beautifully plumped lips.

"Alright," the pixie yelled while smiling a genuinely happy smile our way, "You two have your assignments…what about us?" Edward looked over at me and grinned mischievously...what about them indeed?

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