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Chapter 41

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Bella's POV

It had been an extremely long hour after the final decision was made – an hour in which each member of our crazy family, including my friends, decided to state their opinions and demands on the matter at hand. My bad boy was getting closer and closer to snapping, approaching the edge of insanity with each whine that left their lips.

Incredible isn't it? This clan doesn't worry about whom we kill or the reasons why our victims made my list or Edward's. Once the job was ordered it was set in stone, and the reason was irrelevant.

The Cullen's/Swan's main point of contention at the moment was who killed who, and who works with whom.

"Enough," Edward snarled as Jasper complained for the last time – he was trying to change our minds to send him instead of Ali in, but no dice on either end.

Alice wanted to go and help, and we needed Jasper at the club not the docks.

"What part of our decisions did you dumb fucks not understand?" The question didn't warrant an answer, and this time they were smart enough to stay quiet. "No more arguing . . . fuck! I told the groups what was to happen and when. The teams are set and the target is chosen! Just shut the fuck up, get a plan in place by tonight, and get the fuck out of my house."

The entire group remained mute after his anger blared through. We'd both had enough, and they needed to follow our lead with no more fucking questions asked.

"Calm down, baby," I cooed into his ear after wrapping my arms around his neck. The tension and anger was rolling off of him in waves yet one touch from my fingers over his frowned expression made him calm and melt into my embrace. "I need you, baby," I murmured against his flesh as my lips continued to love the few spots I could reach with his height being so different than mine.

No more words were needed. Edward grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs.

I could tell he wasn't happy with my being involved – even after the beat down I'd handed him downstairs, but it wasn't because he thought less of me in this case. It was quite the opposite really. No, this man loved me – needed me to be safe and as hard as it was to admit that, it was nice knowing someone wanted to protect and care for me even if it wasn't needed.

"I need you too, princessa." His whispered words caressed my neck as his lips laid tender kisses along my throat. We were finally alone again. "Tomorrow it will be all about business and planning, and there will be no time for us. Privacy will be nonexistent with a house full of the nut jobs we call family."

I couldn't stop the giggle that escaped, but he made sure to cut it short as his teeth bit into my flesh making me moan.

"I need to feel you; devour every inch of you. My cock tightly nestled between your pulsing walls as I drive into you over and over again. Consume every inch of you and bask in the essence that is our love."

A shiver ran down my spine, my hands found purchase in his hair, and I pulled him toward my lips. "I love you, my bad boy."

"I love you too, princessa . . . always."

And then he took me. Clothes were torn and left hanging from limbs where desperation to feel and to take took over and nothing was more important than connecting and living in our bubble for one more day.

Charlie's POV

"Ready to do this, Slim?" My smirk was full on as was my beloved's scowl – she hated that nickname with a passion. I'd first started calling her that after a client laughed in her face and called her a walking sexy toothpick. My Renee had always been petite; it's where our Bella got her feistiness and size. Renee was my other half in every sense of the word and one badass killer if you asked me.

"I don't know, old man," she teased and swayed my way, hips looking too enticing for her own good. "I might be too worried about you and your achy bones to concentrate on my target. What if you miss your mark due to arthritis? Old age does make the body hurt."

Smart ass.

"Hmm," I pretended to ponder as I circled her much smaller frame- she shivered and gave herself away.

Old man my ass, Papa Swan's still got it.

"Baby, Slim, you my dear are two months older than me. Calling me old doesn't have the same effect when we're the same age, but I will say that this little challenge has me rising." Leaning in, I bit her shoulder and whispered in her ear, "But the real question is can you handle the ride?"

"Oh, fuck."

"Will you two horn dogs quit it," my once favorite Cullen chided with a giggle. "We have some offing to do and not much time before the 'bosses' come down and demand to hear our strategies," Alice said between giggles pointing her finger toward the roof where my baby girl and her beau were hiding at the moment.

I swear if I didn't respect and love the kid, or the fact that he was her other half, he would be dead for putting his fingers on her.

"Stop growling, Swan," Esme chided, "or I'll tell little miss killer that you're complaining about her and beanstalk being in love and showing affection." Not only did the women of this family or the "pains in my asses" as I lovingly called them behind their backs laugh, but they brought in the men as well.

"Bunch of traitors," I grumbled before flipping the room the bird and telling them to get to work.

"But Papa S," Emmett began, "don't you love us?" All four younger Cullen's were making huge puppy eyes at me. The girls, both Cullen and Swan, making their lips tremble with mock sadness.

They almost had me – the girls with the fake lone tear – almost had me until Tweedle Dee and Dumb fell over each other laughing.

The room erupted all over again.

"So," I began once the cackles ceased. It was as if a light switch had been flipped on in the room and everyone was ready to work immediately. "What do you Cullen's propose we do? I have a few things in mind, but would love to see where you think this should go."

"I say we all attack at the same time," Carlisle stated. "I know where that cock sucker Laurent frequents and the kind of company he keeps after hours: stupid, stupid man is bedding more than one Cuban Marimbero's wife."

"No shit." That one came from Rose. She'd had been busy with Jess looking at surveillance tapes of my daughter's headquarters from last night. "That son of a bitch doesn't know the type of shit storm he is setting himself in the middle of – you never fuck with another man's wife and expect to walk away without at least a missing limb."

"Hmm, I say this is too good of an opportunity if I ever saw one to lure James out of hiding from behind his lackeys – he will be angry with the Cubans if we point Laurent's death their way. He'll come out guns a blazing, and get stopped cold by Edwards's eagle," Jasper pointed out.

"If my daughter doesn't gut him first," my Slim spat. She's protective of our little killer.

"We all know that Edward won't let her go near Hunter. He's too protective of her; loves her too much."

I swear those two idiots needed to shut up before my woman lost it.



"Yes, dear," they sang in unison.

"Don't 'yes, dear' us you buffoons! I swear you two were dropped on your heads at birth!" Alice's ears were turning purple from the fumes coming out. She looked ready to off her husband, and the poor fool actually looked as baffled as Emmett for once; he truly had no clue as to the ignorance he'd just spewed.

"Baby, I was just stating the facts. Your brother is too hard-headed, too dominant a man to let her in the line of fire without throwing his body before hers. I meant no disrespect, babe. No one from this family has seen her work. I have, and believe me when I say I trust her with our lives, but do you really believe Edward will just back down with no fight?"

"Enough kids," Esme chided with a glare firmly planted on the younger males who had yet to learn to never underestimate a woman's ire when provoked.

"What they decide or do is none of our business. Now, what is of our concern is taking these bitches out, and quickly," I stated trying to steer the conversation back to what was relevant. "I agree with Jasper on one thing, and that's the opportunity this presents: the Cubans will be pissed and will want revenge, but their Don Orlando owes me one from a few years ago and will relent to taking the heat."

"Are you sure?" Carlisle asked with a dangerous gleam in his eyes. "I'm willing, as a gift, to record the shark I'm going to feed him to tearing his carcass apart – might even be willing to invite them down for the special showing if they like?"

Sick bastard.

"Something could be arranged."

"You know what I find interesting?" Angela, who'd been quiet for some time finally spoke up and mentioned something I had been mulling over since they mentioned the Cubans. "James himself has been stepping away from his Irish roots and conversing with an enemy, too. He's been trying to persuade Chico from the Ricans down in Wynwood to help him out with Reyes. Blames Jose for the disappearance of the nasty bitch my girl B put under."

"He wants to set up a war between islands," Ali supplied catching onto Angela's train of thought.

"Exactly, Ali. He knows that it would clear out a huge part of the city. James could rule these smaller communities and have their runners do their dirty work. James sent out Laurent to talk with Orlando and bring him on with the sweet deal of getting first dibs on gun shipments and coke, what he never counted on was Laurent's penchant for wetting his dick in the wrong pussy," my girl added. It was all coming together clearly.

"They would fight over rights to merchandise: James would play both sides as thieves, and a war would break out. Does Chico know any of this?" Rose inquired.

I could see the calculations beginning to take form. She knew my plan before I even mentioned it.

"He does, and is ready for my signal to take action or back down."

"Does he owe you a favor, too, Charlie?"

"No, Rose, he owes Bella – and I intend on collecting now."

"Inquiring minds want to know?"

"Bella saved his mother's life three years ago on assignment. Mrs. Hernandez had been at the wrong place at the wrong time, and was attacked. They believed Chico was in the car, and that it was filled with kilos they were transporting when in reality she was just running to the neighborhood store to pick up some soda and bread to go with dinner. She was hit from all sides; Bella witnessed and fired back. She hit the driver dead center between the eyes causing him to crash and die on impact; the passenger flew out the front window and died as well."

"She rushed to Mrs. Hernandez's side and kept pressure on her wound until the paramedics arrived," Renee joined in. "Chico is a pure momma's boy and loves our Bella as if she were a deity herself sent to protect. He owes her . . . us."

"Is it safe to assume that we have a plan in place, then?" Edward spoke up smiling with my blushing girl by his side.

The entire room nodded and began to show him what we knew and what was going to be done.

"Call Orlando and Chico, Charlie. I will make them a deal they will both greatly benefit from, but I want them off this fight. Their deaths will be dealt by our hands as a united family and ours alone. These fuckers need to die, and they will so in the next twenty-four hours. It's time to hunt."

With those parting words he left with my baby girl once more, leaving a room full of people to erupt in a fluster of chaos that felt all too familiar to this newly enhanced clan. We worked as one solid unit, and when the dawn broke and we all left for home with our spouses, we all wore serene smiles on our faces.

It was time to hunt indeed.

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