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Chapter 42

Bella's POV

Song for chapter: Nothing Else Matters Metallica

"You know," I whispered against Edwards's neck as we lazily lay inside his tub. The warm water and vanilla scented bubble bath, soothing our aching muscles. The bloodied wash cloth I used to clean his face and my few scrapes sitting off to the side as we enjoyed the tranquility that would soon leave us.

Edward washed me with his hands – no sponge or wash cloth needed as he loved me with his touch. Nothing sexual, just him taking care of me . . . loving me. My head turned, reaching his collarbones, which I proceeded to lavish with kisses, "Eventually we are going to have to spend some actual time with our families."

"Not really," he groaned. I had slowly begun to turn my body toward his - I needed more of his taste on my tongue.

"I haven't seen your family in years." I said before nipping his soft lips.

"And your point is?"

My lips wandered down his neck and landed on that Adams Apple of his that drove me insane every time he spoke ... swallowed.

"My point," my teeth nipped his skin, "Is that we need to be more sociable. Okay, let me rephrase that, you need to allow me to be more sociable."

"Fuck Princessa ... feels so good," I know he felt my smile against his fevered skin. "I'm not ready to share you baby, need to satiate my thirst first. Problem is," he groaned as his hips pushed up and rubbing his arousal along my lower back, "I don't see that happening any time soon."

Edward's strong hands wandered over my naked chest – he caressed and taunted my stiff peaks before leaving the tender flesh and traveling down my ribs. "Bad boy," I moaned as he squeezed my hips hard, hard enough to make me gasp in both pleasure and pain. Edward groaned at the whimpering plea I let out, his desire for me was palpable as he lifted me up and over his steel rod.

"I need you, Princessa."

"Then take me Bad boy," slowly Edward lowered me down onto his hard cock - the ridges of his girth torturing my fluttering walls.

"I will never get tired of the way you feel," Edward groaned before lifting me up and off - I wiggled my hips, wanting to feel him once more.

"Bad boy please."

"Fuck, I love the way you beg for my cock." His strong fingers flexed and tightened their grip on my hips. "I don't think I can do slow right now..."

"Then don't," and our hips met with enough force to create a wave. Water splashed around our bodies and overlapped the rim of the tub as our wet flesh created a symphony of lust.

Edward manipulated my body like a rag doll. Making me ride him hard and fast - punishing me with each stab of his dick as he rubbed my E-spot.

"Harder," I begged.

"Your wish is my command Princessa," his hands left my hips and found purchase on my fleshy rear. He squeezed and pulled me forward. My breasts now sat at perfect eye level with his face, something he took complete advantage of.

His lips took in one of my pebbled nips and sucked hard, "Oh fuck, Edward," his teeth joined the party, while his hands continued to push and pull me down with force.

"My fucking pussy ... will always be mine," he growled - my walls contracted as his pelvis began to push and gyrate against my sensitive bud.

"Almost..." his long fingers spread my cheeks apart and with his pinky began to stimulate my rose bud.

I saw stars.

"Soon, I'm going to take you here," he growled out. Edward's finger put pressure against my other hole - the tip of his finger slowly entering me for the first time.

I came with a blinding force.

"Yes, yes ... fuck yes!"

"My dirty little girl," he moaned out.

"Take me bad boy ... everything I have is ... oh God... yours," I felt his cock grow. Felt his hips buckle underneath me with no rhythm as he lost himself in my admission.

"God, I love you, Isabella," Edward's lips connected with mine in a sensual kiss, before I squeezed him one final time making him cum with force.

Enough force to spring forward one final orgasm from me...

Esme's POV

It's been a couple of days since our respected head honchos handed us our asses and gave us our assignments.

These parental units were both impressed and proud.

Basically, we would be split up into teams of three - each with a target and message to send to the Hunter Clan. My team would be kill 'James's red headed bitch' and I was going to enjoy every damn minute of the whore's demise.

"You girls need to be ready to leave in five," Charlie grumbled as Renee and I added our last minute touches to the nights ensembles. While our age didn't show as pronounced as on others in our age group, we were heading into a seedy part of town and needed to play a specific part. The Hunters ruled everything within those few streets and their women were treated like nothing more than a hole to fuck.

"You ready for this Esme?" Renee asked, snapping me out of my inner thoughts.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, first things first . . . when were the last time you went out to "hunt"?"

"Not since last summer in Vera Cruz, Mexico . . . why?"

"Okay, so not as long as I feared. I know you're as bad ass as me Es ... especially with the lot you've raised, but I need to make sure your head is in the game. No doubts."

"I should be offended," she looked so apologetic, "But, I'm not so don't worry. This war has been brewing for a long time now and Carlisle knew I wanted to help put those grimy bastards in the ground. Trust me ... you might be used to these 'hunts' more than me, but my aim is perfect and before you throw that sharp blade you carry strapped to your thigh, my gun will have put a bullet in that bitch's head."

Nothing else was said. It didn't need to be.

Charlie was waiting for us downstairs, but before we parted ways, the entire Cullen/Swan crew - including my head over heels in love son and his misses joined hands in prayer. This outing would be a walk in the park for everyone involved but we still needed those last few minutes… just in case we didn't all return.

Death was known well by everyone that played on this dark side of the fence, but what helped them be so effective was that very few knew what they looked like.

Their motto of, "Be afraid if you know what I look like, because then, death is imminent." It was words that put fear in many and more of a prophecy if you found yourself at the end of their hands.

The drive over to the club was quiet. Each one of us too lost in our heads, except Charlie. The usually funny and loud man was serious, deep frown etched in his forehead as he mumbled something that sounded like a prayer under his breath.

To anyone else looking in, he seemed cold, but I knew better than that. His love shone in the way he held Renee's hand in his - the way he rubbed tiny circles over her knuckles.

It screamed 'I love you' and 'I would die for you.'

He loved his woman as much as my Carlisle loved me ... as much as my son loved his Isabella.

While Jasper did some recon work outside the establishment – looking to see who frequented these grounds, Emmett memorized the entire floor plan down to the hidden room in the back. It held a secret door that would aid in our escape before the back would be blown to bits. As they worked, we ran drills and timed every last second we would be in the strip club, we needed it to be mostly empty for our plan to work.

We were all adamant on keeping innocent horny fuckers unharmed and from what Jasper's intel reveled, the perfect time to hit would be around three a.m.

Victoria was scheduled to go on stage within thirty minutes of our arrival. It gave us barely enough time to scout out who was in house tonight and how many of Hunter's men would fall with the bitch.

"You girls head towards the bathroom - freshen up and see who's hiding in the dark," Charlie ordered and my girl's eyes glazed over. I couldn't help the loud giggle that escaped me if I tried.

Charlie's eyebrow rose, "Oh come on ... did you not see her," his smirk said it all as I whispered in his ear. To everyone watching we were his hoes trying to get close, "Never mind. You two can play after and only after I get back to my Carlisle ... keep it PG, for now fuckers!" that caused Slim to giggle and Charlie to blush.

So that's where the little hellion gets it from?

I dragged my stupefied friend from her man and dragged her across the club towards the bathroom. She of course complained and whined the entire way, claiming I was just jealous of the attention he was giving her.

"Who'd you see on your way in?" Once were safely inside the restroom and noticed it was empty. Our plan to distract and make ourselves seem harmless worked.

To all in the club we were two women fighting for one man's attention not the sleek killers we truly were.

"Eleazaar is here with two other city officials that are on your payroll."

"No shit, where were they seated?" I wonder if Edward sent them here for back up?

"By the secluded bar near the private show room." She looked to be on the same page as me, if they were in any way dirty . . . they were dead.

"He's waiting on Victoria," Renee voiced as she added another coat of gloss to her lips. I couldn't help but giggle at the ludicrous moment, we were so close to raining a death sentence on the men and one woman we had orders to deal with and here she was plumping her lips to entice Charlie.

"You are using this as a huge foreplay session aren't you?" I teased.

"Wouldn't you? The stress – the power. The adrenaline and the sex appeal of watching your spouse sweaty and virile. It's the epitome of protective hunter keeping his home safe from evil." Couldn't control the images swimming through me if I wanted too, Carlisle was always so dominant and animalistic whenever he was home from a job.

Needing me and taking what has always been his.

"Okay, we seriously need to get back on track, "I nodded, "Why would Eleazaar be here waiting on Victoria? Why risk getting caught with her?" Renee asked, before putting her gloss and powder away.

It was imperative now that we get back to Charlie and explain the suspicions we had.

Renee and I were drying our hands as she walked in, all attitude and fake entitlement - flaming red hair and the stench of a used up whore all over her.

Everything we knew Victoria was.

"Move the fuck out of my way," Victoria screeched as she fumbled past us to stand by the small area of counter by the sinks.

Bag of white powder in hand.

This was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Leave me some sugar…