Important A/N

Today, I've come to a decision on a matter that I've struggled with for months. I am a mother, a wife, run a retail store on the weekends and sometimes give a hand during the week . . . I am a busy woman and the backbone of my family. Is that your problem? No, and I understand that most people don't care about the writers on here day to day life. You don't have too.

I have been blessed with the readers I have garnered and their love for me and my stories.

And that makes me having to put everything on HIATUS that much harder. I don't have the time I used too. Before, I stayed home and wrote while my husband worked out of town or when everyone went to bed, but now I work too, and I'm trying to establish myself as an indie author . . . my days are filled with nothing but errands, work, trying to promote . . . more work and taking care of my home.

Everything else can go to hell, but my home is my priority, and as such, that is one area I will never half ass. On several occasions I've opened docs and have tried to write a chapter of UISY or IIOY and nothing comes and then when it does, to me its garbage. Just like my duties at home, I will never half ass a chapter just to get something up.

I refuse to do that to you and myself.

This past weekend I received a guest review that said what I am sure many are thinking and this decision had to be made. I'm sorry if this upsets any of you . . . it was never my intent, but I can't keep on leaving you all hanging.

Guest 11/1/13 . chapter 23

To leave six months between updates is just amateur and extremely disrespectful to your many fans!

Don't worry this won't be forever … just until I can get better organized and find the time to give you my very best.

Love you all,