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Here's a fic for America's birthday. First USUK fluff fic. And yes, I know there are a million of these, but I have to write something. -_-

Happy Fourth of July, peoples~! ^_^

"Thanks for helping me clean up here."

"I'm only helping because I know you won't clean this mess later."

America's party was over. There was confetti, cake, and burnt remains of fireworks everywhere. To squeeze 5 hours into a sentence: It was a blast.

... No fireworks pun intended...

"So... England..."


"Why did you actually come this year?"

"...What? Can't I come here just to say 'Happy Birthday'?"

America raised an eyebrow. He gave England a look that said 'Dude, you're usually sick this time of year, what gives?'.

"Fine. I brought you a present. Git." England reached behind his back.

"What is it? It's not another boxing glove, is it?"

"Come closer."

America suddenly felt something metal on his wrist. He looked down at the silver watch shining in the moonlight. England held up his own wrist to present his identical watch. England was looking off the the side with a bright blush on his face.

"I got you a watch like mine." England turned around to leave, since his business was done.

"England, wait! I have a gift for you too."

"...Why do you have a gift for me? It's your birthday."

"Come closer."

Reluctantly, England walked up to America.

"Close your eyes."

England closed them. England felt something warm on his lips just as the fireworks started up again.

And those weren't the only sparks that were flying.

Me: Again, happy 4th of July, peoples~! XD

America: (In a US flag shirt) REVIEW! :D