A/N: I'm sad to be writing this but I am putting sideways on hold. I have spent countless hours trying to produce a chapter worthy of presenting you guys and though it's almost there it just isn't yet. Therefore, I have decided to release my new story in hopes that it will hold you over until sideways gets the well needed kick to be finished( and believe me it has some chapters to go!). I admire those of you who start writing and the rest just comes to you but sadly I am not one of those people. Believe me when I say I have become very attached to Sideways which is why I can't just give you any old bullshit. Please, please, please don't hate me. I really am trying my hardest for the next chapter. Hopefully this "hold" won't last very long and my writers block will end so I can bring you the next few chapters and hopefully finish it. Have faith in me because it will be finished. I love all my readers and hopefully you will enjoy the story I am writing as a distraction until sideways resumes. Thank you all SO MUCH!