The Enchanted Marriage

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Chapter 1

Different, self-confident, mysterious, unpredictable, and definitely melancholy are some perfect ways that described Hermione Jane Granger at the moment. A deep, pensive, and long-lasting sadness filled her entire soul, leaving her feeling much like a ghost…

She was sitting on her chair, seeming to be in such a bad mood that she didn't even pay attention in class. What was the point? She already had prepared for the first day of school since the last three weeks of summer vacation! She already knew the material by heart, so why bother listen?

She sighted. She was doing her best to keep herself awake and pretend she actually cared.

You would wonder. Why? Isn't Hermione known for her genius mind? Her IQ of 200? Her muggle-born background? Wasn't she known to be the same bushy-haired buck-toothed geek who jumped more at the chance of reading a good book than getting hooked?

Perhaps, that was the way she was a few years back. But now, she was an entirely different person. Her brain remained as intelligent as it always have been her entire life. However, on the outside her appearance looked completely different:

She had definitely filled out. Her once known bushy, damaged brown hair was now soft, silky, and wavy dark brown hair. It had grown quite a lot during the summer. It nearly reached her hips.

And get this: Her petite form actually slimmed, leaving her looking very slender and very much in shape. Her chest has grown a bit bigger, her retainer was now off, leaving her teeth looking white and straight, courtesy of magic, and her legs seemed to look quite nice. Perhaps, that was her black, stripped high heels? Or was it her unusually short skirt? Her school robes were open and practically falling off her. She now wore a large amount of dramatic makeup, leaving her looking much like a model going out on the runway.

She wasn't your usual geek anymore. She was now independent, open-minded, and has grown to be far more mature than most students at her class. She was now an independent, responsible, and confident human being. But can you blame her?

It just happened. You see, her parents grew to be annoying, far too strict, violent, and scary. Since she realized she was never going to reach their level of expectations, knowing she was never going to be the daughter they always wanted, she decided to change. She decided to take charge and love herself. She was sick of everyone's complaints and tiring personal problems. She wanted a better life for herself, a life that she would enjoy and not feel guilty about.

She was a mudblood. So what? She wasn't popular. So what? She wasn't a slut, but a virgin. So what? She knew there was only one thing that would keep her going and lead her to the beautiful world of opportunities: Her Intelligence.

As you may know, Hermione isn't your normal typical wizard student. She had abilities that none of the students of her class had.

For example, she was already speaking at six months of age. When she was three, she would listen to her parents as they read books aloud, and she would follow along on her own until she had taught herself to read. At five, she began questioning her mother about the existence of God- and remembered being disappointed in the answers she got.

At school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she could walk into an exam in any class she had, not having studied at all, and if there were two or three minutes before the instructor arrived, she could skim through the textbook and pass the test with the highest grade in class. Perhaps, others were jealous of her capabilities and talents. However, she simply did not mind of other people's opinions of her. She was simply eager to learn. She loved school and she loved books. She still does. From an early age she read books about reading, writing, arithmetic, science, history, art, health, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Latin. Right now, she was able to speak over seven languages, including Mandarin of course.

She herself remembered perfectly. When she was seven, she started to read widely in the areas of witchcraft. She was fascinated by the study of Magic. It was one of those reasons she became an actual witch. She could find an enormous amount of books only lying simply at the library. She would go there every single day and simply read, read, and read. She herself was amazed at her abilities and discoveries. To be able to do such great things at such a young age, she was happy to even do just that, since she did not have many privileges and rights. As you may know, she was poor and a muggle-born witch. And during those times, being a muggle-born didn't let you to be at the very top popularity list. But hey, it's not like it really mattered to her. She only wanted to be successful and happy in her life. Now what is so wrong about that?

She was so glad to have reached her 6th year. She truly just wanted to move on with her life. Harry, Ron, Ginny, and even Lavender did not understand her that much anymore. She kept being friends with them since they were always her best friends. But on the inside, she'd keep secrets, she'd keep her true feelings to herself and find comfort and support anyway she could through books of romance, psychology, and emotional intelligence.

Can you believe it? Her entire world revolved around books. She was truly a bookworm. But hey, so what?

"God, I so don't want to be here right now…" Harry groaned. "Why can't we have a few extra weeks for summer? I am so tired! This is a nightmare!"

"Relax Harry. We'll be out soon enough." Hermione said quietly while staring blankly at her textbook pretending to care.

Harry glanced at her with his puppy eyes, about to ask something.

"Don't-even-think-about-it!" She spat. He only disappointedly closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep with his face down on the table. He yet again decided to be lazy and let her do his homework on the very first day of class. She was tired as well and there was no way in hell she would do an extra amount of workload for the so called "the chosen one."

As Professor Snap entered the room with his usual discrete personality, he loudly made an announcement:

"Good morning… class…," he said. "This is how it's going to work this semester. You will only have one grade for it. As I knew Professor Dumbledore would agree to my absolute phenomenal suggestion, he has allowed me to take you all for a four month trip to the Muggle world. In two days' time you will find out whom you'll be partnering and working with. You'll have one partner who you'll be sharing an apartment with. Each of you will have a role as a married, muggle adult with a job. Your wands will be taken away from you when you arrive at the allotted location. There will always be a staff member available to assist you in any situation. You will have classes, if possible. The next two following days will be for you to pack and rest-no classes." The classroom filled with cheering and smiles. "I'll be waiting for you in the Great Hall on Wednesday." As class ended, as at least half the class had left the classroom,

Hermione muttered, "Oh my god! Why can't he just make us write a twenty-page report on potions! You have got to be kidding me!"

Before she could even groan and sight, a smirked appeared on one particular slytherin. Apparently, he heard her whining.