Okay, guys, zorua gave me this idea for Infinity's Nightmare, but I couldn't really do it without having a little GKND stuff, so yeah. Alright, here we go.

One night, Numbuh Infinity slept peacefully in his bed…Sigh…where is he this time?

The Nightmare King stood on a cliff somewhere, shouting to the moon. "HEY! HEY! MOON SPIRIT! THAT'S RIGHT, I'M TALKING TO YOU! I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME UP THERE! Now I-Now I just wanna say something. Know what it is? You're a BITCH! That-That's right! A BITCH! Whaddya have ta say to THAT?"


"Oh, the ol' silent treatment, huh? Well, guess what? RRING! IT'S FOR YOU!" With that, he picked up some nearby rocks and began throwing them towards the moon, only to have them fall hundreds of feet below the cliff.


"Huh? Oh, okay, fine! Let's just…Let-L-Let's just get to-to Infinity's house then. Ahem. TO INFINITY AND…BEYOND TO WHOEVER COMES AFTER!" With that, he got into a glider, charged, and jumped off the edge to begin gliding, only to end up shooting straight toward the ground with a thud. "…Okay, this is gonna need some work."

Numbuh Infinity was now currently in the kitchen, getting a glass of water when suddenly, the Nightmare King fell through his ceiling and crushed him. The Nightmare King slowly stood up, groaning, as he looked to Infinity knocked out. "NO! INFINITY! MY BOY! WHAT HAVE I DONE? MY BOY! MY-" Just then, Infinity began to groan. "Oh, y-you-you're alive. Well, that-that-that's a relief. I'll…I'll just give you a nightmare now." He then realized something. "Wait a minute…Count Spankulot's my son. Not you. How…How DARE you try to impersonate my son! I'm gonna make you regret this!" With that, he gave Infinity his nightmare and fainted.

In his nightmare, Numbuh Infinity was in GKND HQ, entering his Supreme Leader's office/throne room. "Ah, hello, Number Infinity! So nice to see you today!"

"Numbuh 256? Didn't you…I dunno. Die?"

"Hm? Can't say that I have. Nor can I say that's even possible. I've been around for THIS long. And you, too."

"Uh…I guess so."

"Anyhow, I have a mission for you, Infinity. I want you to go down to Ballonoa and see if the Kids Next Door there have any operatives good enough to kidnap, er, join us. Sound fun?"

"Ballonoa? Isn't that the-"

"Okay, great! Ciao!" With that, she warped him away.

Numbuh Infinity soon found himself on some planet, completely surrounded by balloons, and all of the residents were balloon people. It was at that moment he began to panic. "AH! NO! WAIT! DIMENTIA! I'M SORRY ABOUT THOSE CLOWN JOKES! YOU KNOW I HATE BALLOONS! NOOOOOO!"

Numbuh Infinity soon awoke in his kitchen, gasping for air, and finding himself under a sleeping Nightmare King. "What the-DARKRAI! GET OFF OF ME!" he shouted, shoving the dark king off.

"Whuh? WHOZAT? WHOZERE? …Oh, it's YOU, Numbuh I-Infinity! Trying to masquerade as my SON, are you?"


"Well-Well, let me tell YOU something! Those. Glasses. Make you. Look like. A BUG!"


"That's right! All you are is-is a BUG! Now, STAY AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND!"

"Uh…your girlfriend's dead."

"Yeah, well you're GONNA be dead if you keep stealing that ice cream, Mister!"

"…You aren't making any sense."

"Oh, I'll come back to you on THAT game! Right now, I gotta go scare…huh…I left-I-I left my-m-my schedule b-back in the car. I'll just…I'll just go get it now. TO WHOEVER IS NEXT AND BEYOND!" With that, he activated some jetpacks, shot through the hole in the ceiling, and crashed in the next door house.

"…No wonder she dumped him."

Well, there's Infinity's Nightmare, which wasn't really easy to think up. Everyone has their own crazy fear, right? I can't really think of who to do next, so I'll people pick. I'll also need some ideas on what nightmares to give them. Alright, later.