I really do apologize for the wait. This time of year is always really busy for me and RL has been kicking me and the hubs asses lately. Be patient with me, I promise I won't abandon this story and I'll pick up writing faster as soon as I can. Trust me, I miss it.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Brady's POV

"I can't wait to see you! Can you believe it's been three months already? God, I really miss you!"

He chuckled into the phone and my heart raced. I loved to hear him laugh.

"I miss you too, Princess. What time your plane gettin' in?"

Brandon had been doing unbelievably good these last few months. He was starting to get a customer base at the shop, he was still in counseling, his parole officer had also continued his mandatory anger management classes which he wasn't too happy about but I suggested that maybe it wasn't such a bad thing…he just grunted in annoyance.

But he did what he had to do and was doing it well.

I was a very proud boyfriend.

"Um, about 6:30 your time. But Brandon, I can take a cab it's no big deal…"

"Hush now, baby, I'm pickin you up. Lexi said she'd drive so it's cool. If I ride with her a couple times, I might be able to figure that crazy shit out good enough to pick ya up myself soon."

I sighed with a big grin, even if he couldn't see it. It was a big step and I was so happy he had friends with him.

Friends were what made life manageable…

"Ok, babe. So are you excited to see me?"

He chuckled, "The fuck you think, princess? You excited to see me?"

"You know I am. Besides my plane doesn't get back on Sunday until well after the Cullen and Friends Baseball Extravaganza…"

Brandon knew that one Sunday a month everyone got together to play baseball and have lunch. Well, they all played baseball, I hung out with the boys and sometimes Gracie if Jane came. I secretly kind of wanted to play but two reasons kept me from trying; 1) I didn't want to look like an idiot in front of anyone because I've never really done it before and 2) have you seen how fast those freakin' balls fly at your face?

I'm into some kinky stuff but no thank you.

He let out a soft sigh, "Shit, I gotta go, my next appointment just got here. Can I talk to you tonight?"

Now it was my turn to chuckle, "Brandon, you ask me every day if we can talk later that night and have I ever said no?"

I could hear the smile in his voice, "I reckon there's a first time for everythin…"

"Not for that. Talk to you later, honey."

"K. Bye, babe."

I slid my phone into my pocket and continued going through my closet, trying to find the perfect clothes for my weekend in Texas. My last final was in the morning and then I had the whole weekend off work to kick off summer break.

It was going to be a great summer. Suzie just graduated and would be moving here next week. She got a job in a animal shelter and would be starting UDub with us in the fall.

Well, all except Alice who had decided to quit school for awhile and focus on her career. Her shoe line had really taken off and her and Jeremiah had gotten more serious so she figured she could go back later on when her life had settled down. It's not like she needed for money.

But I had a super, sexy boyfriend that showed me his dick every single night. Life could not get any better…at least not until three months from now when Brandon would get approved for his parole to be moved here.

I was carefully folding my clothes and putting them into the cute pink luggage with black skull and crossbones on it that Alice let me borrow when she leaned in my doorway and gently rapped on my opened door.

"Hey Brady! You almost packed?"

She bounced into the room and sat on my bed looking up at me with big doe eyes and a goofy grin splitting her face like she was about to burst from happiness.

I couldn't stop my own grin as I set down my clothes and giggled, "Oh my God, tell me before you explode into little pixie shaped bits all over my good clothes!"

Her knees were bouncing and hands trembling as she took a deep breath then let it out, "Jeremiah wants to move in with me!"

My heart leapt as she quickly kept going, "But it's totally cool because I can get a big enough place for all of us! You, me, Suzie, Jeremiah, and JJ! We'll be like one big happy family!"

This is why I still hadn't unpacked my boxes in the closet. But I couldn't let her suffer any longer so I threw my arms around her, bringing her in for a big hug as I laughed, "Alice, Suzie and I can get our own place…this is such good news! Please don't worry about me, this is what you've wanted! Like a real little family!"

She hugged me tight for a minute but eventually pulled away. Strumming her fingers through my hair, she smiled, "You're a good friend, Brady. Thank you for understanding. Anything you need, just let me know. Speaking of…I have a little business proposition for you…"

Crossing her arms over her chest, her lips curled in a smirk as I smiled back, "Oh?"

"So, okay, you know my shoe line has just gone crazy and I just got word back today that they want to add a line of designer purses too. I want to do something cute and cool and kind of different with lots of graphic designs and bright colors. Like, you know, similar to the Ed Hardy stuff but fancier, like, more girly and cute. Anyway, I want you to do some sketches for me. Like your cartoon-y stuff? I think you could come up with some amazing ideas and if they want to use them, it could be a nice little chunk of money. So, yes? No? Maybe?"

Biting my lip, I sat next to her and sighed, "Do you really think I'm good enough for that? You should get a professional. Even Brandon would be better…"

She stood with her hands on her hips and huffed down at me, "Brady, I want you. You're every bit as good as Brandon and I think you're the perfect choice for this job. You're good. You're really, really good, I mean you got a freaking scholarship because you're so good. Quit down playing your talent, BB. You're amazing."

I could feel the pink stain my cheeks and couldn't stop a small grin as I looked up at her, "I love you, Ali."

And then I was pounced on by the hyper little thing as we fell giggling to my bed.

"I love you too. So, I'm going to help you and Suzie find a fantastic place! We'll go out Monday afternoon, have lunch, make a girls day out of it! Oh, I'll get Rosie to go too if she can, I mean, she drops Em J off at preschool on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11:00 so it should be cool…"

I raised up on my elbows and interrupted, "Oh wait! So this is gonna be JJ's new room, right? What are you gonna do it in? We need to paint! The walls are much too drab for my nephew, he needs a little color. I could even do a mural on one wall maybe…"

"Oh yes! He'd love that! Maybe some pickup trucks, like his daddy's, and oh you have to do Bumblebee and Batman and…"

So we ended up talking for awhile about JJ's room and even though I was a little sad to be moving out of this place, I always knew it was only temporary. It would be great to room with Suzie and I really couldn't be happier for Alice.

Life was about changing.

Besides hopefully I'd be moving Brandon in with me and Suzie in just a few short months from now.

Alice and I were still lying in my bed when we heard the front door open and JJ's voice yelling, "Ali! Uncle Beady! I'm here! I got my daddy too!"

I yelled out, "In here, munchkin!"

A second later JJ came bounding through the door and pounced on us in the bed as Jeremiah walked in behind him laughing.

"Well alright, I'm here now, the love fest can begin…"

Then he jumped in behind me and snuggled up as he reached over to wrap his arms across to Alice and JJ.

I giggled and squirmed because he really was the gayest straight boy I knew. JJ was laying across all of us with a little stuffed bear in his arms. He held it out to me and smiled, "I got dis for Uncle B! See he gots tats!"

The little bear had a wife beater on and arms covered in ink with a white bandanna on its little head. It was adorable.

So I ended up hanging out with them for awhile until it was time for me to go in for my stupid three hour shift at the coffee shop.

It was fine though because I loved to rub in the fact that I had the sexiest boyfriend of everyone at the shop.

After my shift, I went back home and started to cram for my final a little bit but Brandon's last appointment for the day canceled so he called me early. It was cool though because I'd much rather talk to him than go over my notes for the fiftieth time.

We ended up talking kind of late. Brandon had finally started talking about Angel to his therapist and it had been pretty difficult for him. I wasn't jealous, not really, but sometimes it made my chest hurt a little.

But Brandon had said on more than one occasion that I was his best friend so I wanted him to be able to talk to me about anything. Even if it hurt a little because I should be a good enough person not to let it.

Anyways, because of the late night, I was really sleepy the next morning before my exam so I popped over to the coffee shop to get a jolt of caffeine to get me through the morning.

As I was juggling my coffee, my phone, and the strap to my book bag, I stumbled a bit into a stranger but he was nice and grabbed my arm to hold me steady.

Once I had everything under control, I looked up at the man who helped me and smiled as my cheeks turned red, "Um, sorry. Thanks, I think I've got it now."

"You're not working today."

It wasn't a question, but a comment and I furrowed my brows as I studied his face. Finally it dawned on me that he was a regular here.

"Oh, uh, no I actually have class in a few minutes so, um, thanks for the save…"

"You're welcome. Good luck on your final."

Wait a second…

Shifting my book bag on my shoulder, I ask, "You don't go to my school, do you?"

Now he grins as he chuckles, "No, I used to teach a literature class there but I'm taking a year or two off from teaching."

He's a little older and very well dressed in a suit that costs more than my entire wardrobe.

"You're very well dressed for a writer. My friend Eddie writes but he usually wears these god awful sweats and some holy t-shirt that should've been thrown away ages ago. And I have no idea why I'm rambling about clothes but um…yeah, I better go, don't wanna be late for my final. Nice to meet you."

He nods with a wry grin, "You too."

I give him one more small nod and smile before taking off to my class. Luckily, I manage to make it there without spilling my coffee or dropping my phone as I send Brandon a quick text to tell him how excited I am to see him tonight and thanking him for his text this morning wishing me good luck.

I'm gonna need it.

The exam is brutal but I get through it and am so thankful when I see that shiny silver Volvo waiting for me outside of class.

I hop in and slump in the front seat as Eddie smiles at me, "Hey, how was it?"

Groaning, I lay my head back on the seat and sigh, "I don't wanna talk about it. Wish I was a freakin' genius like you. Thanks for picking me up."

Then his hand is on my chin, tilting my face to his as he frowns, "You look tired, Brady."

I shrug, "Yeah, late night. I'm so excited though! Summer's finally here!"

That makes him smile as he finally starts driving and we chat about our plans for the summer.

Eddie takes me back to my place so I can pick up my luggage before taking me to the airport. We decide to stop off for a late lunch and Eddie tells me that Jay is gonna join us just moments before he comes through the door of the diner.

He smiles as he slides into the booth next to Eddie across from me and throws his arm over the back of the seat, "Hey Brady."

Then he turns his head and grins only for his hubby as he leans in and whispers, "Hey baby boy."

Eddie's red, even after all this time, as he grins and leans forward for a quick kiss.

I sigh and think of Brandon and how much I can't wait for him to be here so that I can share sweet kisses with him for all the world to see too.

We order lunch and just chit chat for a little while until it's time for me to go. I let them pay because I have like no money left after getting the ticket to go to Texas but it had been far too long and this was the first weekend I had gotten off since coming back home.

Eddie and Jay drove me to the airport as I sighed wistfully at their clasped hands on top of the console.

I really couldn't wait for Brandon to move here.

The boys saw me off and I day dreamed through the whole flight. And as I was walking down the corridor to the gates pulling my carry on and clutching that little tattooed bear, my heart was beating out of my chest in anticipation.

Then I rounded the corner and saw him. My whole body was tingling as I strode toward him, trying to play it cool and not fall.

But I was grinning like a fool as he stood there, thumbs hooked in the pockets of his low slung, baggy jeans. The dark navy t-shirt stretched across his chest, the flannel rolled haphazardly to his elbow, revealing the sexiest tanned, inked skin.

His hair was a little longer, falling around his face as he grinned at me and tucked it behind his ear with a laugh, "Hurry the fuck up, Princess…"

Now I broke into a run, giggling before I was wrapped around him, feet dangling from the ground as we both laughed like idiots.

It felt so good to have my arms around him again, his hair tickling my cheek and his big, strong arms holding me as if I was the most precious thing that ever existed. I've never felt safer than when I'm in his arms.

He was holding me so tight, his nose pressed into my hair as he breathed me in. His scruff scratched against my cheek as he whispered, "Fuck, I missed you, Brady."

Tightening my arms around his broad shoulders, I buried my nose behind his ear and pressed a gentle kiss to right underneath it as I whispered back, "Missed you too, Brandon."

And then he really surprised me as his face turned and his lips were brushing mine. I kissed him back, much softer and much more gentle than I really wanted to. If I thought I was tingly before, my body was riding currents now.

Much too soon, my feet were back on the floor, his arm around my back as I noticeably wobbled from lack of breath that he had stolen away.

He just smiled down at me with that beautiful dimpled grin, "Brady, this is Lexi."

Finally, I broke from the haze and looked up to the young girl grinning back at me. She had short black and pink hair and I couldn't help but smile, "Hey you match my bag, see!"

I grabbed the handle and pushed it forward as her mouth dropped open, "Oh my God, I want that!"

I smiled back as I brushed my hair behind my ear, "I know right! My friend Alice let me borrow it because all I had was my backpack and I can barely fit two outfits, let alone my shoes in that thing."

My cheeks were on fire as I tried to reign in my rambling but luckily, she didn't seem to mind as she rambled back while Brandon grabbed my bag and my hand while we started walking out to the parking garage.

We hopped into his old truck, me in the middle as she drove and I could barely think straight with Brandon's body pressed in so close to mine.

His arm was around me, hand against my neck as my fingers drifted along his strong thigh, feeling it twitch and flex underneath them as his eyes became hooded while they focused on my lips.

Sweet baby Buddha, my dick was starting to get hard. These jeans were much too tight to pop wood in front of the girl so I crossed my legs as Brandon bit his lip to stifle a moan.

I raised an eyebrow as I slid my hand to his inner thigh and…

"Go for it, fellas. Don't mind me. I'm totally into girls but I'm not against watching…"

My eyes snapped to a grinning Lexi as she just started laughing and shrugged, "What? It's totally hot."

I liked Lexi. She had spunk.

Brandon and I managed to mostly keep our hands to ourselves for the remainder of the ride though looks were exchanged that relayed our dirty thoughts in perfect clarity.

By the time we pulled up in the lot behind his building, my skin was on fire and I barely remember thanking Lexi as we drifted up the old wooden steps to his door while she made a comment about cranking up the music in the shop to drown us out...

But I couldn't be distracted enough to be embarrassed because his chest pressed against my back and arm gripped tight around my waist making it difficult to walk but it didn't matter because really…I was floating.

He fumbled with the lock on his door, big, strong hands trembling as he finally slid the key in and let out a ragged breath against my ear.

I could feel him hard against my ass already, hips curving in as he practically pushed me into the door before it swung open.

Stumbling in, my bag was dropped to the floor as I was being pushed against the door, slamming it shut while my feet left the ground. My legs wrapped around his thick, solid waist, heavy cock pulsing hot through his jeans against my own as his lips collided with mine.

He had one arm under my ass, holding me steady while his other threaded through my hair, clenching tightly as he whimpered into my mouth.

His whole body was shaking; it was like it pained him that he couldn't get closer. The desperation sent me reeling and I was tugging his lips away by my fingers in his hair. We both gasped but I dove in at his neck and ear, biting and sucking, groaning and gasping while I pushed his flannel down his broad shoulders.

Once the flannel dropped to the floor, his free hand was helping tear off his t-shirt before yanking at mine.

My hands were everywhere, fingertips digging into hard flesh and muscle as I rasped out, "Bed…now..."

He grunted against my neck in agreement stumbling us both the short distance to the bed. I landed on my back, gasping as the mattress bounced underneath me just once before I was pinned against it by hard muscle and weight. He was kissing me almost brutally and I returned the sentiment as I dug the heels of my shoes into his ass, drawing him closer while my fingers tangled in his hair, holding it back as I pushed into the kiss with just as much vigor.

It was almost too much and not nearly enough all at the same time. Now it was me whimpering as I dragged my fingers down his back, arms not long enough push those cock-blocking jeans down.

My cock was swelling painfully against my zipper, only to be teased and taunted when his hard dick slid into it.

Fuck, I could feel the heavy beat of his heart thumping against my chest as it stuttered with a staggered breath. Tearing his mouth from mine, his teeth dug into my neck with a growl as I gasped out in frantic short breaths, "Please…fuck…now…"

That just made him grind harder.

There wasn't one part of my body that wasn't sizzling with heat. I could feel the sweat begin to trickle down my neck as my fingers skidded across his back in effort to pull him even closer.

It felt like electricity coursing through me as I shuddered, pushing against his shoulders and growling, "God damn it, Brandon, I am not gonna cum in my pants. Clothes. Off. Now."

That seemed to get his attention as he pulled away and looked down at me with lidded blue eyes; his fingers quickly grasping the button on my jeans, popping it open and yanking the zipper down before digging his fingers into my hips and dragging everything down.

I lifted my ass to help as I kicked off my shoes and used my feet to try and push his jeans down off his hips.

My cock finally sprung free, bouncing against my stomach as my back arched from the relief. He got my clothes down around my knees before I was sitting up, both hands on his button and zipper, dragging them down with desperate fingers.

I couldn't get them down fast enough but I was finally able to push them to his thighs. Watching his thick, heavy cock fall forward, the head swollen and red, sticky and leaking, making my whole body shiver in anticipation.

I leaned forward, trapping the plump head between my lips and sucking at the salty cum, dipping my tongue into the slit as I wrapped both hands around the shaft. He was so hot to the touch, thick veins pulsing heavy against my palms. His fingers threaded through my hair before tugging my face up as I pulled off with a pop.

I looked up to see him looking down watching me with heavy breaths. His tongue darted out along his bottom lip and I sprung up on my knees, arms wrapping tightly around his shoulders as I pressed my body against his. I kissed him deep, letting him taste himself on my tongue; cock pushing against the solid muscle of his stomach for some sort of relief.

He whimpered again just moments before I was down on my back, jeans and undies being yanked all the way off and thrown haphazardly to the floor while he managed to tug the rest of his clothes off too.

I was reaching blindly for the nightstand to grab the lube but couldn't reach it with his hips pinning me. But then he was leaning over with a raspy chuckle as he easily reached the drawer.

Smacking his chest, I giggle and manage a breathy, "Dick…"

That just makes him grin, deep dimples in scruffy cheeks as he speaks in soft breathless whispers, "That's right, princess…keep beggin' daddy for that dick…"

We're both already red with exertion and now the laughing isn't making it any better.

The laughs transform into gasping moans as two wet fingers push inside me. I push back, chasing the feeling that I had been missing like crazy these last few months. I missed the coarseness of his skin, the heat of it and tickle of his hair…the weight of his body and how it just engulfs me in taut muscle under delicious skin.

But the feeling is more than skin and muscles, hair or scruff…I missed this feeling of having someone I love inside of me…of becoming so entangled with him that it felt like some magical, fairy tale thing…some whirlwind of love and desire, passion and wanton lust…ok maybe the wanton lust thing is more like a Harlequin romance than fairy tale but what I mean is…

"Oh my God, fuck me right now Brandon!"

His breath stutters as his fingers slip out. He falls over me onto his elbows, wet hand slipped between us slicking up his cock. Nipping at my neck, the scratch of his scruff is driving me crazy as the slick head of his dick presses against my ass.

He grunts, "Can I fuck you raw?"

There's no hesitation as I push against the blunt sticky head of his cock, feeling it slip inside and start to stretch me open as he rocks forward. His skin is so hot…

Once he's pushed all the way in and that familiar coil in the pit of my stomach is twisting full force, he begins fucking me relentlessly.

The bed is squeaking, the headboard thumping, and his breath coming out in short huffs that remind me of a baby bull. We're both making noises that amount to nothing but muttered grunts and unintelligible curses as he fucks me hard into the mattress.

It doesn't take long, my body so pent up with sexual frustration, that two or three tugs at my cock in that rough palm and I'm shooting over his hand onto my belly.

He falls to his elbows and buries his face in my neck, huffing and whimpering as his hips stutter. I can feel him cumming inside of me, warm and wet as he breathes hot against my neck.

"I love you…fuck, I love you, Brady…"

The air completely leaves my body as I'm left with eyes wide and mouth gaping because did he really just tell me he loves me?

He did.

I can't breathe, it feels like my heart is going to explode, and I want to cry.

But all of things are so, so good right now.

I meant to say it back but was momentarily stunned before he lifted his face. It was red and flushed, hair sweaty and mussed, and eyes big and so very blue that it made me melt.

And then he's stammering as he tucks his hair behind his ear, "I, uh, didn't meant that…I mean, I did mean that but I uh, fuck…I wanted to tell ya for awhile but ya know, didn't wanna do it over the phone…shit, I didn't mean to say it when I'm buried balls deep in your ass either…"

Oh my God, he's so cute.

He blows out a puff of air and shakes his head, "Shit, I'm sorry, Brady, I ain't very good at this…"

My face feels like it's going to crack from the grin that spreads across it. Then I'm giggling as I practically pounce him, pushing him to his back and covering his face in kisses as I start whispering how much I love him too and that I think he is absolutely perfect.

This leads to round two…and three.

Hours later, we're both lying there extremely exhausted and absolutely elated with happiness and contentment.

That first night, we only left the bed long enough to eat and take a bath together, which led to round four.

In the morning, I awoke wrapped in big strong arms, soft warm breathing on the back of my neck, and hair tickling my cheek.

I feel like I'm floating all day as we go out to breakfast and end up back in bed again before lunch.

Finally, when we can go longer than an hour without attacking each other, he takes me down to the shop to introduce me to everybody.

I'm a little nervous but Lou Anne wraps me in a big bear hug and whispers not to worry, that she's looking out for Brandon and I hug her back tight because I'm so thankful for that.

The boy at the counter hasn't even seen us yet. He's singing out loud with his ear buds in as he does a little dance while he's dusting the shelves.

Brandon raises an eyebrow at me and with a little evil smirk, he walks over and yanks a bud out while yelling, "Hey Sig!"

The poor boy jumps around, eyes wide as he flails the duster like a sword before holding his hand over his heart and gasping, "Jesus Christ, Brandon, I almost had to kick your ass!"

Brandon's grinning as he leans against the counter, "Well thanks for takin' it easy on me, man…"

Sig waves his hand around with a, "Yeah, yeah, you're lucky this time, B…"

Then his eyes go wide again as he pops the other ear bud out and lays his Ipod on the counter. He smiles as he bounds over to me and holds out his hand.

"Oh that's right! You must be Brady! The big guy here just goes on and on about you…ya know, when he's not pretending to be an immovable statue and actually participates in conversation. I'm Sig. Yes, my dad named me Sigmund 'cause he's an elitist dick. I'm sure B's told you about me, we're like buds. Have you guys had lunch yet? We should go to lunch! Lexi should come too. Hey Lex! Ya wanna go to Benny's? They've got that hot waitress we can both stare at while you keep pretending you're not into me!"

I shake his hand and the boy has me giggling like an idiot as Lexi hollers out from another room, "How much coffee you had today, Sig?!"

He actually twitches a little as he huffs, "What?! Like three or four cups! I'm not that wired!"

Then he grins at me, "Had to pull an all night study session for this stupid Econ class that's about to kill me. I swear, my professor is a sadist, and not the good kind, ya know what I'm saying, huh, huh…"

He's nudging me with his elbow and my cheeks go red as I nod and can't help but laugh.

A few minutes later, I'm introduced to Bones and Tripp before Lexi comes out of the back room, finishing up with a client. They hold down the shop so that we can go to lunch together.

It's fun. Lexi and Sig are really nice and it's cool to see Brandon's life a little bit. He's still pretty quiet, mostly listening and laughing as his friends and I chat it up but every now and then he participates.

"That's just wrong, man…"

Sig's eyebrows go up as he mumbles with a full mouth, "Dere's nuffin wong wid id…"

Brandon looks personally affronted as he furrows his brows, "You can eat turkey, you can eat chicken, but ya can't eat ducks."

The conversation about Sig's cub scout days led to some new information about Brandon so naturally I was curious.

"Why do you think you can't eat duck?"

He huffs out a breath as his cheeks start to tint red, "I ain't sayin' you can't eat a duck, I'm just sayin' that ya shouldn't."

Sig slurps down his root beer and swallows before speaking this time, "But they're delicious…"

Lexi smacks his arm and scowls at him.

It's obvious there's something to this so I squeeze his hand on my thigh and smile up at him, "You like ducks?"

The poor thing looks like he wants to crawl under the table as he nods, "Uh, yeah…I had one once, for like a pet. I was eight and I seen a family of ducks crossin' this old dirt road back by my granddaddy's lake. Some assholes came outta nowhere and run 'em down, didn't even stop. One of the babies made it though. I took it back home cuz ya know, it's whole family just got murdered…but I didn't know that ya shouldn't really try and tame wild ducks and it died a few weeks later. But yeah, I like ducks. I read somewhere that they mate for life…and chickens and turkeys can't fly but ducks can so you shouldn't eat them."

I had no idea he felt so strongly about ducks. But it didn't surprise me. Brandon was, at times, somewhat childlike. Even something as simple as having a pet was tainted to him. It was times like this when I really wanted to pull his face into my chest and tangle my fingers in his hair, whispering promises that I would never let anyone or anything hurt him ever again.

Of course, I was actually powerless to keep that promise, especially thousands of miles away.

But I wouldn't dwell on that now, not when our thighs are pressed together and our hands are clasped.

Sig swallows his food and holds up his hands in surrender with a smile, "Sorry, big guy. I vow to never eat duck again. Better?"

Brandon's cheeks are red but he nods and gives a little grin.

We finish lunch and walk them back to the shop before walking a few blocks to the park and feeding some ducks…where I find out that his duck had been named Sir Ducks A Lot because he was into the whole rap movement and was fascinated with that song about big butts, apparently he's always been an ass man.

And I tell him about my fascination with Bruce Lee when I was ten and how I used to pretend to do kung fu all around the house, thus my fascination with the ninja lifestyle.

We agree that we're both big dorks and we're lucky to have found each other.

On our way back home, Lou Anne pops out of the shop and invites us to a BBQ at her house in a couple of hours. Brandon asks if I wanna go and I totally do. This is like a whole new world to me and it's fascinating. I love to not only see him in his everyday life but actually be a part of it.

Because even though everything feels so brand new…it's reassuringly familiar too. I think that's because Brandon feels like home to me. Which is really weird because I hadn't had a sense of 'home' since I was a kid, before I began to understand my parents snide remarks.

Maybe that's what love is…it's like finally being home after an exhausting, long, lonely day.

I'm giddy by the time he closes his door behind us. But even floating on air, I totally manage an impressive swirl of my hips as I stick out my butt and hook my thumbs in my tight jeans.

Then I rap.

"You like big butts and you cannot lie, your ghetto cousins can't deny, that when a boy walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get sprung…"

I'm tackled to the bed after that, face down ass up and I'm totally cool with that.

After an impressive round and a half, we head over to Lou Anne's. When we pull out in front of the little house, I see a few guys standing in the driveway around a few bikes. They're drinking beer and all of them inked. I start to feel very out of place as I squeeze Brandon's hand a little tighter.

But then Sig is bounding out the front door, the screen door clanging behind him with three beers in hand, "Sup guys! Food's around back."

We take the beers he hands us and say thanks. Brandon tugs my hand and smiles, "C'mon, Brady, let me introduce ya to everybody."

I'm nervous as we walk over to the big guys by the bikes but they seem friendly as they greet Brandon and smile at me.

"Guys, this is Brady."

He introduced me to a hot Hispanic guy named Miguel, an older biker guy with bushy hair and matching beard named Dan, and a guy about Brandon's age named Sean.

The white boy was a big burly guy with huge arms and a nice smile.

Holding out his fist, I bumped it and he grinned, "Bout time you got your ass down here, boy. This guy's been goin' crazy here and Lou Anne's awfully glad to see ya again."

Brandon laughs and nudges my shoulder, "Sean's Lou Anne's boyfriend."

Huh, Lou Anne was a cougar.

That was cool because the seven-year age difference between me an Brandon didn't seem that big compared to the twenty-some difference they had.

She came out with a big grin telling us that the food was ready and Sean wrapped his arm around her, buried his face in her neck and laughed, "K momma, we'll be right there…"

Her face turned as red as her hair as she actually giggled like a teen girl. She smacked his chest and told him to behave as she walked away.

He took a drag from his square and grinned, "Don't act like you don't call him daddy…"

My mouth dropped open and Brandon's eyes got wide as he laughed, "I didn't tell him that, I swear…"

I didn't really care but it was more of a shock that he actually spoke about us like that to people.

But then Lexi came walking up hand-in-hand with her girlfriend.

"Sorry, B, I may have let that slip. Tequila makes me talk."

So, Brandon talks to Lexi about our sex life.

Oh my God, he has a fag hag.

She introduced me to the girl wrapped around her as they leaned against the fence. Her name was Dion and she was a fluffy black girl with short hair and dimples. She was totally butch and that made me wish I would've worn my black boots instead of my old Converse. But I had worried it was a little too flashy and didn't wanna bring attention to myself.

But those boots are freakin' awesome.

I finish my first beer and start on my second as we begin to eat. There aren't many plastic chairs in the back so Brandon pulls me on his lap as we eat. It's kind of difficult to eat barbecue with his dick pressed against my ass but somehow I manage not to make a total mess.

Brandon is mostly quiet but he laughs and listens and I'm impressed. This is really, really good for him.

I'm getting along great though. I have a lot in common with Lexi, Dion, and Sig. They're really cool and I can be myself around them without feeling weird.

The guys are nice too and never give me strange looks unless they're razing me and Brandon about some weird kink but Sean readily admits that there's nothing wrong with dirty, freaky shit…

Music is blaring and it's an equal mix of old gangsta rap and classic rock, the boys and Lou Anne are playing poker at the kitchen table while the girls take me out in the back yard to smoke a joint because all of the people playing poker are on paper.

Well except for Sig but apparently his dad drug tests him once a month and threatens to stop paying for his school if he ever fails.

I ask Brandon if he cares and he just grins and tells me to hit it for him too.

Lexi smiles as she sparks it up, "Brandon's a good guy, Brady. He cares about you a lot…"

My face is gonna crack from the grin I'm wearing, "I know. He told me he loved me last night for the first time…"

I am rewarded with an abundance of giggles and claps and it feels awesome to say it out loud.

After we smoke and chat a bit, we head back inside and Brandon pulls me on his lap as he plays. I'm a little stoned and a little tipsy but not out of control.

It just feels really, really good.

But that's probably because I'm sitting on Brandon's lap.

Brandon whispers in my ear, "So what are ya gonna give me if I win?"

I chuckle and whisper back, "Congratulatory blowjob on the way home."

"Damn, what if I lose?"

Giggling, I lean into his ear and whisper, "Consolation blowjob on the way home."

I'm a nineteen year old guy. Blowjobs are pretty much perfect for every occasion.

Yay! Blowjobs!

That gets me a laugh and an 'I love you' in front of everybody. I return the sentiment, my heart soaring, and watch them play.

I don't really understand a thing that's happening but I take it that Brandon's winning because everyone keeps shit talking him and he's just sitting here with a grin.

"Why can't Sig ever win? When's it gonna be Sig's time damn it? You all suck. Sig needs to get laid. But women don't like Sig. Maybe 'cause he refers to himself in the third person. I'm pretty drunk now. Should probably go home."

Poor Sig was pretty well wasted, his head resting on his arms against the table. Brandon obviously won as he started stuffing the money in his pocket with a grin, "Well, it's been fun takin' all ya'lls money…we're gonna walk this poor bastard home now so he don't wake in some alley covered in his own throw up…again…"

Everyone just laughed us off and told us to be careful. By now I was pretty sober but thankfully Brandon still held my hand as we started through the back alley.

It was really dark except for a few random back porch lights and the few cars that would pass along on the street at the end.

Sig was doing okay walking, only stumbling every so often as we weaved through the alleys and side streets.

Brandon seemed to know where he was going though because on more than one occasion he'd point out that his house was the other direction. Sig would mumble then chuckle about how confusing this neighborhood was.

Finally we stopped behind a dark garage and Sig turned to us, "Thanks for walking me home, B. Stay cool."

He held out his fist and Brandon bumped it as he chuckled, "Get your drunk ass to bed."

Sig snorted and almost fell but managed to catch himself on the chain link fence to the back yard.

Then he bounced off the fence and threw an arm around me. It caught me off guard but he just laughed as he smacked my back once and pulled back with a fist bump…but then he started trying to do weird little secret handshake before snorting again, "I don't know any secret handshakes…I should go to bed now. Good meeting you, man. You're good…nice…I don't work tomorrow so yeah…probably won't see you again…ya know, until next time ya come down…'cause ya gotta come back 'cause I haven't seen this big mother fucker smile so much in the whole time I've known him than tonight…you're good for him…I'd be good for somebody…but girls don't like me…'cause they're all bitches man…okay well not all of them but the ones that don't like me…so yeah I guess that is all of them 'cause girls don't…oh my god, I need to go to bed…later guys, be careful…"

He gives us both one last man hug before stumbling past the gate and through the yard. We watch as he pops out a screen window before pushing the glass up and falling through with a loud bang and an audible "Ow…I'm okay…"

Brandon just chuckles as he grabs my hand and tugs me along.

I shiver as a gust of cool wind blows through the night and Brandon squeezes my hand, "You cold, babe?"

"I'm okay. We'll be back in your truck soon."

But being the chivalrous boyfriend he is, he tears off his hoodie leaving him in only a white wife beater as he pulls it over my head. Of course, I don't resist one bit because it's huge and warm and smells like him.

I push up the sleeves and grab his hand again as we start to walk, "Thanks Brandon. Are you sure you're not cold?"

He nods his head and stops a second to light a cigarette before we take off again.

"Nah, I'm fine. You have fun tonight?"

I hope he can see how big my grin is as I look up at him, "The most fun I've had since…well, last night."

We both laugh and I squeeze his hand, "No, really, I had a blast, Brandon. Your friends are really nice."

He chuckles and nods, "Yeah, they're…different. Helps me feel…less awkward I guess cuz they're a bunch of nut jobs too…"

I just smile up at him as he grins back at me, "Yeah, my friends are nut jobs too, though they're mostly your cousins so you know about that already…"

We finally make it back to the truck and take off for home. But we make a quick detour at Taco Bell and while we're munching and talking, I can't help but enjoy the familiarity of it all.

"I don't like it."

"Brandon, you're being silly! I'm nineteen years old and I think I can handle the bus."

"Don't care. Don't like it. You need to learn to drive."

I rolled my eyes as I swallowed down my tacos.

"It's not a big deal, I can't even afford a car anyway…"

His blue eyes were looking at me as he sighed, "I can help ya get a car babe. I'm makin' a little better money now and I ain't got that many bills…"

"Brandon, there's no way I'd let you get me a car and it doesn't even matter because the bus is fine."

Eddie had a different schedule going into our next year and he wouldn't be able to pick me up for my first class anymore. But I could take the bus or walk, I don't know why he was insistent I learn to drive.

"What are you afraid of, Brady? What's got you so spooked you won't even try?"

I crumble up my taco wrapper and stuff it into the bag with a grumble, "I just don't like it…"

He raised a brow and gave me that look…that look like he knows there's a reason and I just won't spill. It doesn't take me long to crack under the pressure.

"Ugh, fine. I was in a car accident when I was six. It was pretty bad and I was stuck in the hospital for like two weeks with a broken leg. I just remember how bad it hurt when they were setting it and I don't know…the thought of driving just freaks me out a little…"

His pretty blue eyes softened as he reached over and squeezed my knee, "I'm sorry, Brady. That musta sucked. But baby you can't let fear stop ya from livin' your life. You mean to tell me that you wanna go through the rest of your life without ever drivin' some fancy sports car or chillin' in a Caddy…hell, Sean's gonna sell me a bike and I'd really like to go ridin' with you someday. You'd be killer on a bike ridin' next to me, babe."

My cheeks flushed as I thought through those images and they seemed like completely ridiculous things but…also kinda like the coolest things ever that I would kill to do.

But in the end embarrassment won out, "Brandon, I can't do those things…I could ride bitch on your bike or chill in some Caddy that you were driving but…"

I choked mid sentence when he leaned over and just grabbed my dick through my jeans and huffed, "What the fuck is this, Brady? What do I got in my mother fuckin' hand right now?"

I'm pushing against his hand and biting back a moan, "My dick. You've got my dick in your hand."

Now he smiles as he starts giving it little squeezes and rubs that have me squirming.

"That's right. I got your dick in my hand, Brady. You're a man, babe. You ain't got no pussy and you ain't no bitch. I fuckin' love Disney movies. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite. Does that make me a girl cuz I like that shit? No, it fuckin' don't. So what, you like some girly shit but you ain't no girl and you ain't gotta be afraid to do guy shit that you wanna do, babe. You're a fuckin' man…got your dick in my hand, see…"

He's totally right. There were a lot of things I kinda wanted to do but won't even try because I'm scared of looking stupid.

I mean, kids made fun of me for being girly but they were even worse when I tried to do normal boy things. Like when I used to go to the football games to watch my friends and I would get teased that I was only there to watch the hot guys in tight pants…which, okay, total bonus but I do actually really like to watch football.

I love the sense of team and I love the aggression. I could never really be aggressive in life so it was fun to watch other guys get to.

And here was this big strong sexy man holding my dick in his hand…my dick.

I am a mother fuckin' man.

"You're right. Will you teach me? To drive, I mean? Carlisle was gonna teach me when I was fifteen but that was the summer that everything happened with Eddie and Jay and he kinda got distracted."

He beamed at me as he leaned forward and gave me a little kiss, "O'course…let's throw this shit away, first lesson's right now."

I started to protest but he gave me a look that made me hold back my tongue.

A few minutes later I was sitting behind the wheel of his big ass truck, hands sweating and knees shaking.

"I don't know if I can do this…it's so big…"

Brandon chuckles as he scoots next to me and puts his arm across the seat behind me, "That's what he said…"

I swallow the lump in my throat and rasp out a weak, "Ha…the man's got jokes…I'm gonna get us killed but the man's got jokes…"

He leans into my ear and whispers, "You can do this, Brady. I ain't gonna let you get hurt and you ain't gonna look stupid. And so what if you do, it's just you and me, princess. Relax."

I let out a deep breath and follow his instruction but the minute the truck roars I'm slamming on the brake and shaking my head as the anxiety just drowns me, "I can't…"

His hand is on the shifter, putting the truck in park but then he leans between my legs underneath the seat. It slides back as he whispers, "Put the steerin' wheel up and raise your ass…"

My heart is thumping but I do what he says as he slides in underneath me. I'm very, very warm as he settles me on his lap, his hands over mine on the steering wheel and my legs draped over his, my feet on top of his on the pedals.

His scruff tickles my neck as he whispers, "You can do this. I'm gonna help you cuz I might just need a getaway driver someday…"

I break out in goosebumps as I giggle and lean back into him, "Oh yeah? Would we run away to Mexico?"

He chuckles, low and raspy as he kisses the back of my ear, "Yeah and won't it be fun to freak out the locals when they realize I'm the one that knows Spanish?"

We keep talking as he puts the truck in Drive and pulls forward very slowly. The parking lot is big since it's close to the highway but it's virtually empty right now so we have a good place to drive around in circles.

It's weird, the feeling of power I get from the truck makes me nervous but Brandon helps ease my nerves as he chuckles in my ear about how he basically learned to drive on that trip to the hospital when Jeremiah broke his leg as a kid. It was the first car he ever stole and the first time he ever drove one but somehow he managed to get Jeremiah to the hospital in one piece but a few mailboxes and trash cans hadn't been so lucky.

And when I'm ready, he slides back to his side but keeps an arm around my shoulders as I take my first circle around the parking lot. It's kinda choppy and I brake a lot but by the fourth or fifth time, I'm kind of enjoying it.

By the time I'm doing a smooth circle, we decide it's time we better go home. But he promises that if I get a learner's permit, next time he'll take me out somewhere and we'll work on it some more.

When we get back to his place we grab a quick shower which leads to just getting dirty again.

We make love all night long until we pass out from exhaustion and in the morning, we make love again.

Breakfast is served in bed and we don't even move from it until it's time for him to take me to the airport. I just finish packing as Lexi shows up to drive again.

The trip to the airport is quiet, we're both clinging lightly to each other, not wanting to let go.

I wait until the very last second to whisper, "I have to go," against his lips.

He gave me one last hug, whispering in my ear, "Love you, babe. Be safe."

Holding on as tight as I could, I smiled against his cheek, "Love you too. I'll text you when I land and call you later."

And then I was gone, leaving my heart in Texas.

It was like a bad country song.

But even though I was sad about leaving, at my core, I was really, really happy. I had worried sometimes that the distance between us would break us apart but this weekend just seemed to prove that the distance didn't matter.

We were in love with each other. And I believed that love could conquer everything.

I spent the flight stuck in memories and was still floating on air when Alice picked me up.

Of course I told her everything that happened and squealed when I told her he said he loved me. Then I called Suzie. And Eddie. And texted Rose.

I was thoroughly exhausted by the time we got home but I was happy. The pain of leaving hadn't really hit me until I was unpacking my bag to throw my laundry in the washer and found an envelope that read, "Princess."

Tearing it open, my mouth drops in shock as I pull out three hundred dollars and a drawing. It's a caricature of me and Brandon on Harley's with the Mexico border in front of us and red and blue lights behind us.

I snort I'm giggling so hard and then I turn it over to see his messy scrawl.

Here's the money I won in poker, maybe you can use it for another plane ticket soon cuz I miss you already and your lying right next to me. I love you, Brady. Thanks for coming back to me.

My heart just melts and I'm instantly hitting my contact list.

"Hey Princess."

"Hey Brandon, I just got in. I got your note. Thank you. I'll look at my schedule at the coffee shop tomorrow and the first chance I get, I'll be back."

Things were going to start getting hectic for me at work soon with moving in with Suzie and having to pay more bills so I needed to get back as soon as I could.

"Yeah? You're gonna come back again?"

I laugh as I flop on my bed and snuggle to the phone, "I'll always come back for you, babe. Until I don't have to because you'll be here."

"I love you, Brady."

"I love you too, Brandon. So what are you doing?"

"Um, watchin' TV…"

"Oh my God, that's Beauty and the Beast in the background!"

"Uh, yeah."

"What channel?"

"Family Channel."

I grab my remote, flip on the TV and settle in. We stay on the phone through the whole thing and at the end I sigh, "Ugh, it's so romantic. So, um, wanna get on our computers and talk dirty…"

There's a ping on my laptop and I smile as he chuckles, "You still got that cheerleadin' skirt?"

I practically fell out of my bed as I ran to my closet…

A/N: Things are going so good with our boys! Hope they don't stumble into a valley soon…