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Brady's POV

I heard him grumbling before he even rounded the corner so I cuddle little red to my neck and whisper, "Just be super adorable, little girl, it's his kryptonite."

She let out a little bark and Brandon's eyes snap up to mine. The look of shock on his face is priceless but then he giggles as he snuggles the puppy to his face and I am officially the world's best boyfriend.

The little brute is just as happy as Brandon because she's going insane, her pudgy little body wriggling full force as she licks all over his scruffy cheek then starts nipping at his chin.

And he just looks happier than I've ever seen and maybe I should be jealous that he can't seem to decide who he wants to pet more, me or the pooch, but I can't find it in myself to care because he's so beautiful like this that it takes my breath away.

The way his face lights up when I tell him that the puppy is his if he wants it, makes my heart seize and I'm pretty sure it's because I love him so fucking much it literally hurts sometimes.

He finally makes his decision as he presses his lips against mine and mumbles, "Is there, uh, somewhere we can put her for a minute so I can thank you properly?"

I wrangle the pup back into the cat carrier that I brought her in and she seems personally offended by it as she growls and paws at the mesh netting in front.

Brandon's chuckling as he unlocks his door and grabs my bag, "She's an ornery lil' thang."

I rush past him, placing little red on the ground before swiftly turning and grabbing him by the shirt. Leaping up on my toes, I snake my arms around his shoulders as I smile, "She's not the only one."

She barks for good measure and Brandon is still chuckling as he drops my bag, kicks the door closed and grabs two handfuls of my ass. He lifts me like I weigh nothing and I'm wrapping my legs around him while I launch for those lips I can finally reach.

I groan into the kiss, tightening my legs around him as I grind against his stomach. My fingers tangle in his long hair, tugging him back as I start to bite and nibble down his neck.

He huffs, hot and heavy against my cheek, his long fingers digging into my ass cheeks as he makes the most obscene grunts and sighs.

They fuel the fire as I try to climb even higher up his mountain of muscle until I latch my teeth to the sensitive spot behind his ear, knowing it will get me thrown to the bed and fucked stupid.

And for the love of all that is sparkly, I need to be fucked stupid right now.

The last few weeks had been Hell. I was just starting back to classes and working more hours at the coffee shop since Suzie and I had gotten our own place.

It was a cute little place in a pissy little neighborhood but we could afford it and it had a little backyard for Sparty.

Anyway, classes were a little tougher this year too and I'm not naturally brilliant like Eddie or as driven as Jay so I had to work really hard to keep my scholarship.

But Brandon scared the shit outta me last week when he had his little meltdown. So the moment I had a day off work, I dropped everything and came down here to see him.

He needs me and I really, really need him.

With glee, I giggle as he tosses me on the bed and begins to undress. His baby blues are heavy as his raspy voice huffs, "Clothes off, ass up."

That really shouldn't turn me on as much as it does but whatever, my dick is painfully hard in these tight jeans and it's a relief to take them off.

I shimmy outta them, keeping my undies on 'cause I know he likes to see them. Then I strip off everything else and quickly turn over, shaking my ass at him as he chuckles and palms himself through his boxers.

My underwear is pink and green like a watermelon with the word 'juicy' written across the backside. I'm expecting the bite that comes next as he sinks his teeth into my left cheek but I let out a yelp anyway.

Things escalate quickly from there.

He's yanking my briefs down and throwing them haphazardly to the ground and I'm barely back on my knees when I feel a wet, thick finger pushing inside of me. I grind back on it, begging for more and he obliges.

I spend so much time using my toys for him that I barely need the long drawn out preparation that Carlisle is so fond of advising us on.

So after a few minutes, I slam back on his fingers and whine, "Now, Brandon…please, baby, please…"

I'm already sweaty and trembly and the feeling of his thick, hot cock pushing inside of me nearly causes my knees to buckle.

And that purple bastard can go to Hell because my toys have nothing on Brandon.

He's so big and hard and warm and sweet baby Jehosephet, so god damn strong as he grips my hips and shoves all the way in.

My mouth opens, nothing but needy whimpers and desperate mewls escaping as he wastes no time in fucking me into the mattress.

The sounds of skin smacking and hard grunting are occasionally cut with soft breathless chants of my name as his fingers dig in hard enough on my hips to leave bruises.

This was exactly what I wanted…what I needed.

I brace my hands against the headboard and push back against him, taking him in as his rhythm stutters. He groans, head lying against my shoulder as I ram myself back on his cock, cursing and sputtering nonsense because it feels so fucking good that I wonder if I've stumbled into some fantastical adult Wonderland.

Hot, sticky skin slides against my back, the hard ridge of his stomach muscles clenching and his open mouth gasping against my neck lets me know that he's right on the edge.

I am too. My cock bouncing heavy and thick between my legs as the tip leaks precum all over his blanket since we didn't even make it underneath them before we were on each other.

He groans pitifully against my neck and I shudder from the desperation in it but then I'm the one gasping desperately as I'm suddenly being flung over onto my back. The mattress bounces underneath me as he pushes himself inside me again. His mouth latches onto mine as he ravishes it like he's a dying man and this is the last kiss he'll ever get.

And then I'm yanked up onto his lap as he fucks into me so hard that all I can do is breathe through him while I tried to hang on.

Brandon fucks like a God.

All muscles and sweat and strength…

One arm is wrapped around my ass easily holding my whole body, while the other hand clings frantically to the back of my head, fingers tangled in my hair as he kisses me for everything he's worth.

The bed is rattling fiercely and I really hope Lou Anne is playing some loud rock music today. But the thought barely has time to enter my mind until I'm thrown back down, his hips angling just right as he sinks into me.

My fingers skid along his sticky, broad shoulders and my heels dig into his ass as his hand finally wraps around my throbbing cock.

I break from his lips in a ragged gasp, head thrown back, eyes clamped shut as heat floods my body and I'm cumming so hard I can't breathe.

A few more stuttered thrusts from him and he pulses, hot and wet and I'm so fucking thankful that this is exclusive and we've forgone the use of condoms because there is nothing more earth shattering than the feeling of Brandon Whitlock cumming inside of me.

We lie there for a little while, coming down from our high. The puppy has finally relented to naptime and Brandon ends up curled around me, his head on my chest as I play with his sweaty hair.

It still amazes me that in moments like this, I'm the one holding him. But I love it. I love to have him in my arms; to know that I'm the one who comforts him and makes him feel safe.

Eventually he raises his head and grins up at me with baby blue eyes and I'm such a lovesick fool that all I can do is grin back and whisper, "Hi."

He chuckles, slides his hand over my chest leaving goosebumps in its wake as he whispers back, "Hey."

And then he's kissing me again, softer this time but just as desperate as his fingers hold my face and caress my cheek.

His scruffy chin scratches my flushed, sensitive skin as his long hair tickles my face. I grip onto his biceps, kissing him back as I relish the feeling of his skin beneath my fingertips and how it's so real.

When he pulls away this time, I note the dark circles underneath his pretty blue eyes and the crinkles in the corner that are deeper with worry. I run my finger along them, wishing I could erase the stress that caused them but hoping that a long time from now he'll remember them as laugh lines.

Really, they're the only reminder that he's so much older than me because underneath the tough exterior, lies a boy who is still very child-like.

Brandon needs to be nurtured. He needs to feel loved. He needs to be told that he's good and beautiful and worth everything in the world.

I'll gladly assume that responsibility.

"I can't believe you're really here. How long you stayin'?"

Aw, crap.

"Um, actually I have to work in the morning so I have a late flight tonight."

The smile falls from his face as he huffs, "What? I don't even get a whole day with you?"

Guilt eats away at me as I sigh heavily, "I'm sorry, Brandon. It's the best I can do. I already blew off class this afternoon to get here. I just can't really afford to miss work right now."

His head falls back to my chest as he latches onto me and groans, "This sucks. I just got you. I ain't ready to let you go yet."

Brushing my hand through his hair, I whisper, "I know. I'm not ready either. I, um, brought enough food for the puppy for the night so maybe we can just stay right here until I have to go?"

He nods against my chest and turns his face towards me with a small smile, "I can't believe you got me a dog."

I brush his hair back and shrug, "I thought it might help, you know? Suzie said that petting a dog is really therapeutic."

And Jay said that it might be good for you to have something to take care of…

That dimpled grin makes me all fuzzy as trails his rough fingertips over my chest, "I'm glad you came. I really missed you, Princess."

My heart melts as I scratch his scruffy chin and smile, "I missed you too, Brandon."

He rubs his face against my palm and it makes my heart stutter before my stomach growls and ruins the moment.

His lips tickle my belly as he ghosts kisses across it before pulling himself up on his elbows, "Guess I better feed ya. Go on and get cleaned up. I'll make us somethin'."

I lean down and kiss him once more before he slides out of bed and yanks on a loose pair of basketball shorts. They're his favorite ones. Then he slips on his house shoes and shuffles over to the kitchen. He always wears house shoes too, a habit he picked up from prison because, ya know, foot diseases and nasty stuff on the floor.

I take a moment to watch him working around the kitchen before I reluctantly pull myself up to go to the bathroom and get cleaned up.

A sneeze comes from nowhere, then another as my eyes start to water and I groan because I sooo forgot my allergy medicine.

Grabbing a washcloth, I wet it and wipe myself off before rubbing at my eyes with my palms. I really should take out my contacts but I look like such a dork in my glasses.

I sneeze again as the bathroom door swings open. He smiles softly as he puts my contacts case and glasses on the counter and pulls open the medicine cabinet. He grabs a box and pushes it in my hand, "I'll get you a glass of water."

Then he kisses the top of my head before he leaves again.

I look down at the box of allergy medicine in my hand and smile at the way my heart flutters.

Let it never be said that Brandon Whitlock is not thoughtful as Hell and a damn good boyfriend.

By the time he comes back, my glasses are on and I throw my arms around him for a quick kiss before taking the medicine, washing it down with the water he brought me.

Not much later, I'm wrapped up in his hoodie that I practically drown in but it smells like him and it's so warm, I love being snuggled in it.

He's made some strange concoction of Doritos and ramen noodles that sorta resembles a taco salad but he calls it a slam.

"It's when you just slam a bunch of shit together. Prison thing. It's good, I swear. Try it."

The puppy is now curled up in the bed with us, chewing a toy as Brandon pets her little head and smiles at me.

It actually is pretty good and he beams when I eat a second bowl.

I'm so warm and full and fully sated as we lay there and just talk for hours.




"You've got some new work done…" trailing my fingers down those sinfully big arms, I smile as he ducks his head and blushes.

Then my eyes zero in on the words weaved into the shadows and I trace them as I whisper, "Sail away with me, to another world…"

He's bright red now and I'm floating, "Oh my God! That's from the song we sang together in the truck! The Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers song!"

Looking away, those cheeks are crimson through the scruffy, dark blonde hair, "Uh…yeah."

Then his pretty blue eyes get wide as he smiles and rubs the pups head, "Oh hey, how 'bout Dolly? Dolly's a diva, right? This little girl is a total diva…just like her papa."

He grins and now I'm the one turning red as I reach out and scratch her ears, "Dolly's a great name for her. 'Cause Dolly's a diva but she's also real, ya know? Well, maybe not real real. I mean, like, probably 85% of her is plastic and paint but on the inside she's real. She's tough and spunky, is what I'm trying to say…just like her daddy."

It's absolutely ridiculous how big we grin at each other but it's nice to know that whatever this thing is that we have, we're in it together.




"I've got this huge project due at the end of the semester, it's totally stressing me out. I have to come up with a presentation of modern art and show how it evolved into what it is today. It counts for, like, half of my grade so it has to be amazing."

He was sitting on the floor, smoking a cigarette as Dolly ate.

"You got any ideas yet?"

Shrugging my shoulders, I sigh dramatically as I flop down on my back and hang my head off the bed. Resting it on his shoulder, I groan, "I mean, I've got a couple, like maybe modern day comics like The Walking Dead or…I don't know."

"How 'bout tattoos? They're art, right? Damn near every person that walks through the door has a story to tell 'bout why they want what they want. I mean, there's always those few that just wanna be cool and get inked when they turn 18 but most people do it to express somethin' they love or somethin' that happened to 'em…there's always a story. And the people in the Holocaust got tatted, like serial numbers…and um, slaves used to be branded?"

I turn my face to his as my mouth drops open and then I'm jumping up, bouncing as I grab my phone from his nightstand, "Oh my God, Brandon, that's perfect! Why didn't I think of that? You're a freakin' genius!"

His face is red but he's smilin' as he tucks his hair behind his ears, "You really think it's a good idea?"

I tap out a quick message to Lou Anne asking if I can stop by and take a few pictures for a school project then I toss my phone on the bed as I throw myself in his lap on the floor and proceed to kiss all over his beautiful face.

"Yes!" *kiss* "It's brilliant!" *kiss* "You're so smart and so good…" *kiss* "I love you." *kiss*

"Love you too."





"Holy guacamole, Brandon. It is absolutely ridiculous how talented you are."

I was seriously in awe as I turned the pages of the tattered old notebook that was on his nightstand. I had grabbed it to jot a few notes down about my project but it was filled almost full with pencil drawings.

They were dark, etched so deeply into the pages that some nearly tore through. They were from the point-of-view of a prisoner, the thick lines of bars obstructing the views of decrepit walls and disfigured shadows taunting him. I flipped through the pages as the images changed, but the view behind bars didn't. There were images of a man with a gun to his head…a boy hanging by the train tracks…little boys with guns in hand running from the police…

None of the images were detailed like his normal drawings, they were all done in harsh lines and smudgy shadows. They were hauntingly beautiful and I could feel the sense of anger and the feeling of being caged, trapped and powerless, unable to do anything but watch the horrible scenes unfold.

He ducks his head down as he picks up Dolly, "Oh, um…that's just somethin' the doctor wanted me to do when…um, like when I have nightmares. It's no big deal. I'm gonna take her out to go potty."

I snuggle into his pillow with my back against the headboard as I continue flipping through. These drawings were like nightmares come to life. And the entire book was filled with them.

Leaning over, I grab the box of colored pencils from my backpack and flip to a clean page in the very back of the notebook. Then I start drawing.




"Who's lilgent84 and why's he sendin' you a message bout somethin' wicked this way comes?"

I looked up from where my head laid on his thigh while he played with my phone.

"Oh, um, that's a story from fanfiction. It's amazing!"

"The fuck is a fanfiction?"

After a lengthy discussion on the wonderful world of boy porn in literary form found on the internet, Brandon was intrigued.

"So, it's like a love story 'bout witches and vampires and shit? But with two dudes?"


"And when they sex ya'll call it lemons?"

"Um, yes."

"Huh. And there's like, wow, there's like a lot of this stuff huh? It's pretty popular."

"Yeah, people love a good love story."

"Does this stuff turn you on? You beat off to it?"

I choke a little on my own spit and shake my head, "No! I mean, yeah it turns me on but I don't masturbate to it. I've got you to get me off, babe."

He smirks as he hands me the glass of water with a lemon in it sweating on the nightstand, "I can't write worth a shit but I got a big dick. How's your throat, by the way?"

I take a sip and rub at my neck as I blush, "I think you'd write a fantastic lemon. And my throat's fine, just a little raw."

Looking much too pleased with himself, he smiled, "It's cuz my dick's so big, huh?"

Running my tongue over my bottom lip to lap up the wetness, I hope the smirk I give is sexy as I look up at him over the top of my glasses, "Mmm, yeah it is."

"You should write a lemon bout it."

He pulled it out of his basketball shorts. It was already half-hard as it stood thick and tempting. Handing him the glass, I scooted up on his thighs, peppering them with kisses as I whispered, "The boy had never seen such a magnificent cock as he approached it with an eagerness to taste but a trepidation as well because this Whitlock boy was packing serious heat that was sure to leave his throat burning and raw. Yet he could not deny his need to taste his lover again…and again…and again…"

"Fuck, you're a kinky lil' fucker…"

I hummed around the plump head of his cock in agreement and enjoyed the burn.




"What're you gonna do, Dolly, huh? You're just a little ball of fur…"

Brandon had the puppy's face palmed as she licked and nipped his fingers, wriggling around on the bed like a little maniac. Brandon was grinning and laughing as she'd jump around, yapping and barking with that little tail wagging a mile a minute.

She eventually relents and lets out a big yawn as he fucking giggles again, scooping her up and letting her settle on his belly.

I'm pretty sure I'm just a puddle of goo by now as I lie down next to them and rub her soft fur, "She wore herself out."

He smiles over at me and extends his arm for me to scoot closer so we can cuddle.

Once I'm wrapped warm and safe in his big arms, I continue petting Dolly's little head when he whispers, "I love you, Brady."

I look up from his chest and lift my hand to brush down his cheek as I whisper back, "Love you, too."

My eyelids are so heavy and I'm so warm and full and comfy that I don't resist the urge to just lay my head on his strong, fuzzy chest and rest my eyes for minute.




Something's licking my cheek. It's kinda furry…could be Brandon…

I jump when it nips my nose.

Holding my nose, I blink down at Dolly as she jumps and yips, apparently very proud of herself for waking me up.

"No bite, Dolly…"

Brandon's eyes are barely cracked open as she nips at his chin. I stretch my arms above my head as I yawn and that's when I note that it's dark outside.

I grab my phone from the nightstand as I rub my eyes underneath my glasses, trying to get them adjusted from sleepy time.

Then my stomach drops as I groan, "Shit, Brandon, I need to leave in like thirty minutes to get to the airport in time. I can't believe we fell asleep. I need to call a cab and get my shit together/"

Damn it, I'm so fucking mad at myself for falling asleep and wasting precious time but God he was just so warm and comfy and it felt so good to just be together…

He sighs, long and heavy, before pulling himself out of bed and mumbling about taking the dog outside to potty.

I start scrambling to pull my clothes on but my jeans are tight and it takes a minute to wiggle into them since the sleeves of Brandon's huge hoodie keeps sliding down over my hands.

When I finally yank them up, Brandon walks back in with Dolly snuggled to his chest. He rakes a hand through his hair and looks over at me, "Don't call a cab. I'll drive you."

My mouth drops open because he has never felt comfortable to drive me to the airport on his own. He always worries he'll get too confused and frustrated by the traffic and crowds.

"Are you sure?"

"Um, yeah. Lexi gets off work in 'bout ten minutes. She said she'd watch Dolly so I could take you. Don't wanna leave her here alone, she's just a baby."

His eyes drop to the floor and he looks so god damn sad that the next thing I know, I'm letting out a breath as I fling to my toes, wrapping my arms around his neck and mumbling against his lips, "Fuck it, I'll call in tomorrow."

He pulls back just a little and looks at me with those blue eyes that just look straight through me as he whispers, "You sure?"

Smiling, I nod, "Yeah. It's not a biggie. I've been there awhile and have never called in so I think I can play hooky this once. Besides, I don't have to be there until 3:00 on Sunday so I can stay the weekend."

He grins, big and beautiful as he leans down to kiss me. Against my lips, he mumbles, "Wanna go back to bed then?"

You bet your sweet ass I do.




The next day is wonderful. I wake up wrapped in big, strong arms and even though it takes me twenty minutes to break free so I can go pee, it's totally awesome.

He wakes up shortly after and we have a breakfast of Frosted Flakes while watching Lock Up on TV. We take a quick shower because Dolly goes apeshit when we put her back in the kennel/bag/thing.

Then we go out shopping for doggy supplies and he lets me drive his old truck. It makes me a little nervous but the pet store isn't too far away and he wants to play with Dolly so I do it. And actually I find that I kinda like driving something big.

Which, yeah, totally no irony in that thought.

But anyway, the day is perfect.

We get Dolly everything in pink because Brandon insists that she's a lady. But he does opt for the pink collar and bowls and bed that have the cool black skull and crossbones because even though she's a lady, she's still a badass.

On the drive back to his place, we go through the drive-thru at Taco Bell and stop at the park to eat. We sit at an old worn out picnic bench as Dolly nips and yaps at our feet begging since Brandon gave her a bite of his burrito in the truck.

And by bite, I mean he actually let her take a bite out of his burrito which…gross. But he says that dogs mouths are cleaner than a human's because of something in their saliva…

That doesn't really make it sound any better to me but whatever, he's gorgeous, sweet, and fucks like he invented that shit so I can deal with a little dog spit.

After the park, we drive back to his place and stop by the shop. Lexi and Lou Anne dote over me and Dolly while Sig tries to play it cool but it doesn't take long before he's down on the floor playing with her like he's five. Brandon joins him.

It's really good though because while Brandon and Sig play, I'm able to get some pretty good pictures for my project. Lexi has this shabby little teddy bear with a missing button eye on the back of her left shoulder that was for her baby brother who passed away when he was just two years old. She said he dragged it everywhere and when her mother tried to wash it, the eye fell off. They went out and bought him a new one but he refused to give up the ugly, old bear. She said that it was her reminder that there is nothing more important than loyalty and that you could be loved unconditionally even if you weren't pretty.

Lou Anne had a tattoo on her back of a set of baby footprints, like the inked ones they get done at birth. They were from her son's birth certificate and a reminder to her that he was real and had left an imprint on her life, even if he now wanted nothing to do with her.

Tripp showed me his tattoo of the Dallas Cowboys logo with XXX across the bottom that I initially wrote off as some kinky football porn but he told me that his dad took him to the Super Bowl. It was Super Bowl thirty (hence the XXX) and it took place in 1996. His dad died in 1997. The Super Bowl was the happiest he had seen his dad before the cancer got worse and he withered away so that's what he wanted to remember when he thought of his dad...him happy and healthy and ogling the cheerleaders from two levels up.

And then there was Bones. The big, surly biker guy who had a heart on his bicep with his grandkids names in it.

Brandon was right. Every picture I took told a story.

Tripp offered to cover Brandon's shift for the night so we went back home to his place and spent the rest of the evening just hanging out together. We watched TV and played with Dolly. We ordered pizza for dinner. He painted my toenails in a variety of Wet-n-Wild colors he bought especially for me. And I added to the tattoos on his bicep with a magic marker, weaving my own quote into the shadows.

"What's that say?"

I smile up at him from where I'm draped across his side, "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall."

He twists his arm to get a better look, "That's kinda deep. You come up with that?"

"Um, no. It was Confucius. He's an ancient Chinese philosopher."

Tracing over the ink, he repeats the quote and smiles, "You're really somethin' good, you know that, Brady?"

Lowering my eyes, my cheeks burn as I shrug it off, "I'm okay I guess."

But then his big hand is pulling my chin up as he stares at me with those amazing clear blue eyes, "No, baby, you're a whole lot better than just okay. You're superfly."

And then we're grinning like fools again.

By the time we actually fall asleep, we're both covered in colored marker and sweat and cum. He penned my ass Property of Brandon Whitlock in all the colors of the rainbow and I was gonna mark his dick as Property of Brady Seneca, Lord knows I had plenty of writing room but since I planned on having it in my mouth again, I decided to mark his heart instead.

In the morning, we shower vigorously…well, we fuck vigorously in the shower then take our time washing each other.

My flight is at noon and it hangs heavy as I pack up my things. I hadn't planned on being here that long so I didn't have enough clean clothes. Luckily, Brandon still had my 'Like a ninja' undies I left here months ago. He kept my 'Juicy' ones though.

And he insisted I wear his navy blue hoodie home. It was way too big and probably looked really funny paired with my glasses and skinny jeans but I felt good in it. It felt like I was in high school again but this time instead of being alone I was wearing the captain of the football team's varsity jacket…who actually happened to be the sweetest, most wonderful boyfriend in the whole world.

Sig came up to Brandon's place to watch Dolly while Brandon took me to the airport. The drive was quiet as I cuddled underneath his arm and against his chest while he played with the hair at the nape of my neck.

I was really sad. I hated leaving him.

He was a little agitated by the time we found a spot in the parking garage, having taken the wrong exit twice and getting turned around. But he still held my hand and carried my bag as we walked in the terminal.

Then when it was time to go, he held my face in his hands and kissed me slow and deep with not a care in the world to the crowd around us. When we pulled away I was breathless as he stroked my cheek like I was the most precious thing in the world.

I vaguely heard some people snickering and shot a nervous glance behind me but Brandon's strong fingers guided my face back to his as he mumbled against my lips, "Don't care 'bout nothin' but you right now, Princess. Kiss me good-bye."

So I did. Flinging my arms around him, I scrambled to my tippy toes as I held on tight, kissing him until I was dazed and weak in the knees.

He held me steady until I was stable on my feet again then he smiled but it didn't reach those pretty blue eyes.

"I love you, Brady. Thanks for comin' to see me."

Scratching at the scruff on his chin, I smile back, the same sad smile.

"I love you too Brandon. Just think, two more months of these sad good-byes and we won't ever have to say good-bye again."

He closed his eyes, leaning into my palm as he whispered, "I hope so."

They called for my flight to begin boarding and I leaned close against his chest cursing the hot tears that stung my eyes.

He hugged me tight for a moment before pulling away and shoving something in my hoodie pocket while he kissed me one last time.

Then he whispered, "Bye, Princess."

I pulled out a thick envelope from my hoodie but he just smacked my ass and laughed, "Open it later. Go on now, Brady. Be safe and call me when you land."

With my bag on my shoulder, I heaved a heavy sigh and walked away. Before I reached the gate I turned back around to give him a little wave and smile which he returned with a smile that didn't reach his eyes again. But then I tripped and stumbled over nothing. Luckily, I caught myself before falling and rasped out an enthusiastic, "I'm okay!"

That got me a dimpled grin and a beautiful laugh as he called out, "Like a ninja, babe."

I gave him one last smile and sadly turned away to board my plane.

I'm kind of in a daze as I take my seat. Trying to fight back the tears I want to cry, I stare out the window watching the clouds roll by as I long for the warmth of Texas.

My mind is just kind of blank, head stuck in a fog and chest numb like my body's here but my heart and soul are still with him.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly exhale and try to just deal with the pain of being torn in two. And I didn't mean the pleasant ache in my bottom.

Then I remember the envelope in my pocket so I quickly fish it out, curious because Brandon has never really written me a letter or anything. I knew he was very self-conscious about his handwriting and grammar skills though I thought the little notes he left me were always adorable.

The envelope was thick and my fingers trembled as I opened it. I pulled out a wad of money wrapped in a few notebook pages.

"Damn it, Brandon," I mumbled to myself because I hated that he gave me money. I mean I loved it, it was really thoughtful but I didn't like taking from him. I always found a way to get by and yeah it was hard coming up with the money for a plane ticket on $8 an hour and bills but it made me feel like such a child.

He's been through enough lately though so I'm gonna let this one slide for now but damn it, I need to find a better paying job. I shoved the bills in my jeans pocket, secure in the knowledge that they were so tight I wouldn't lose it. Then I opened the letter and had to bite my lip to keep from giggling as I read over the delightfully messy scrawl.

My Lemon to Brady

I was sittin on the back porch miday watchin the rain smokin a square, when my man came out cryin with a distraught look. I through the square down and said whats wrong, princess?

He said that his throat hurt while slowly holdin his neck. I gently came in for the kinky neck kiss move and he backed up sayin you did this to me your dick is too big!

I said I was sorry with a concerned look while tuckin my hair behind my ear cuz I know he secretly gets off on that shit. it worked because he stepped forward and whispered It doesnt mean I don't wanna suck it no more.

I started to rub my fingers through his hair, looking up at him while bitin my lower lip. He came in closer we started kissing slowly working towards the door as the thunder made a crashing noise it was fitting as I could feel our heartbeats through our chests they were racin in uniaicense rythem together as one.

he pushed me against the wall with his strong lil' arm and went down on me and gave me a kiss on my tummy. Then he looked up at me and smiled at me whisperin 'I love you, daddy'. (don't judge me)

I ran my thumb over them pretty dick suckin lips and smiled "I love you, princess then I pulled my dick out it was startin to hurt from not havin room in my pants cuz it was so big.

I pushed his head down a lil' too see if he wanted to suck it and he went with it cuz he's awesome like that. He was such an eager lil puppy, lappin at the head and stickin his tongue in my dick hole til I relaxed my head back against the wall and closed my eyes.

I could feel every slurp down my shaft slowly up and down as the thunder crashed all sexy and shit.

I griped my fingertips into the wall and gasped for air letting out a slight moan "Dont stop" He grabed my ass and thrusted me into his mouth the nut leakin out lil by lil till that move sent my Dick convolsing and I came hard all over that handsome lil face of his.

He licked it up clean and even though I just came hard as shit I still planned on fuckin him up against the wall cuz he had a phat ass and that shit was mine.

The end

I know this is corny as shit but I love you princess and you always make me feel good even when your hurtin cuz my dick is so big you still take it like a champ! Feel free to jerk off to this

For real though, I love you like crazy boy. Come back to me as soon as you can I miss you already



ps. dont be tryin to correct my broken english just let me verbicate this shit the way I do I aint all fancy and smart like you

pss. i really like that your so fancy and smart

psss. and your ass is fuckin phat

pssss. you got some toast to go with that jelly?

Holding the letter to my heart, I couldn't stop the stupid grin that made my cheeks hurt at the thought of Brandon writing his very own lemon just for me. It was really out of his comfort zone and it made my heart skip a beat that I was able to pull him out of it.

By the time the plane landed, I was still in the clouds.

Eddie could see it all over my face when he picked me up from the airport.

"That is what I like to call the, 'I've just had a Whitcock and it was heavenly' face. I take it you had a good time."

I chuckled, bumping his shoulder as I looked up at him, "I'm not walking this way 'cause I think it's cute, Eddie."

With blushing cheeks he smiled at me before sighing, "So, how is he doing? I felt horrible when I heard about what his mother did."

My heart ached as I took a deep breath, "He's doing okay. I mean, he's getting better, little-by-little. I hate that nasty wench. Speaking of nasty wenches, how's Jay recovering from his mother's visit?"

His mother, Linda, had popped up a few weeks ago out of the blue after not having any contact with him for the past two years. I guess they got into a big fight about her not coming to his wedding. She fed him a story about needing to get away from an abusive boyfriend so he offered her a place to stay. But in the morning she was gone again along with $500 he left out on the counter to see if she'd really changed at all.

Sadly, it appeared she had not.

"He's…struggling. He tries to hide it by submersing himself into his studies but I can see it in his eyes…the hurt and disappointment. Yesterday he went on a rant about how he should become a cop so he could legally beat the people that deserved an ass whoopin'."

Chuckling, I followed him to the car, "Hey, if he becomes a cop just think of all the kinky things you can do with handcuffs and his nightstick?"

He laughed as his cheeks burned red, "I have thought about it. Immensely."

Eddie drove me straight to the coffee shop where thankfully I had an extra work shirt to change out of Brandon's hoodie. I called Brandon on the way and he was getting ready to head into work too.

My boss didn't give me too hard of a time for calling in but my shift was dreadfully slow as I daydreamed about him moving here and how awesome it was going to be when I never had to leave him again.

We talked later that night before I passed out from exhaustion and barely made it to my first class in the morning. But I trudged through.

I was counting down the days when I could see him again but between classes and work, I always felt stretched so thin. I concentrated on the fact that soon this would all be over and he would be here permanently and we could really begin our everyday lives together.

That's what I was most excited about; just hanging out together watching TV and playing with the dogs…just waking up every morning to him and playing with his hair every night until he fell into a peaceful sleep.

But I kept busy the following weeks, working on my project and staying afloat in the rest of my courses. I got Jay and Jeremiah to model for a few pics for my project; Jay's angel wings and the portrait of JJ on Jeremiah's forearm that had the words Daddy's Boy underneath it.

And as the time for Brandon's hearing drew closer, I found myself bubbling over in anticipation and it made focusing on anything else nearly impossible.

My phone chirped and I smiled when I saw the text.

2 weeks princess 2 fuckin weeks

I quickly texted back as I sipped my latte on my break.

I know! I can't wait! Has everything been going okay?

Yeah I gess. Been doin my anger managment and therapy bullshit so thats gonna look good

Yay! I'm so proud of you baby! Just think, two weeks from now we'll be cuddled in OUR bed!

Countin down the days babe ;) gotta get to work but I call ya later. Have a good day princess. Love you!

I love you too Brandon 3

Slipping my phone back in my pocket, I sighed as I returned to studying for my art history exam. I was deep into the Post-Modern Impressionistic period when I heard a strange voice.

"Mind if I sit?"

Without looking up, I mumbled, "Sure, no problem." It was mid-afternoon on a Thursday and the coffee shop was always packed and running out of seats from all the kids cramming for their Friday exams.

I continued reading and taking notes even though I was pretty familiar with most of this stuff. But this exam was big and I had to be ready, especially since I hadn't really been studying as much as I should have but a young man has to have some down time. And I spent most of mine talking to Brandon.

"Art major?" the man spoke again and I noted that he didn't particularly sound like a student. Lifting my eyes, I briefly recognized the man as a frequent coffee shop customer who always wore the most impressive suits so I offered a smile.

"Oh, um, yeah. Big art history exam tomorrow."

The man's gray eyes rolled as he took a sip of his coffee. Then he smiled as he leaned forward a little, hands clasping on top of the table.

"I remember those days…I do not envy you."

I chuckled as I raked a hand through my hair and pushed my glasses up, "Yeah? Well I do envy you. That suit is fantastic. Do you get them tailor-made? Every time I see you you're so well put together."

I wished I could be like that. Just slick and exuding charm like I'm worth a million bucks.

"Yes, I do have them tailored. Thank you for the compliment. But sadly, I do not pick them out. I trust my tailor to make sure I match properly. I'm color blind so my fashion skills leave much to be desired."

Aww, that was sad. I'd hate to not be able to see all the beautiful colors of the world.

"Well, I have excellent fashion skills. I'm just lacking the bank account to properly exude them."

He chuckled as he took another sip of his coffee. Then he extended his hand, "I'm Oliver."

Wiping my sweaty palms on my stupid khakis, I then shook his hand and offered a small smile, "Brady."

His cheeks darkened as he laughed nervously, "I know. We've met before. I've never actually introduced myself but we ran into each other a few months ago. You were on your way to take a final. And I've spoken to you every time I come in here but I don't think that has really registered until this very moment, has it?"

Shit, I hope he didn't think I was a total douche bag but I vaguely remembered him at all. I see lots of people here everyday and although I knew he was a regular, I didn't remember actually speaking to him before.

I'm shit at customer service.

"Oh, um, yeah, no, I remember. Totally."

That made him laugh outright as he scraped his fingers through his short, dark blond hair.

"It's a good thing you chose art as your major. You'd be an awful lawyer. You're a terrible liar."

I blushed as I looked back down at my history book, "Um…sorry."

"No need to apologize. We've formally met now so maybe next time you'll remember me."

Fuck, what was his name again?

"Oh yeah, for sure. Sorry, I've just been distracted with classes and work and stuff."

Then I felt his hand slide over mine on my book as he spoke, "Your mind really is racing at warp speed. I can practically see the wheels turning every time I look in those pretty brown eyes."

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

My eyes snapped to his as I gently pulled my hand away. I was totally speechless. Why was this guy flirting with me?

I think I was shell shocked as I sat there frozen until he smiled and spoke again, "Would you like to have dinner?"

Automatically, I rattled off a breathy response, cursing the way I sounded, "Um, yeah I was gonna get McDonald's on the way home 'cause you know, McNuggets, but I've still got two hours on my shift."

But I was kind of nauseous now.

He chuckled as I closed my book and started loading up my stuff.

"I meant with me, Brady. Would you like to have dinner with me sometime?"

Scrambling to my feet, I made only a small commotion as I threw my bag on my shoulder and tried to smile like I wasn't rendered with complete confusion, "Oh, that's really nice of you but I'm actually with someone. We've been together for a while and I really love him so um…thank you but no. I'll see you around the coffee shop again though and I promise to remember you next time um…Oliver."

That's it!

With a warm smile, he nodded as he looked up at me from his seat, "It was a pleasure to finally meet you, Brady. Good luck on your art history exam."

I offered one last smile before I headed back to the break room. Dropping my bag to the floor, I leaned against the wall and sucked in air. It felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest as I peeked around the corner to see him leaving.

I couldn't fathom that that man had actually asked me out. I mean, yeah, he's quite a bit older, late 30's, but damn he was fine and dressed so sharp.

It was kind of nice to be noticed after years of being ridiculed or ignored but there was no man in this world that could pull me away from Brandon.

It was a nice stroke to the ego but that's the only thing that man would ever stroke.

Pulling out my phone, I sent Brandon a quick text.

Just wanted to say how much I love you and miss you and can't wait to hold you in my arms again.

Letting out a deep breath, I pulled myself together and stepped back out to the cash register when my phone chirped.

Discreetly I pulled it from my pocket to glance at the message when my heart just melted.

Sail away with me to another world…

I would learn Spanish, smuggle myself across the Mexican border and go by Pedro Sanchez for the rest of my life it meant I'd get to be with him any sooner.

But just two more weeks…two weeks...fourteen days...I don't know how many hours because I really suck at math...

Oh Goddess of all that is holy...please let it be just two more weeks...

A/N: P.S. My hubby wrote the lemon at the end cuz he's the shit. Love you my baby!