Well now that the Saiyans have been introduced a bit more-or actually Amaya-and now we'll find out What happens during Naruto and Goku's journey to King Kai's Planet.

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Chapter 8


Krillin was standing in front of Master Roshi and the others. He had just arrived after sneaking away the night he arrived at Chi-Chi's.

They were sitting on Roshi's couch watching Krillin intently as Krillin stood in the door way.

"So, how did she take it?" Roshi asked.

"Oh, I just couldn't tell her, sorry."

Roshi face faulted, Kyuubi sighed, and Bulma growled "Are you serious?"

"Yeah." Krillin said with his head down.

"No way, Krillin! You're marching right back there and telling her!"

"What! No, anything but that!"

"I suppose I can't blame ya," Roshi said.

"Why? I just did," Bulma said.

Kyuubi spoke, "He's right Bulma. If it were me, I'd have trouble telling Chi-Chi what happened. Especially since it's me."

"Well, how about this; I'll just write a letter to Chi-Chi instead," Roshi offered.

Krillin's eyes lit up at that. "Really! Yeah, I'm off the hook!"

"Okay, but what about the Dragon Balls? The two that were at Goku's house; you picked those up at least right?" Bulma asked.

Krillin's happiness soon turned grim. "Crap, I completely forgot all about that!"

Everyone groaned at Krillin's expense.

"You're an idiot, Krillin," Bulma said smacking herself in the forehead.


Meanwhile, in the middle of a dessert, a hover-car was being driven through. Unfortunately, it's being driven by a VERY pissed off Chi-Chi with Ox King in the back seat.

"Chi-Chi, you have to calm down."

Chi-Chi let out a low growl, which caused Ox King to get nervous. His own daughter scared him sometimes.

"Fine you can act like that all you want; but I still don't think Goku deserves it."

His daughter's sudden "HA!" startled him and he nearly fell out of the car.

"He kept Gohan out all night! He should have brought him home! It would have been okay if he and Naruto stayed the night, but Gohan has school!"

"But it's been so long since he saw all his friends. Maybe you should cut him a break just this once?"


And with that, she sped up and was driving like a fugitive running from the law. Pour Ox King nearly fell out on a number of occasions.


Back at KAME HOUSE there was a knock at the door, followed by "Hey is anyone home?"

"I wonder who that could be," Krillin asked as he answered the door; the others following him.

Behind the door was a fat man about as tall as Krillin with long black spiky hair. Krillin knew he has seen him before but couldn't place it.

"Um, who are you?"

"You know I'm Yajirobi, cue ball!" He quickly calmed himself before speaking again. "I don't need any grief right now. I already had enough trouble finding this place. Korin said for me to find you; said something about "special training", or something. Anyway, I'm supposed to find you and say to bring Yamcha, Ti-whoever, and Chiao-whatever."

"It's Tien and Chiaotzu," Krillin corrected.

"Whatever. Just get all those guys together and get to Korin Tower. I'm training with you too."

"What, you too!" Krillin shouted.

"Yeah, crazy huh? I told him I wasn't going to fight no stupid aliens, and he went through the roof. I thought he was going to kill me. He's serious about this."

"Man, sounds like we don't have much of a choice."

Yajirobi turned to leave. "You don't, or at least I didn't," he mumbled.

He jumped into this hover-car and then spoke again. "Oh yeah, don't wish for Goku and whoever this Naruto person is until the Saiyans arrive one year from now."

"What!" Bulma exclaimed.

"Why not?" Kyuubi asked.

"Beats me. Something about training in Otherworld or something like that. A lady named Baba is supposed to drop by and tell you the rest," Yajirobi said as he started up the vehicle and then took off.

"Baba's coming here?" Roshi asked mostly himself.

"Who's Baba?" Kyuubi asked.

Roshi turned to her. "My sister."

Suddenly in the distance, they saw a hover-car coming back towards the island.

"Did Yajirobi forget something?" Krillin asked as he tried to get a better look at the vehicle.

"Actually that looks like a different Car to me," Bulma said.

Then their worst fears came true as they hard a distant cry of, "Hello, my friends!"

They all paled and began to panic as Chi-Chi and Ox King came into view.

"Oh crap! We are so dead!" Krillin exclaimed. "Who wants to join me in getting the hell out of here?"

"No, Krillin, it's best to face your fears than run from them," Roshi said, even though he would rather run than face Chi-Chi's wrath.


Goku suddenly froze in place.

"What's up, Goku?" Naruto asked as he quickly stopped.

"I had this sudden chill run down my spine. Chi-Chi must be incredibly upset, and whatever she's mad about it's most likely my fault."

"Why is that?" Naruto asked.

"I have no idea, but then again she's mad at me for almost just about everything that involves me," Goku said deep in thought about what he could be in trouble for this time.

"That sounds like someone else I know," Naruto thought.


Chi-Chi and Ox King were now parked on the island standing in front of a now trembling Krillin, Bulma, and Roshi. Kyuubi was walked up to them.

"Kyuubi, what are you doing?" Krillin asked.

"I'll be the one to tell them," she said.

Chi-Chi's anger vanished as she saw Kyuubi walking up to her and her father.

"Who are you? I don't remember seeing you before."

"You could say that I'm a friend of Naruto's," Kyuubi said as she bowed slightly which they returned.

"Really, so do you know what's going on? Where are Goku and my son, Gohan? I'm not angry at Naruto at all; it's only Goku I'm upset about. He never brought Gohan home and I've been worried sick."

Kyuubi looked down slightly with sorrow in her eyes. "I'm sorry to tell you this, but Goku and Naruto are dead, and your son is with Piccolo."

"WHAT!" Chi-Chi and Ox King shouted. Chi-Chi then paled and feinted.


Goku and Naruto continued their run down Snake Way. They were completely exhausted, but they kept on running. Naruto figured that if Lee and Gai were there, they'd be enjoying themselves. No amount of training could have prepared Naruto for this.

"Man, how much of this path is there? How long have we been running?" Goku asked.

"I'd say for four hours since we last stopped," Naruto said between breaths.

"Which means we haven't made much progress." Then something caught Goku's eye.

Up ahead, he saw a Street Sweeper. What the heck was a Street Sweeper doing way out here?

"Naruto, do you see that?"

"Yeah, but what the heck is that thing doing way out here?"

"No idea, but let's find out."

They run up to the side of the vehicle; gaining the driver's attention.

"Hey, what are you doing out here?" Goku asked.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm cleaning Snake Way," the driver said.

"Really? We're on our way to King Kai's place," Naruto said.

"Are you serious? Well, for your feet's sake I hope you brought a second pair of shoes with you."

"Why? Is it really far from here?" Goku asked.

"That all depends on you, but if I had to say I'd say, from here you're only a quarter of the way there."

"What ! Only a quarter of the way? Then we really haven't made that much progress at all," Goku said as he began to slow down; Naruto fallowing suit.

The driver cut the gas and poked his head out. "Are you sure you two are going to make it?"

"Yeah, we just need to catch our breath," Naruto said.

The driver thought for a moment before speaking again. "Hey, why don't I give you two a lift until we're half way there?"

"Really? You mean it?" Naruto asked enthusiastically.

"Sure, hop on the back."

"Thanks, you're a life saver!" Naruto said while they hopped onto the hood and back of the Sweeper.

A while later, Naruto and Goku were passed out in dream land. The driver was coming to a swerve in on the path, and while he was turning he hit a bump in the road and sent a jolt through the vehicle. The shake moved Naruto and Goku to the edge, and they tumbled over the edge of Snake Way and into the depths of beyond the yellow clouds below.


Chapter 8 End


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