Soo… I'm supposed to write chapter 10 of NWiS, but I really want to get this out. Dedicated to Meiyo Motou! (I do believe she likes Goten.)

I screwed up quite a bit in my life, I'll admit that.

But that's not what I'm complaining about right now. It's about other people, my family and friends, the ones who know all about me. It's about what they think of me. I'm not really one to care what others think, but sometimes it annoys me when they talk behind my back.

Firstly, since the moment I was born, countless people called me a Goku-clone. Sure, why not? But that started to get very frustrating. Do you really have to point out that I look like a copy of my dad? It's fairly obvious. We've got the same hairstyle, same face, same attitude, etc. Even when my dad first saw me, he said, "Hey, there's a mini-me behind you, Chi-Chi!"

I took my brother as my role model. I still do now. Gohan was always the strongest, kindest, and smartest big brother a kid can dream of.

But that comes with another problem. As I gradually grew up, losing my naivety and becoming more intelligent, everyone always compared him to me.

"Oh, your brother was much stronger when he was your age," they would say. I know, I know, I KNOW! I heard it plenty of times. Oh, he beat Cell, blah blah blah. Do they even think about the fact that I lived in a world of peace (most of the time)? There was no incentive for me to train as hard as I can, or the need to surpass anyone in strength and skill.

Sometimes it made me feel angry. I did have the chance several years ago to show everyone what I'm made of, with Trunks. When we became Gotenks, we were too cocky, therefore lost the chance to kill Majin Buu. That was the only chance I ever got, and I carelessly threw it out the window.

The other thing they like to say is, "Gosh, Goten, why aren't your studies as good as Gohan's?"

Stop comparing me with him! Gohan used to study 24/7, sometimes even literally. Mom never made me do that. Gohan's life was pretty much planned out by the time he was born. Mom declared him to be a scholar.

Okay, but what does that have to do with me? Mom never wanted me to be a scholar, did she? I got to choose what I want to do, so for all I know I could end up as a janitor in school. That's fine by me. Or I could simply be like dad and not work at all, only train and attend tournaments when they had them, and hopefully get at least a third place so I could bring home some money.

Yeah, I'm pretty pissed. I'm just tired. I want to be myself, not dad, or Gohan.

I'm not as much as an idiot as dad (no offence, dad), nor am I as serious about everything as Gohan. I'm different than the two.

I have a name, and it is neither Goku-clone, nor Gohan. It's Son Goten.

And that's the end. Please give me feedback on how this is, a.k.a. PRESS THE REVIEW BUTTON! XD