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"Independence Day"
by DragonDancer5150


One year later…

"Optimus, you sure it was a good idea ta invite those two?"

Optimus glanced at Ironhide and shrugged. "I don't see why not. They're here under temporary ceasefire, and Skywarp at least seems to be having fun."

"Plus," Bumblebee put in from Ironhide's other side, "it's more interesting than just watching the plumes alone, don't you think?"

That, Ironhide had to admit, was true. In fact, the others had taken to rapid betting, calling plume colors to guess which one Skywarp would appear from with each cluster and exchanging energon goodie-chips with each round. He glanced over to where the Seeker's companion, Thundercracker, stood a little apart from the rest, watching with arms folded. The mech couldn't quite hide his mild amusement at his trinemate's antics. Ironhide shook his head. They had the blue Seeker to thank for that image of Starscream from last year. Wheeljack had built a frame and generator to mount an oversized holo-image of it and hung it in his workshop. Ironically enough, the last two times the engineer'd had mishaps in his shop severe enough to do damage, that holo-poster had been one of the few things to survive unscathed.