AN: So for a while, I've been thinking about Avatar and One Piece. I though how difficult it could be for Toph to be in the One Piece world in that the world was mostly water. Yeah, she'd be awesome on land, but being on a ship could be hell for her.

I originally started writing the story with just her, but that was extremely difficult for me. So I added Katara.

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Katara sat shaking on the beach right at the edge of the ocean. She was still trying to figure out what had just happened. One minute she and her friends were having a reunion celebrating the one year anniversary of the fire lord's defeat, and then suddenly, without any warning, there were explosions all around them.

When the attack happened, everyone immediately looked towards Zuko, wondering if the fire nation was attacking again. Zuko swore that he did not order any attack, and Toph immediately confirmed that he was telling the truth. Zuko, along with his uncle, even did his best to stop the explosions, but there were far too many. She remembered all her friends jumping to the defense. Toph did her best to block oncoming explosions, which were coming from some kind of large sphere shaped object that would explode when they hit the ground, not unlike the flaming rocks the fire nation would catapult at their enemies. Aang tried to use all his bending techniques, but even he was overwhelmed. Even Sokka and Suki tried to help, but their weapons were no match for the explosions. All they could do was help Toph direct her earth shields.

Katara remembered choking on the smoke among the endless explosions. Finally she looked at Aang.

"I don't think we can win this one." She said tearfully.

Aang looked at her and shook his head sadly. "No, but we can still survive."

Katara looked at him confused. "How can we possibly get out of this?" She then dodged an explosion.

Aang did not answer. Instead, Katara watched as he went into the Avatar state. Her surroundings went black and all she could see were her friends and family. Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Suki, Mei, Tai Lee, Iroh, her father and among others. Then she felt herself falling. She quickly grabbed the nearest person by the ankle. She tried to reach for another, but they were too far away.

She never felt any impact from falling, just that she was suddenly completely under water. Luckily, she wasn't too disoriented and used her water bending to bring herself to the water surface and took a very deep breath once she emerged. She was still holding on to the other person's ankle and she looked to see that it was Toph, who was still submerged in water from the waist down. Katara quickly flipped her upright so she could breath and before Toph could even say anything, Katara used her bending to quickly speed herself towards the nearest shore. She could feel her adrenaline rushing. Upon reaching the shore, she let Toph down.

Toph still looking confused spoke. "Katara, what happened, where are we?"

Katara, still confused and scared herself snapped. "I don't know! Be quiet!" She then ran back into the ocean desperately looking for more of her friends.

"Aang!" She cried. "Sokka! Zuko! Suki! Is anyone else out there!" She ran back and forth in the ocean using her bending, but could not find any of her other friends. Had they drowned?

The smoke she had breathed in earlier had finally caught up to her and she felt herself coughing. She quickly ran back to shore where Toph was and collapsed from exhaustion. She began to sob.

"Katara…" Toph said quietly. Tears were beginning to run down her face.

Katara suddenly spoke quietly, "What if they are all dead."

Katara and Toph did not speak for the rest of the day. Night came, and Toph used her bending over some earth far from the beach to make a shelter. She made another for Katara, who was still down at the tide. It was cold that night. They had no blankets, and no one to make a fire. However, Toph was exhausted from what had happened earlier and had no problems falling asleep.

Katara left the beach late that night. She was finally calming down from all that had happened and had even decided that her friends must be alive somewhere. Aang wouldn't be that careless would he?

She felt bad for how she had treated Toph earlier. Toph was just as scared and confused as she was. She felt even worse when she saw that Toph had made a shelter for her too. Like Toph, she too fell asleep almost immediately.

Katara woke up the next day early, very hungry. She walked over to Toph's shelter to find the girl still asleep. Katara couldn't help but be somewhat amused. But she did not want to waste any time. She nudged Toph gently. "Toph wake up."

Toph did not even stir. So Katara nudged her more roughly.

Toph suddenly jolted awake. "What! What's happening?"

"Nothing, I was just waking you up." Katara said gently. "We need to find a town and find out where we are."

Toph suddenly remembered what had happened the previous day. "Oh right." Her expression suddenly turned solomn. "Katara do you know what happened?"

Katara sighed. "We were attacked by someone." She explained. "But we do not know who it was. It really did not look like we were going to live through it, but Aang…" Katara paused, "He went into the avatar state and sent us all here."

"But where is everyone else." Toph asked moving her feet around. "I didn't hear or feel anyone else on the beach yesterday and I still don't feel the others."

Katara sighed again. "I don't know, but I have hope that they are still alive somewhere." She was quiet. Her tone suddenly changed to more upbeat and hopeful. "But sitting on this beach won't help us find them! And I'm hungry."

Toph smiled. "Alright! Let's get food."

Katara and Toph began making their way in a direction where they hoped would be a town.

"Oh Toph, by the way." Katara began feeling a little embarrassed. "I'm sorry for yelling at you yesterday, and then ignoring you."

Toph grinned. "Oh it's ok, you'll pay me back somehow."

Katara laughed, "Is that so?"


It did not take them too long to find a town, which was quite close to a beach. Katara spotted one off in the distance. As they made their way into the town, Katara was surprised at how lively it was. There were people everywhere, and so much food…

She ran up to the nearest fruit stand. She didn't have much money with her, but she didn't think fruit would cost that much. "How much for the apples!" She demanded. Toph followed closely behind and grabbed the edge of the stand.

The owner of the fruit stand looked at her and was a little frightened at both girls' gluttonous expressions. "50 berries each." He said.

Katara felt her insides drop. "Berries?" It hadn't occurred to her that this place may have a different currency.

"Yeah berries," The fruit stand owner laughed. "What did you think I meant." Not realizing that Katara was not paying any attention.

Katara's face went red. "I'll be right back!" She grabbed Toph by the wrist and ran from the fruit stand.

"This is bad." Katara said coldly. "We have no money!"

Toph smirked. "Well why don't we just steal food? I'm sure we can take on these people."

"Toph!" Katara snapped. "I don't want to be a criminal is a strange place!"

"Would you rather starve?" Toph said sarcastically. She was imagining berries as in the fruit and wouldn't mind having fifty of them.

Katara ignored Toph's last remark. "Hey I know! We'll just find work and earn up enough berries!"

Toph frowned. "Work? Great I'm too hungry to do any work."

Katara ran to the nearest building which looked like a bar. Toph walked slowly behind her. She found the bar tender and approached him.

"Excuse me," She spoke trying to sound as polite as possible. "But do you need help around here?"

The bar tender looked at her and laughed. "Well you are really cute, but I'm not looking to hire anyone right now." He thought for a moment. "I did hear that the brothel down the street is looking for more girls, and I'm sure you'd have no problem getting hired there."

Katara's face turned red from anger. "Absolutely not!" She suddenly turned around and grabbed Toph's wrist and stormed out of the bar.

"Hey Katara," Toph spoke. "He said that the brothel is hiring, why don't you want to work there?"

Katara's face was still red. "Toph, do you have any idea what a brothel is?"

Toph shrugged. "No, but at least its work?"

Katara fumed. "Not that kind!"

Just then, a creepy man approached them. He was tall, very large, had a graying beard and his cheeks were red, probably from being drunk. "Excuse me miss." He said in a squeaky voice. "But did I hear that you are going to work for a brothel?" His face then turned redder. "If you want, I'll be your first customer, I'll pay you well and you won't have to give your boss any commission…"

"No!" Katara screamed and almost instinctively, bended the water from the nearest canteen and whipped the man hard. He fell on his back completely dazed.

"Wow Katara, I thought you didn't want to be a criminal here." Toph laughed.

Katara frowned, "That was self defense."

"Hey!" Someone yelled. "That was fresh water! I don't care if you are a devil fruit user or not you have to pay for that!"

Katara sighed, "Oh no."

"Run!" Toph yelled, this time she grabbed Katara's wrist and ran dragging her along.

They stopped by a back alley hoping that they had lost the person who they had made angry, but Katara figured that they probably had the authorities after them.

"I didn't want to be a criminal." Katara said sadly. "But we might not have any choice!"

She wished that Sokka was with them. He'd know what to do or would at least formulate some kind of plan.

"Hey." A deep male voice behind them spoke. "You were the two in the market right?"

Toph and Katara both froze. "Toph! Why didn't you tell me someone was coming!"

"I…I…" Toph stuttered, "I didn't feel anyone nearby!"

Katara turned to look at the man. He wasn't standing on the ground, but floating! Her eyes widened, was he an airbender?

"Normally, I don't condone that kind of behavior." The man said. "But I did see that you were getting harassed by Noki, so I'll look past it this once. I'll even pay off your debt."

Katara felt a quick sigh of relief. How lucky could they be!

"And, it also seems that you two have no money and you look a little hungry. I'll let you come to my place and my wife can make something for you. Now follow me." The man landed on the ground and began to walk.

Katara was elated. This was almost too good to be true! She calmed herself down, she needed to be on her guard. Katara looked at the man they were following. He was tall, about middle ages, with short brown hair. He also wore thin rimmed glasses.

She then asked. "How is it that you can float? Are you an airbender?"

The man laughed. "Air bender? Don't tell me you kids still believe in those stories. No I just ate the float float fruit."

"Float float fruit?" Katara thought, "What's that?"

"Oh a devil's fruit ability that gives me the ability to float." The man explained. "It helps me to oversee everything in the town, which by the way, I am the mayor of. The name is Kenji."

"I'm Katara." Katara finally introduced herself.

"I'm Toph." Toph introduced. She hadn't spoken at all to the stranger until then. She figured she'd let Katara do all the talking.

Katara remembered hearing the man in town say the word devil's fruit. "Um Kenji, what is a devil's fruit?"

Kenji stopped suddenly. "Don't tell me you girls have been that sheltered. Did someone kidnap you two and try to sell you off here?"

Katara took slight offense to that. After her travels with Aang and her friends, she definitely did not think of herself as sheltered. "No we came here on our own, but we still do not know what devil's fruit are."

"I don't understand how that is possible, but I guess I'll explain." Kenji explained about devil's fruits, and the different kinds. He also explained how those with devil's fruit powers become anchor's in the ocean. He then talked about pirates wanting them.

"Pirates!" Katara and Toph both shrieked!

"Yes. And why are you kids so surprised! Were you really that sheltered!" Kenji exclaimed. "Don't you know that this is the great age of pirates!" He then talked about Gold Roger and the one piece.

Katara sighed. The great age of pirates, one piece, air bending being a myth… Where did Aang send them?

Toph finally spoke. "Hey, you said something about air bending being nothing but a story. What's that about?" She demanded.

Kenji sighed. "Really, where did you kids come from? And aren't you too old to believe in such things? Air bending, water bending, earth bending, fire bending, the avatar… it's all children stories that came from an old legend. Nothing more. Don't get me wrong, it would be nice if an avatar could come and bring peace to the world but it's just a legend."

"Oh yeah?" Toph challenged and began to take a stance, but Katara stopped her. "Toph don't, let's just let it go, we don't want to get into any trouble." She whispered.

They finally reached Kenji's house. His wife was inside and was a very beautiful woman. Kenji told her to make two more servings for dinner. Two children also ran into the house. As soon as dinner was ready, Katara and Toph ate their meals quickly after being so hungry. Katara was a little embarrassed with how sloppy she was eating but Kenji and his wife did not seem to mind too much.

"So, just where are you two from?" Kenji's wife asked.

Katara swallowed. "I'm from the southern water tribe." She replied hoping that Kenji or his wife would have heard of it. And she did not understand how they could not have. It was only the entire south pole she referred to.

Kenji and his wife looked at each other. "I've never heard of that." Kenji responded. "Which ocean is it in? The south blue?"

"Um yeah." Katara guessed. "It's in the south pole."

"South pole?" Kenji repeated oddly. "I didn't know people were living down there."

Katara became quiet. Just how far away did Aang send them?

Toph never said where she was from and Kenji and his wife just figured she was from the same place as Katara.

After dinner, Kenji's wife showed the two girls the guest bedroom. Katara did not plan on getting much sleep. She wanted to leave soon and head to the next island. Katara had heard from Kenji that the next closest island was about directly west, however, he warned her to not go out to sea by herself. Katara ignored the warning and figured she could just use her bending. She was very eager to find her friends.

She looked over at Toph who was sleeping. Toph was very powerful on land, but she would be almost no help on a boat. Her seasickness would not help either. Katara sighed, it would be all up to her to get them to the next island.

Hours later, she walked over and nudged Toph. "Toph wake up."

Toph stirred. "Is it morning yet?" she groaned.

"No, but we're leaving." Katara stated. "Now get up."

"Why are we leaving?" Toph asked. "I'm still tired."

"Because, we need to get a boat and get to the next island." Katara explained.

After waking up Toph and convincing her to go, Katara wrote a quick thank you note to Kenji and his family. Then she and Toph set out to find a boat.

A/N: Yeah there were some useless OCs. They won't appear very much if at all in the rest of the fic. I needed someone to explain about the world to Katara and Toph.

The straw hats will be in the next chapter. Other Avatar characters will appear from time to time.