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Summary: Kagome is related to Xander and comes to visit Sunnydale for a while. What she didn't expect was to encounter things that go bump in the night much less fall in love with one.

The chosen one

Xander cursed softly as he followed Buffy and Willow out the school doors. They both gave him a questioning glance while Xander shifted his weight uncomfortably from foot to foot.

"Xander, what is it?" they both questioned their friend, watching his uneasiness.

He looked at them both with a sheepish smile, scratching the back of his head.

"Well remember when I just said it can't get any worse? I just remembered that a distant cousin is staying with us today and I forgot that she's at my house and that I should have been home right about—now" as Xander explained to them, the moment the last words escaped his lips, he started sprinting down the sidewalk hoping to catch a cab and make it home on time.

Kagome's azure eyes stared back Xander's brown colored ones. So this was her cousin from America? She watched as he stuck his hand out with a quick introduction. She inhaled deeply before slowly exhaling. Her mother said she needed a change of scenery, which brought her here to Sunnydale, California visiting a very distant cousin; from her father's side of course. She was nervous but his easygoing personality had her laughing in no time. Kagome looked at him, tilting her head as he walked. He looked like an ordinary teenager and acted like one too. Sighing softly, she wished her high school life were like his. She realized that she was older than him by two years, while he was sixteen she was eighteen.

She followed Xander around the house as he gave her a tour along with explaining the safety precautions while being here. She listened to him drone on and on till one of it caught her attention. Don't stay out too late at night? She raised her brow at him though he couldn't see her. What was she, nine? She sighed softly as his list went on.

It made her wonder why he had set up so many precautions but she knew something was going on. The moment she arrived in Sunnydale, she had a tingling feeling coursing through her body, the nagging tug at the back of her mind that screamed 'demons' alerted her. And here she was thinking this trip was going to be boring. Going to the room, she planned to take a nap before going out to explore the town; the jetlag finally hitting her. The moment her head touched the pillow, the miko was out like a light.

Xander watched Kagome go upstairs and he huffed. Why did his cousin have to be attractive? From those obsidian, waist-length locks and azure eyes, she was appealing to the eyes. He had to admit, if he didn't keep an eye on his 'cousin' then guys would be flocking towards her from left and right. With the hellmouth being in Sunnydale, too much attention could be fatally dangerous.

As her eyes fluttered open, she looked around at her surroundings, noting that night came sooner than she expected. Bored, she figured that a midnight stroll would help clear head; it always did back in the feudal era. As she made her way pass Xander's room, she assumed he was asleep, his door was closed after all. Ignoring his previous warning to staying indoors at night, Kagome quietly snuck out of the house. Sunnydale was a small place and it gave off weird vibes that Kagome had no words to explain it. Once in a while she could feel her reiki flare and in her training learned that it was a miko's defense to alerting her that there was danger near by. With no direction or destination, Kagome passed an abandon warehouse, the nagging tug in the back of her mind pulling harder. 'Demons' she thought as she scaled the building with stealth that'd make Sesshomaru proud and perched herself at the top. She kept hidden, masking her scent and aura like she used to in the past and watched the scene in front of her unfold. It was better safe than sorry.

Below her their were a bunch of people, their faced deformed and askewer. What were they? Closing her eyes, she concentrated her reiki and realized that everyone in this building was dark, corrupted and soulless. They felt dead, their bodies surrounding in a dark glow that came with the undead. They had evil intents; she could feel it as the familiar tingling ran up her spine. This miko alert of hers were going crazy from the moment she stepped foot in this town and she wished she knew how to flip it like a light switch. She listened as a person with bleached blonde hair brag about killing a slayer or two back in his time. His time—how old was he? Kagome's body stiffened at the very thought. The man before her must be either strong or intelligent to kill more than one demon slayer—or possibly both. Taking a sniff, her nose scrunched in disgust when all she could smell was death, dirt and blood.

From the corner of her eye, she could see a woman fluidly walk in, her black locks of hair tumbling past her shoulders contrasting with her pale skin and floor-length white dress. Staring intently at the woman, she could see in the light that she had a look in her eyes, not one of angry or coldness but pure insanity. She watched as the man's demon facade reverted into a regular human face and make his way towards the woman, coddling her like a weak infant. Kagome leaned closer, trying to gain a better look and at that moment gasped softly when she could clearly see his face. He wasn't the most gorgeous male she had laid eyes on, being around ethereal looking demons everyday, but there was something about him that made sure she couldn't keep her eyes off him. His eyes were a pale blue—soulless and dead but she bet if he had a soul, a heart or even an emotion, he'd be breathtaking. He had high cheekbones and pale skin; he looked about four to six inches taller than her five two stature and his clothing weren't that bad. From black jeans and regular shirt, his red button up that stayed open and a black leather duster, he was the image of a bad boy. The image that her friends back home kept saying she was attracted to. The thought put a small smile on her face.

"Drusilla" the man said, his arms wrapped around her as he held her close.

She listened as the man reprimanded Drusilla about coming inside as the woman cooed towards the child that sat on the craters, claiming that he had power she could feel from outside. She wanted to scoff softly as she tried to feel the levels of his power. Drusilla called his name before caressing his cheek. It looked like a gentle caress until she saw the red trail of blood follow in its wake. Drusilla leaned on the tip of her toes as her tongue snaked out; licking the blood on his cheek and with a smile she looked up at Spike.

"I'm a princess" she said softly as Spike cooed at her.

Kagome wanted to snort at that moment and she knew if Sesshomaru caught her doing that, he'd add extra training for the disgusting display. Did that derange woman down there really think she was a princess? The mentioning of the princess caused the hair on her skin to rise and Kagome rubbed the back of her neck with a sigh. Her eyes followed Spike as he stared at Drusilla with love and adoration. The corners of her lips pull downward as a frown made itself known. If only her love life was up and going. Heck, even demons had a better love life than her. She stared at him, trying to get a reading on him regardless if he was soulless or not. He didn't feel as evil as the rest of them.

Drusilla started to rock back and forth a bit on the heels of her feet, her head faced down and hands covering her face.

"I can't see her. I can't see the slayer. It's dark where she is." Drusilla looked up at Spike, her eyes connecting with his. Spike was very much used to her cryptic messages and sought to comfort her as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.

"Kill her. Kill her and kill the one with the light. She wants to steal you from me." She said softly as her rocking starting to increase while Spike tried to hold her close.

Kagome watched, her interest piquing as she watched Drusilla. This woman was off her rocker and gave her the creeps. Thinking she heard enough, she turned to crawl out the window. Her foot caught on the edge of the window sill, causing Kagome to tumble out the window with a small shriek. A loud thud alerted Spike and Drusilla that someone was outside and as the group of vampires ran outside to check the area, they were greeted with silence that familiarly came with this time of night. 'Odd,' Spike thought as he caught a brief whiff of the scent of raspberries before going back inside. A distance off, Kagome lied in bed, she pondered over the scene she saw last earlier. There were demons here in Sunnydale and it was her duty as a miko to protect people. For the second time that day, Kagome fell into an easy sleep while her dreamland was invaded by the visual of a man or accurately demon with pale blue eyes.

Morning came faster than she expected."Someone please turn off the sun" Kagome fumed, tossing her one pillow towards the window.

She groaned softly and rolled over in her bed. Feeling the warmth of the sun brush against her skin, she covered her face with the pillow for a minute. It was evident that the land of sleep would not welcome her anymore as she begrudgingly around in bed. She looked at the clock and realized it was around lunchtime. Knowing that Xander was in school, without a care the time-traveling miko made her way down the stairs in her pajamas consisting of her underwear and a large shirt. At that very moment, she heard her stomach growl, laughing softly at her hunger as she rummaged around for something to eat.

Kagome rubbed her satisfied stomach as she looked around her bedroom. It'd be another two hours or so till Xander came back from school and she sighed as she plopped herself onto the bed behind her. She could see it now. If Sesshomaru were here, he'd be reprimanding her on slacking off with her training and that thought put a small smile on her face. If he was going to run through her mind with reminders, she might as well train. Clad in a black sports bra and black nike pros, she went through her daily training. Stretching her muscles before she went through the well-practiced katas her body memorized; she knew she could probably do them in her sleep. Daily training for the mind and soul, she thought as she sat on the floor in a lotus position. Elbows resting on her legs and eyes closed, she hummed softly to herself as she tried to find her center; the meditation part of the day that always relaxed her soul. She had learned this in her training with Kaede, the miko helping her complete the learning process and helping her control the huge amount of reiki in her body.

Later that night she watched Xander enter the house with a happy vibe. That alone put a smile on her face. He faced her and invited her to go to The Bronze, a local nightclub for teens and he wanted to of course, introduce her to his friends. She bit her lower lip lightly as she stared at herself in the mirror. She had snug dark denim jeans with a leather belt around her hips. Her red racer back tank top under her black leather jacket. She didn't think she looked half bad. She sat on the edge of her bed as she tried to pull on her black leather knee high boots. She laughed softly to herself when she realized how much leather she seemed to put on.

The Bronze wasn't very huge; the dimming lights and smokes causing her eyes to squint to see. She could feel the music thrum, the beat vibrating throughout her body and for once, she was glad she didn't inherit demon's sense of hearing or smell. Even without a demon's enhanced sense of smell, her nose scrunched with distaste. She could smell smoke from cigarettes and the sweat from the people as they pressed their bodies against others, dancing to the rhythm of the music.

Xander pulled Kagome through the crowd, his hand wrapped around her wrist. He gave her hand a reassuring pat; he could feel her nervousness, the slight tremble of her hand in his. Pulling her towards a table, Xander introduced Kagome to Buffy and Willow. Kagome smiled as she looked at the red head. She was a shy girl and had a feeling that she was more into books instead of looks. Her smile widened as she witnessed the redhead's apparent ramble then embarrassment when caught doing so. Kagome's gaze moved onto Buffy, the petite blonde with green eyes. Looking over at the books, she opened her mouth to attempt at making small talk. Though she tried to make it nonchalant, she could feel dark powers swirling in that small body of hers even if she shouldn't be calling her small since Buffy was about the same height as her. Buffy looked at Willow, they both thought that she was a nice girl. Very nice and very non-vampirey. Xander made his way over to the three girls, putting his hand on Kagome's shoulder and tried to convince Buffy to take a break from studying.

"Xander—I didn't know you were Japanese" Buffy called out, a teasing glint in her eyes.

He shrugged as he led them three girls to the dance floor.

"Neither did I" he mumbled but still, they heard him which resulted in laughter among the group.

Kagome laughed in delight as she moved her hips to the beat. It seemed that she wasn't the only one enjoying herself, watching Xander, Buffy and Willow continue to dance to the beat bumping through the area. She closed her eyes, the hair rising on the back of her neck, the familiar tug making her senses flare. Opening her eyes, she scanned the area and having them widen in surprise when they landed on a very familiar bleach blonde head.

Spike circled the dance floor, looking for the slayer with the need and want to rip her apart. He closed his eyes and inhaled, ignoring the familiar smell of smoke and annoying waft of body sweat; but in the air was a sweet scent of raspberry among the zing of blood he knew ran through their veins. He faced slayers before but he never met one who's blood called to him. He couldn't pinpoint the very location but his eyes landed on the group of females that danced together. The blonde one was the slayer and the sight of her made his eyes narrowed but the longer he stayed there, the more he realized that scent with the sweet zing in their blood was coming from the female beside her. Long obsidian hair and bright azure eyes with almost pale skin; this female was easy on the eyes and could hold a candle next to Drusilla. His upper lip pulled back in a snarl as he shook his head. No—if anything this girl would be food. Blood smelled and tasted sweet but the slayer's was better.

"Go get something to eat" Spike instructed to a fellow vampire.

Kagome could sense him watching, the heavy feel of his gaze surrounding her as he circled them like a hawk would a prey. Closing her eyes, she moved her hips side to side, trying to listen as best as she could. It'd be better to not let them know she knew they had a stalker.

"Where's the phone, I need to call the police. There's some guy out there I think he's trying to bite someone." she heard Spike say with Buffy quickly following, leaving the dance floor.

Kagome watched with a small curl to her lips as Xander and Willow followed suit and made their way out of the club. Keeping near the shadows, Kagome stalked outside and crouched near the trash while the scene unravel in front of her. She frowned as the wretched stench from the dumpster invaded her sense of smell, her nostrils flaring in response.

Keeping her sight on Buffy, she watched the dark power in her swirl as the blonde threw a man with the familiar demon façade off a girl. If demons were real, so were vampires and if she had to take a wild guess—Sunnydale was infested with them.

"Slayer" she heard the vampire call out to her, identifying her.

If the situation wasn't so interesting to watch and the fact that she needed to keep a low profile, Kagome would've laughed. It was a typical thing for demons to announce the title of the ones who were going to kill them. Most of the demons she faced back in the past would always call her 'miko' upon arrival. She rolled her eyes and sighed softly. They had no manners.

"Slayee" Buffy said before twisting on the balls of her foot and using her other leg to kick said vampire in the face.

The dark power in Buffy grew as she dodged a punch and blocked the other with her right arm. The vampire's hand latched onto her right arm, swinging Buffy around before throwing her against the alley walls. Kagome raised a brow at the scene. She had to admit that Buffy 'the slayer' knew how to fight but the movements from both parties were sloppy—but then again they were never train by someone named the killing perfection before.

Buffy got up, grabbing hold of the vampire's arm with one hand, holding it close to her body to secure its location before continuously punching the vampire in the face with her other hand. Behind her, Xander and Willow kneeled down to help the victim from earlier, guiding her away. The fighting pair broke away as the vampire threw her to the ground, words escaping the vampires mouth yet she was too far to really hear. As the vampire leaned down, Kagome got ready to intervene when Buffy brought up her right leg in a swift kick over her head.

'Nice' Kagome thought as she watched the fight, her eyes drifting over to the shadowed alleyway near by. She saw the very familiar face of Spike and at that moment, Kagome's lips pulled into a small pout. Why did all the men who she seemed to have a pull towards always seem unavailable in some way, it just wasn't fair. Her gaze returned to the fight just in time to see Buffy thrust the stake thrown by Xander into the chest of the vampire.

As ashes fell to the ground, Spike came out from the shadows behind and clapped with each step he took. Buffy turned around, questioning his identity as they exchanged words. This Saturday Spike claimed he would kill Buffy. Spike disappeared in the shadows afterwards and Kagome stepped out from behind the dumpsters as the trio made their way to their school's library.

"Spike? Is that what the other vampire called him?" Giles questioned.

Buffy opened her mouth to reply, a shout interrupting her as they all turned to Xander with a questioning look. Xander was near to slapping himself in the face as he turned to them.

"We forgot my cousin Kagome at Bronze" he said before the library doors opened.

Kagome laughed softly at Xander's stricken face at realizing she was left behind. She wasn't offended really. They must've been together for a long time to have a routine going and she, just arriving from Japan the day before wasn't part of their group, easily forgotten because she wasn't always there.

"I'm right here and I saw you. I saw her fighting a vampire" Kagome said, watching as everyone squirmed under her intense gaze.

Kagome looked at everyone, noting that there were an extra two people that she didn't recognize. One male and one female; the female with peachy skin, brown eyes and dark brown hair looked like she was in her late twenties was introduced as Ms. Calendar—the school's computer teacher while the tall male that look like he was in his late thirties, brown hair and brown eyes, covered by glasses—the school's librarian was Mr. Giles. She gave a small smile; she could feel how uncomfortable they were in their auras. Kagome gave them a small greeting bow, her dark hair cascading over her shoulder and blocking her face.

"I'm Kagome, Xander's cousin" she introduced herself.

She sat in the chair for the next five minutes as they tried to convince her that vampires weren't real and what she saw was a figment of her imagination. Covering her mouth with her small hands, she giggled in amusement.

"It's okay. Vampires are real. I accept that and Buffy is the demon slayer" she said, her gaze landing on the blonde that was about the same size as her.

Giles moved from the other side of the room, a book in hand that read 'Vampyr' and stood in front of Kagome. He stuttered a little, trying to figure out a way to explain this to the young Japanese girl in front of them. Pushing his glasses higher on the bridge of his nose, he composed himself.

"Not demon slayer, Buffy is the vampire slayer," he said, watching Kagome react with a raised eyebrow.

Opening the book, he pointed in the very front of the page that held Old English styled text and let her read while the rest of them continued to search for information on their new big bad, Spike. Leaning over, Kagome's eye scanned the front of the page with interest.

"In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the slayer."

Kagome looked up from the book. That explained some things but it bothered her. The more she read she learned they thought she was the only one who could fight against evil. Her gaze landed on Buffy as they tried to figure out what Spike's plan was for Saturday. She wanted to shake her head when they claimed that Spike couldn't be as bad as the others they faced. Know your enemy. Sesshomaru always tried to drill that into her head. Do not underestimate them. Let them underestimate you. That will be their downfall. His voice rang in her head and she wanted to laugh. Even her subconscious wanted to make sure he protected her. She'd let them underestimate her as she watched them underestimate their enemy. A tingle made its way up her spine and a voice emitted from behind her.

"He's worse. When Spike wants something he doesn't stop till everything in his path is dead" Kagome turned her head, a tall brunette man standing behind her.

Broad shoulders with dark eyes that held pain, suffering and remorse. She couldn't look at them anymore. Diverting her gaze towards her cousin, she saw the dislike in his eyes, in his aura and the tenseness of his body. So her cousin didn't like vampires huh. This just got more and more amusing. Getting up, she moved over to Willow—asking and inquiring about their new guest.

As Angel, the vampire, made small talk with Buffy, Kagome crept her way around the shelves filled with books. Her eyes skimming over each title as her fingers lightly brushed over the spine of the books when she walked through the aisles. She wondered what they knew of mikos. Did they have Japanese folklore or any books on Japanese demons? Did the slayer know she was not alone? Kagome shook her head—probably not.

She felt Angel's aura dissipate, Gile's voice carrying over to where she was. She heard Buffy cursing Angel's ability to leave with their notice. Ah, so the slayer couldn't feel vampires' auras. They realized he had silently left in the middle of Gile's inquiry.

"Okay, that's it. I'm putting a collar with a little bell on that guy" Xander exclaimed, his tone carrying a hint of irritation.

Kagome smiled. Even in a troubling situation, he still made jokes. People like that are good to have around to brighten the mood. She watched the night go by as they continued to delve in information searching. She, on the other hand tried to find herself in these books of myths and legends.

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