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Professor Severus Tobias Prince-Snape looked at the dragon he'd managed to capture. It was a black Chinese type with silky black whiskers and large, bright green eyes. Draco took one look at it and started snickering.

"It's cute." The dragon turned to face Draco in its clear magic cage and huffed. It turned back and curled up on the side where Severus had it pressed against his side. "... And it obviously likes you."

"Feh. It has no idea how snarky you can get, Potions Master." The dragon tamer snorted, giving himself away as a Weasley. The tail lifted as the dragon settled, revealing the sex of the dragon to be a he. The tiny dragon sighed when Severus Banished the lid and scooped him out. He looked up with eyes that reminded him of Lily... But Harry had been gone for nearly a decade now, due to a Potions accident with the Millenium Potion.

"You're going to be Harry." Harry blinked up at him, then slithered up his arm and settled himself around his neck.

"Awful friendly for a dragon, isn't he?" The tamer continued, glancing at his dragon snuggling against him. Harry was rather soft and warm.

"Do you want to go, little one?" The dragon looked at the Weasley with narrowed eyes before purring, nuzzling his chin. Draco's jaw dropped and he closed it just as fast. "You are my familiar?" The purr became louder as Harry put a small paw to his face.

His familiar was cause for gossip amongst the students. Harry had grown an impressive ten feet in the three months that he'd had him.

"Sir, what is that horrid thing around your shoulders?"

"My familiar, Ms. Weasley. I think you'll serve detention with me tonight." Harry huffed and eyed the know-it-all Ravenclaw. He flew through the air and around the little brat before coming back to him.

"A dragon, sir? I'm sorry!"

"Sorry will not get you out of your earned detention."

"Severus, a word?"

"Eight in my office, Ms. Weasley. Do not think I will forget." He turned to the Headmistress and waited until the girl was gone. "Yes, Minerva?"

"Your familiar is not a reason to give out detentions."

"You have a familiar, Headmistress. She hurt Harry's feelings when she called him a horrid thing. Excuse me if I defend what is mine." He sneered, his pose shifting subtly, his hand on his wand.

"Now, Severus-" Harry raised his head and hissed lowly, the green eyes narrowing at Minerva.

-Sev, should I bite? - Harry asked, his powerful muscles bunching and coiling in preparation.

"Harry, stand down." He said softly, scratching behind Harry's smooth horns to get him to relax. Of course, his dragon became a limp purring noodle under his expert touch.

"I am sorry, Harry. He... You named him after the Boy-Who-Lived?"

"Harry was Lily's child. He reminds me a great deal of the brat." Her sharp eyes noticed the scar that Harry had caused. "Yes, he caused that scar when he was much smaller, so do not aggravate him."

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