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-Previously On...-

"What of you?"

"The human children found me a distraction to their pain. I spent long hours with dying patients and learnt of their lifestories. I appear to be immune to most, if not all, diseases. I asked to leave the compound when I reached the human age of seventeen. I've been on my own ever since."

"An odd life you have lead." Severus murmured as they trotted swiftly through the forest.

"Pfft, says the Centaur who sleeps with Unicorns and knows nearly every hiding place on this route of yours." Harry giggled, his tail high and his gaze teasing.

Pas Sym

Harry trotted along the deer trail, his strides eating up the ground as Severus traveled behind and a little to his right. After the confrontation with Severus's (and apparently his own) origin herd, they'd kept their distance from each other.


"Yes, Harry?" comes the muted response.

"I'm sorry." Incredulous laughter followed his apology. "Why are you laughing?"

"You're sorry... By Dionysis, that is strange. You blame yourself for the way we parted with the herd?"

"Yes." this time his answer is hesitant.

"Aya... Harry it is not your fault. My interactions with the herd have always been a little dicey, to say the least. This one at least left me uninjured." Harry stopped his steady pace and whirled on his companion.

"I haven't seen any-Oh gods." There was a reason Severus wore his human hair long and down. Thick crescent-shaped scars littered his back, many of them overlapping in a manner that was clearly painful. Judging by the redness of the scars on top there was a reason Severus only stopped by momentarily, if at all. "Those jackasses! I'd turn their hooves into glue if I saw them again..." Harry hissed as he drew upon the Earth Magik he felt beneath his hooves. "If I catch them they'll be ruing the day they came out of their mother's vulva!" Even as angry as he was on Severus's behalf, his touch was gentle on the raw scars as he Healed them slowly. "Never again, Severus, I will not stand for it." Fathomless onyx eyes looked over a broad scarred shoulder, an unreadable emotion in them.

"You have known me for less than six months."

"So? That doesn't mean that because your Father was different you need the same treatment he probably recieved." The rare smile had Harry grinning into the thick mane of his close friend. "I do consider us friends."

"... You're a strange one."

"Nah. The world can't keep up with my legendary heroness." Severus laughed at that, catching his hand and holding it again as they traveled further away from the violent herd. Sudden hoof beats had Harry reaching into the satchel, revealing a sharp, glowing dagger. The other Centaur shied away, revealing thick hand-shaped bruises and soft storm-grey eyes.

"Regulus?" At the startled tone in his friend's voice Harry lowered the dagger from its offensive position.

"You know him?" Harry put away the dagger at Severus's word, tucking his hair behind his human ear as he slowly offered his hand to the skittish stallion. "My apologies; we recently encountered the herd leader."

"You look like our lead mare..." The slightly older Centaur edged toward his hand, shuddering as Harry gently soothed the wounds before Healing them.

"You mean the red-haired mare beside that jackass? Hmph. I was supposedly lost in a storm and I do not pass for the stallion's son. Come with us." he murmured softly, his fingers sliding through lush black locks and adding braids with feathers. "Severus?"

"Regulus, who did this?" his friend's tone is soft, comforting.

"My brother. I defended you and he disowned me." The bitter statement had Harry shaking his head.

"Bah. This herd is getting dumber everytime I see a piece of it. We were headed northwest after this, I think."


Severus watched as Harry soothed what he knew to be years of herd abuse. He hadn't known that his companion could be so soft. A traitorous voice whispered in the back of his mind that Harry would take care of their foals in the exact same manner.

"I know of a herd that will take you in." he finally managed as he watched the deep bruises and wounds close up and fade.

"You do, Sev? I would be..." Grateful. The word was unspoken but it hung in the air nonetheless.

"They welcome new members easily. It's not a common herd."

"Then let's go! It's not like we have all the time in the world." Harry teased as he coaxed Regulus into a race.

They traveled for the rest of the day, Harry checking on both his and Regulus's Healed scars and/or wounds respectively. When settling down for the first shift of watch, Harry used his rump as a pillow, obviously not caring that anyone or anything could see them. Regulus had blinked at the allowed casual touch.

"Does he do that all the time, Sev?" The younger Centaur asked softly.

"Ever since we've met, I've been his pillow. The brat's nearly insufferable." he chuckled dryly with affection lacing his every word.

"You like him. Oh my gods, you like someone!" Regulus did an odd sort of wriggle that Severus had no idea how it happened.

"I like him as a close friend." he poked at the fire with a stick and scowled at the younger of them. "Go to sleep, you have third watch."

"Third watch?"

"Shut up and sleep."

"But, Sev..."

"Regulus." he warned with a curt tone. "Sleep or so help Hermes you will be strung up by your back hooves at dawn." Silence and soft breathing filled the clearing the fire crackling and popping occasionally when a branch gave way. He counted the stars until he lost count, putting together the constellations when he found the appropriate stars. Severus wondered if he should travel ahead of the other two to warn of their approach to the Longbottom herd.

After several half-formed plans Harry scooted closer to him with a sigh. He carded his fingers through the riotous curls of ebony hair smiling as the younger Centaur went limp. Severus tensed at the glowing silver light, reaching for his bow with ease and nocking an arrow in case the light belonged to something hungry. His heart stuttered as the silver light coalesced into Artemis in her Centaur form.

"It's been a long time Severus." the airy tone was soft not accusing him in any way. He looked down, his pale fingers still tangled in Harry's human mane. "There is no shame in loving this one. Did you think yourself unworthy of my gift?" Severus gasped as his mind connected the half-formed hints of his Goddess. "You did, didn't you? Yet your desire for close contact resulted in him caring for you even more."

"... I do not understand. Why would you?" the words came out roughly, rasped as he finally looked up into ethereal grey eyes.

She sighed, kneeling to take his other hand from his bow, her gaze serious.

"You can be so stubborn at times, my Blessed." A smile tugged the cupid's bow lips up for a moment before she spoke again. "You know this. I thought it high-time for you to start your own family. Strange that even in his sleep, he seems reluctant to leave your side."

"He trusts blindly. He does not understand that the scars he Healed were inflicted by the entire herd." She chuckled lightly, shaking the silvery halo of hair as she traced her fingers around his dominant wrist. Green, silver and what looked to be blue ink (of all things) wove into an incredibly complex pattern.

"No, Severus, he trusts you. Seeing as I do the same, I see no problem in getting into the Longbottom herd. Oh and Harry's Wizards will interact with them quite often."


"The Longbottom herd and the Wizarding family moved to a place called Britannia. The Romans seek to colonize it but I will not have fighting amongst my followers."

"You will prevent them past a certain point?"

"Aye. I wish the rest of them were as quick to catch on."


Harry let out a whoop as they thundered over the Northern Plains. Regulus was quick to follow with a whoop of his own. Severus merely shook his head as they let out all of the energy they'd been holding back since the Alps. Harry relished in the power of his muscles under him, his stride long and carefree. He almost didn't see the flaming arrow sent his way until it came close to burning his hindquarters. Close to rearing back in shock, he pulled his recurved bow off of his back and nocked an arrow, all three of them suddenly clad in Artemis's armor. They continued slower, their hoof beats a steady rumble as they pulled in tight to protect each other.

"What are they?" came the panicked words from the woods as they leapt over the spiked fences made of wooden slats.

"Centaurs." the calm answer had Harry skidding to an abrupt halt at the familiar voice.

"Remus?" he whirled tucking the arrow away in a heartbeat.

"Cub? What are you doing here?" Remus was clad in Visigoth armor, the fur around his shoulders clearly from a bear.

"We're on our way to Britannia. Orders from the Goddess herself."

"Alright who was the idiot who shot the arrow?" Remus growled, "You almost injured the only family I have." The raised hand was shaking and Remus motioned the human forward. His pseudo-godfather merely hauled the man up by his armor straps before throwing him a good twenty feet out into the clearing they'd just come from. "Now, who are your companions?" Harry grinned as he felt the armor disappear.

"This is Severus and Regulus from my origin herd." the distaste for the herd showed in the way he spat out the last three words.

"Merry meet. The Romans will be here soon. You should probably leave while you are ahead of their legions."

"Merry part and merry meet again, Remus. I should see you...?"

"In about two moons, cub. It was nice to see all of you."

Swimming across the Channel was difficult, exhausting in a way he didn't think possible. They literally stumbled ashore, soaked to the bone and tired beyond belief. A fire sounded great but they were wary of potential enemies, grouping together to sleep and to share body heat...

He awoke to brilliant sunshine and Severus missing. Yawning, he felt for Regulus and found the older stallion still passed out.

"Hmm..." he snorted as he stretched, casually reaching for his bow as he finished his morning routine. "You know, I don't like being spied on." Harry commented, digging through his dry satchel for food.

"'Mup, 'mup..." Regulus slurred as a Palamino stallion closer to his age cautiously approached them. "Harry?"

"Hush, Reg. We've a guest." The other was instantly on his hooves, sleep forgotten as he spied the much paler and shyer Centaur. Blue paint was tastefully decorating the other's human torso and along his sides with swirls and the same design he and Regulus had on their wrists. They'd woken to find it on Severus's wrist as well and assumed it meant the Goddess's favor. It seemed like the other had also spotted the design because he spoke clearly but softly.

"Not many carry Her approval. Where do you come from?"

"Greece, though she bid us to come here." he answered as clearly, smiling when Severus returned at a canter, carrying a pouch full of various berries and small fish. He was dripping onto the forest floor, having obviously been in the river.

"Severus." he greeted warmly, caressing the design on his friend's wrist and snagged the pouch before giggling at the shocked expression. Oh yes he'd been half-awake for the conversation She'd had with his friend. "You are?"

"Draconis, though my herd calls me Draco. My Father will tolerate you staying here for a short while since it is clear you're a Blessed herd."

"We won't be staying for long. Is there any way to thank him for the hospitality he offers?" he asked as he spitted the fish over the new fire they'd started.

"We've a few members that are in need of Healing." came the grudging answer.

"Join us; break your fast." Severus murmured as he shook off the water. They sat in a circle around the fire, Harry patting the empty space for Draco with a smile.

"Come. You have our Oath on Her not to harm you." he told the other Centaur lightly as he offered him bread and berries. Draco knelt with the rest of them, a thoughtful expression crossing his face every now and again when they interacted through touch. They finished in good time, packing away what they had before erasing all trace that they'd been there.

"I will take you to my herd."

They followed the pale Palamino for several miles before catching wind of the herd. Two darker Centaurs stood guard, one male the other female.


"Blaise, Pansy. They are here as Healers." Dark eyes traced their bows before landing on his herbal satchel.

"The green-eyed one is a trained Healer. The other two are companions, yes?" the now identified Blaise stated bluntly.

"Yes. Sev, Reg, just stay here for the moment."

"Any weapons in that bag?"

"A Summoning dagger for Earth Magiks and rituals." he answered promptly, taking it out and passing it over for inspection. It was handed back in the same condition, both guards parting so that he and Draco could slip through to the main village. His feathers looked out of place amongst the sea-shells and delicate silver strands this village wove into their pale manes and tails, his much darker coloring making him the center of attention.

"Welcome to the Malfoy herd, Healer. I am lead stallion Lucius." Harry inclined his head respectfully, smiling at the curious foals that were tugging on his feathers and sniffing him. "You do well with young ones."

"Little ones are often better patients then adults." he murmured wryly as one of the fillies (a blood bay) tugged on his hand, pulling him away from the leader with a force he didn't quite expect. "Well, I guess I'm coming with you." Matching his stride to the smaller Centaur's, Harry stopped when he saw who appeared to the filly's mother. The scent of an old, lingering sickness clouded her Magik. He knelt before her, closing his eyes and opening them again to AuraSight, narrowing his eyes at the black mess tangling with several entities.

"Scaipeadh an dorchadas, a thabhairt ar ais an Solas, glaoch orm ar an bandia ar fhédfadh go.*" The mare and the others it was attached to screamed as he yanked hard on the undulating dark mass, separating it from them all. It solidified and he snapped out of his AuraSight to see a bodach*. "Get out." he stood on firm hooves, rearing as the vaguely wolf-shaped creature snarled. "Go! Begone!" It's milky white eyes widened as he reached for the Summoning dagger, feeling Her presence through his Magiks. It let out an oily howl before vanishing into nothing. His shoulders slumped as he breathed heavily from the exertion of banishing the stubborn beast.

"Thank you, Healer." the mare stood on shaky legs, supported by her filly and Mate.

"It was my pleasure." he murmured after catching his breath. He bowed slightly to the herd leader and Draco before slowly limping back over to Severus and Regulus. "Ugh, that creature was lodged pretty firmly in them. They should be better now." he breathed as Severus took most of his weight. A high-pitch neigh made them stop as tiny hooves drummed the ground.

"Mummy's better 'cause of you. Here." A deep red rose was pressed against his hand, the thorns missing and the leaves bright green.

"You are welcome, little one." he said with a faint smile.

They traveled onward, their packs fuller with all of the gifts from the Malfoy herd. As slow as the pace was, Harry enjoyed it, the urge to stretch out his legs gone for the moment. The rose was safely tucked into his satchel as a reminder of favors he could call into use. He grinned as he used his tail to flick Severus. The other Centaur turned to face him with curiosity in the dark eyes.

"Can we talk?"


"As much as I adore Reg, I want the conversation to be just us." he pressed on, studiously ignoring the pink tint on his cheeks. Severus slowed down to a trot allowing Regulus to go ahead of them.

"What did you want to talk about?"

"Umm, us actually."

"You heard Her." came the nonplussed answer.

"A little bit." he laughed, offering the hand with the leather vambrace* to Severus.

"Enough that you would not mind the Courtship?"

"I wouldn't have minded even if I hadn't heard Her." he reassured as they matched their strides to catch up to Regulus.

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*Disperse the dark, bring back the Light, I call upon the Goddess's might.

*A creature from British mythology rimless to brig bad luck once seen

*A vambrace is an ancient type of armor that covers the forearm; usually worn in pairs or alone for protection or decoration... Think Assassin's Creed without the hidden blade. If you don't know what AC is, GO LOOK EET UP. Shame on you for not knowing what it is. It's only the most awesome game ever and yes I just crossed over some fandoms. Deal with it.