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Severus Snape was not a coward despite the accusations of many of his former students and many adults. On the contrary, the man was braver than any Death had seen in a long while. He'd been resigned to die by the Fates but the fate did not seem fair to Death. The man had fought bravely, spied, done things he had despised to give Death a chance; only he didn't know Death as Death, if it made any sense. He knew him simply as the son of James and Lily Potter. This is their story. Hold on for the ride.

He strode through the halls of a re-built Hogwarts with a well-deserved smirk. Of course, as Harry Potter, he had every right. The Slytherins stared at him as he danced to music only he could hear, the voice of Hogwarts scolding him as he dragged an unwilling Draco Malfoy into his dance.

"Malfoy, you're close to Snape." he hummed as he settled into his mortal form's personality.

"You're insane, Potter. Release me at once!" the sharp tone made him laugh. "I'm serious!"

"I need your help in seducing Snape." he murmured into the blond's ear, spinning him back out of respect to the dance. "I know he's still recovering from Nagini's bite."

"Why would you want my godfather? You could have anyone." Oh, Malfoy was shrewd when he wanted to be not to mention coy.

"Exactly. I want him." he stated bluntly, tugging on Malfoy's scarf when the Slytherin seemed reluctant in following him. "Come."

"You are acting stranger than usual, Potter." They had an uneasy truce after Harry had used his considerable political power to point out that the Malfoys were deep-cover spies after Malfoy Sr. had gone to Azkaban.

"Mmmr, you noticed?" he asked as they paced in front of the RoR. They entered without further ado, Malfoy speaking without a nudge in the right direction.

"Anyone who's gone to school with you in the past seven years would notice, you twat." He allowed his power to override his mortal form for a moment. "What are you?"

"Essentially? I'm still the Potter you know. In reality? Death, pretty little fool, and I want him. The Fates were going to deny him the right to happiness. They wanted him dead." He sneers at the mention of the three harpies who wanted Severus to die for their own amusement. "Destiny, Fortune and I stopped them before they could cut his thread on the universal tapestry."


Severus was up and about despite Poppy's strict orders to remain on the bed. He did a double-take on his bed at the sight of a bouquet of lavender roses. There was no note but was clear they were for him. Poppy reached out to caress one of the petals when she got zapped by what seemed to be green lightning. The looping glowing green handwriting that followed was a message.

Severus Snape is the bravest, most majestic man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He's brilliant, sublime even. Please desist in touching something meant to brighten his day.


He casually reached out and brushed his fingers along the sinfully soft petals. The statements intrigued him and he reached for the magical signature he could see around the edges, only for it to disappear. Oh, this person was a good deal more brazen than they appeared... 'Shadow' would have to try harder to get his attention. He kept the roses in a glass vase, getting back into the bed only after Poppy promised to bring him several books on Potions.

He wrote the incident off as a prank. It was not to be however as he found cardinal primaries in a bundle on his bed when he'd left for only a moment. Severus scooped up the bundle and a second message appeared.

Regal. That was the first word I thought after the Battle of Hogwarts. Your voice holds grace and nobility. You encouraged me to stand a little taller, bear myself with composure during the last few moments before I took on a monumental burden. You're always full of presence and energy.


P.S. Has Poppy threatened to stick you to the bed yet?

He couldn't help himself; he silently laughed, seeing as Poppy had silenced his vocal chords in order to get them to heal properly. Severus wrote a single word with his wand into the air in silver.


The reply made him thoughtlessly grin as he hadn't since Lily. Whoever this was seemed to know him rather well.

Oh, that's bad. I'll have some new material for you to read soon.

The small gifts continued, each varying in symbolic nature. There were statues in various stones (precious, semi-precious and regular stones) depicting animals that apparently showed his virtues. The first was a cougar in agate; intention, strength, cunning, leader without ego, seeker of freedom and creativity. The note that had come with it said very little and spoke figuratively much louder than it should have.

Severus, the statues are what I see in you. One will arrive on the Friday of each week until you seek me out.


The second statue was a fox in bloodstone; cleverness, ability to observe unseen, adaptation, persistence, slyness, protection and renewing relationships & love life.

The third was a raven in lapis lazuli; eloquence, wisdom, magic, healing, shape shifting and psychic ability. As the weeks flew by, each statue grew incredibly intimate as the details of his personality were suddenly presented in a new light.

A final statue arrived on the last Friday before the term was to end. This particular statue was the last to be delivered and he still had not contacted the mystery person, intrigued by what the other person saw in him. A huge panther carved from ruby showed the seriousness in which Penumbra viewed him romantically. It had appeared in the center of the Great Hall that very morning.

"Severus who is this from?" Minerva asked as she walked around the magnificent piece, her keen eyes catching all of the detail.

"Penumbra." he answered softly, "I need to be somewhere." Severus turned on his heel and swiftly made his way up to the RoR, pacing three times. 'I need to see Penumbra.' On his third stride past the blank wall an ornate door appeared. He stepped cautiously through the door only to have it close on his back and become a window that viewed the southern part of the Black Lake.

"You made it then." the unmistakable tenor made him suck in a shaky breath.

"You? The notes, the flowers... Everything?" he managed as he whirled to face Potter with anger. "So which one of your friends-Mmph?" Half-lidded green eyes met hurt onyx as Potter held a broad hand over his mouth.

"I think you need to recap exactly what each of those statues meant, Severus." the silky drawl had him shuddering under the pervasive touch. "I want you; not some viper who intentionally poisons everything, not some lioness who wants half my fortune, not some raven who merely wants me for information... I want a Slytherin who survived two wars giving it his all and more. I want the brave spy, the man who turned his back on the Dark the minute he found out his best friend was going to get killed because of what he blurted to a deranged madman. I want the man I see under all of the sharp words and harsh reprimands. The loyal, brave, beautiful man I see hiding behind black robes and a tongue that could melt dragonhide." At the last, Potter smiled and let go of him. He missed the solid weight almost instantly and whined quietly in the back of his throat. "Did you need something, Severus? You need only ask."

"Hold me." he rasped, the walls around his heart crashing into the waves of his hidden depths and emotions. Potter-No, it was Harry now-pressed him back against the wall and picked him up with ease. Severus allowed the movement, finding the words almost instantly as he was cradled on the couch that materialized out of thin air. "I fell in love with someone I never even saw. Can you show me that person, Harry?"

"Every time you ask."

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