Summary: Forget your everyday school societies! Welcome to eSper S4 academy! Watch and see drama unfold as your fellow Rookie Katsuo tells his story in this not-so-ordinary school of S4.

S4 has no original characters, so almost all the characters are gonna be MINE XD. Sadly, I don't own pentavision or the game.

Chapter 1: Heated first day

Year: 2018-2020

Year 2018, the head of Japan's research company created a device called the eSper device. The device contained much power, and soon, war was waged with the new technology. The device could grant ordinary people otherworldly abilities.

Soon, however, the device proved to be too dangerous for people to handle. The people who had once created the eSper device had it locked away the original device, so humans could not use it for their own destruction.


That was twenty years ago.

Year: 2040

The eSper devices that were used as weapons for mass destructions have been re-modified. Into something less dangerous.

And a hell lot of fun.

Right now as I speak, the age of home video gaming and handheld consoles are about to end for the young people of our generation. Sports, or more specifically, a certain type of sport has started to grow increasingly popular in our modern society.

That sport, is globally known as S4 League.

An acronym for Supreme eSper Shooting Sports, it is the sport that schools now incorporate as part of a school club. However, only students with certain skills and compatibility rates with the "new" eSper device can participate in such sport.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Well, read on in the chapter to find out.

I stared down at the really…questionable reply slip in my hands.

Dear Katsuo,

Congratulations on making it to the prestigious eSper S4 academy! Please meet at the front desk of your school to sign in.

Oh….before that, the school is down at XXX lane down the other side of the city.

Thank you ^^

As I said, REALLY suspicious letter.

Let me tell you what happened


"Shit, shit, shit!" I cursed out loud as I shot out of bed. Today, was the day of my test, how could I forget! I threw on my school uniform as I brushed my teeth, not caring that my hair looked one way or the other.

Running downstairs, I was about to grab my breakfast when I saw a small note on the table.

Katsuo, I'm going out. Make sure to eat your breakfast, okay? Love, Chiaki.

I moved the eSper device out of the way which she used as a paperweight for the-


An eSper device? But…my sister never leaves without hers. I guess I better bring it up to my room.

Grabbing the glove-like device and bread, I stuffed the latter down my throat as I started to walk up.

Then…the strangest thing happened.

The device started to emit a loud beeping noise into my hand. It only got louder by the second. I did whatever I could in an attempt to turn it off. Banged it, hit it with my palm, something! But nothing worked.

Accessing database.

"Whoa!" I yelped in surprise, falling back in the process, "what the hell!" The device glowed with a faint orange light as in hovered in the air.

Katsuo Shirahara

Age: 17

Aptitude compatibility: Perfect

eSper abilities: unable to confirm

Now beginning link process.

"Hey, what the f—"

Before I could even let out a swear word, the red glove slowly hovered and made its way towards me, fitting itself nicely into my palm. Suddenly, everything in my head went wonky. My brain was flooded with information, visions of battles after battles, abilities beyond human comparison. All this happened in a second.

Right when my sister opened the door.

End Flashback.

So you get the gist of it. I…after last weeks events, somehow managed to find myself in front of the EXTREMELY prestigious eSper S4 academy, a school designed for only the S4 players who have really top notch skills.

Or, they were just extremely rich.

"Am I really in the right place…" I said to no one in particular, "I mean, I didn't even take an aptitude test. I wonder how Chiaki got me into this place."

Ha…what is she thinking, seriously. I'm no eSper, just a guy who just so happened to be compatible to a device. Oh well…might as well go to the front desk to register.

I walked into the gianormous….(okay fine, huge….) looking white building.


This inside was like an office building. Giant space, friggin' white.

And well, I guess there are lots of students too. Oh hey, the reception desk is over there, it seems.

"Oh you must be the transfer student," the blonde at the reception smiled at me, "I've been told you'd arrive today." She let out a small laugh that hinted at embarrassment.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't have time to check up, so I'm going to have to ask you for your name again."

Um…shouldn't Chiaki have already…never mind.

"Katsuo Shirahara. Age 17."

The receptionist stopped typing down for a moment before turning to look at me, "Did you say your name was,"


I nodded my head, rather surprised at her reaction. Was I, not allowed here or something? Did my sister piss off the reception desk or something? Nah, couldn't be. My sister's much too nice for that kind of things. Facing my attention back to the receptionist for now, she seemed to have gotten over her shock.

"Er…miss? Did I do something wrong?"

"My, my Katsuo! Barely ten minutes here and you're already causing trouble at the reception?"

I turned towards the sound of the voice and saw a female around my height. She had shoulder length pink hair and wore a formal attire of a shirt and tie that did not suit her at all. She stood, glancing in my direction with a slight smirk on her face.

In case you're wondering (as I was too), this is Chiaki Shirahara. My 23 year old sister.

"Heh, I'm just kidding."

"Ch-Chiaki!" I could barely contain myself, "wh…wh..what are YOU doing here?" My sister herself could barely contain laughter.

"Haha…oh yeah. I never told you did I? Starting from today on, I'm Shirahara sensei to you!"


Our conversation (somewhat) kind of drifted away from the receptionist who was seemingly ignored.

"Oh yeah. Kayle, did you tell him about today's schedule?" Chiaki spoke to the blonde.

"Oh, that's right! Katsuo, you will report to your morning classes for homeroom. There a daily schedule would be issued by your homeroom teacher. You'll just follow the day's plan accordingly."

"Sounds about right," Chiaki grinned and motioned as the bell rang, "oh, that's the bell for first period. Come with me Katsuo."

I was being led down an extremely long hallway with an equal length if twists and turns. Goodness! How am I to find my way to class like this?

"Don't worry, Katsuo," sis-I mean Shirahara-sensei told me, "I'll probably get one of the students to give you a grand tour of the area."

"I…I see."

Man, she better not turn out to be my homeroom teacher. That's just going to be…awkward, more like strange actually. No way a school would allow that.

Eventually, she led me before a room which was labelled: Class 2-D

"Now you just wait right outside here," she winked as she went inside the seemingly noisy classroom. After awhile, the noise in the class died down and I could hear her distinct voice.

"Alright. Now that you're all calmed down and all, we got a new student joining our class. Show him how it works around here alright?"

"You can get in now!"

I felt my heart beating fast as I pushed open the door into my new class.

Silent stares…..

Damn this, this is making me nervous!

"This," sensei clapped me on the back and announced, "is our new student. Why don't you introduced yourself?"

Okay…deep breathes.

"My name is Katsuo Shirahara. Pleased to meet you all. I hope to learn much from this class!" I said with a ninety degree bow.

Oh, please stop with the silence thing…

"Did you say…SHIRAHARA!"

The silent class suddenly burst into life.

"Oh my gosh! Are you related to sensei?"

"A brother?"

"A husband?"

"Illegitimate child?"

The cringed a little at the last one, that was just way of the charts. I looked around the classroom, then back at my sister, who was giggling behind her hands.

"Um…might I ask what this whole commotion about me and Ch-er Shirahara-sensei is about?"

They turned around and stared at me, like a bird just died or something.

"You don't know?" one girl stood up as she pushed her glasses, "Shirahara-sensei was the student with the top scores in every S4 league match this school has ever held. Being related to her is LEGENDARY!"


I saw Chiaki with her hand hitting against the board, "Alright, that's enough excitement for one morning. Katsuo, you need a seat so…"

She scanned the classroom for an available seat. Not that I really cared where I would sit anyway, I wasn't one to bother about…

"Settled, you'll sit at the table behind Taejo. Get along well now, you two!" she pointed to the seat behind a guy with messy curls. He had a hand supporting his head as he glanced in my direction.

Shit…this guy looks like he means business.

I made my way to the desk slowly. I heard the table beside me shift as Taejo stood up. Grabbing my arm, he hissed menacingly at me, "Listen, new kid. I don't give two craps if you're related to sensei or not. There is only ONE best eSper in class 2-D, and that is me, Taejo. You got it?"

This guy has serious ego issues. But I guess I wouldn't want anything big to happen on the first day. Behind me, I could hear a few girls giggling.

*Groan* Probably some fan-girls.

"Yeah. I'll take note of that."

He let go of my arm as I got to my seat. Seriously, though. Who does that guy think he is? First day in school and someone already hates me.

"What's up his butt…" I murmured to myself.

"What'd you say about me!" Taejo suddenly slammed his table and grabbed me by the school uniforms white collar.

Alright, I have a short temper sometimes, but screw this!

"What I said!" I yelled back and grabbed him too, "got some serious shit going on in that mind of yours, pal!"

"Say that again?"

"Why I'd love to, you son of a-"

"My, my," Shirahara-sensei walked up to us and shook her head, "its already the first day, and you've got yourself into trouble already, Katsuo?"

"And Taejo, I expected better from you."

The curly-haired ass snorted in disagreement, "Sensei, I respect you. But this guy needs lesson on how to watch his tongue."

"So it seems," she nodded and placed her hand on Taejo's, "I got something to say to the class, but first things first Taejo. Get your hands of him."

"Now," that last word had an immense amount of venom put into it. I could see it in Taejo's eyes when she spoke to him. Respect, hesitation.


Without a word, he let go off me. Shirahara-sensei reverted back to her old self, turned back to the rest of the class, "Before we got so rudely interrupted, I was going to announce who to choose for class president."

"Of course," she continued, "these two young men have volunteered themselves for the task?"

What, me and this dude I barely know, CLASS PRESIDENT?

"Sensei!" Taejo yelled, "I can't work with him!"

"Oh shut up Taejo," she rolled her eyes, "of course, there can only be one class president, that is for certain. So how about we make it like this…"

"In three days time, a 1-on-1 S4 league match will be held between these two fine men. It will be a ten minute match, half time included after five minutes."

Turning to me, Taejo smirked, "Heh, a contest match huh? You gonna chicken out new kid? It's alright if you do. Only natural to not want to battle your first time against me."

"Oh cut the crap," I brushed his ego off, "I don't mind, you and me one on one. We'll see who's better."

"Or who's just all talk and no game."

The grab came back one again, only tighter and with more force, "I'll be ready for it."

Suddenly, it dawned on me what I had just said.




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