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Chapter 3: Battle Preps


"You lecher!"

"It was an accident I swear!" I yelled as I ducked behind the first single-man bed. Guys, if you're wondering why I'm being a total coward and hiding from a girl…well let's just say read the previous chapter. That would help you understand the situation now.

I mean, sure a girl gets angry when you see her body practically naked with a barely opaque towel covering her body, but would she please-

"At least put that handgun away, damn it!" I yelled from behind the bed. By some sick chance, Kisara just SO HAPPENED to have her eSper device lying around the bathroom, slipped the glove on, and started firing handgun shots at me. Now I know she told me that it PROBABLY won't kill me even if I'm wearing the schools uniform without battle attire, but honestly, I will NOT find out the hard way.

So where was I? Oh yes, back to reality of almost getting killed.

Crap…I don't know how long I can last against her. I heard something about a plus five back in my training session. Although I have no clue what it's about, I can safely say its gonna hurt me, real hard at that too.

Worst come to worst, I get thrown out.

Um…no response for the win?

Taking a slight peek from behind, I noticed that Kisara wasn't rampaging anymore. Whew, now if I can slowly sneak up from behind the bed I can try to get over this thing I can get out safely…

Wow, the back of my neck is really hot.

Now just a second there, my back doesn't get randomly hot for no reason! Turning around, I saw a faint, invisible shape of Kisara behind me. The shape in which I could make out as a hand held a small, curved dagger like weapon (she still wore the bath towel…)

"You idiot!"

"WHAT PART OF SORRY DO YOU NOT GET!" I yelled back as I narrowly dodged the slash, which slightly ripped the bed's sheets.

And was it me, or did that thing make her go faster! I hope it didn't because I'm really starting to run out of energy now!

I eyed my eSper device at the far of the room near a shoe rack at the front door. It wasn't too much behind me actually. Now, if I could get it fast enough…

Kisara had switched back to her handgun again (my gosh, she's fast!) and pointed it at me. However, before she could fire, I did the most retarded stunts I ever did: reaching out for her wrist, I grabbed it with my left hand. Of course, she struggled and DID break free (man, I'm weak). That moment was all I needed, wasting no time, I slid under her arm, closing my eyes momentarily to make sure I saw nothing "unnecessary".

Now by the shoe shelf, I slipped on my device.

Good, now that we've evened up the odds, now I could at least try to.


I felt some hair being shot of my head, turning only to see the door had been shot down. Maybe that something about "plus five" she mentioned yesterday had something to do with this. Quickly, I backed out of the room, with her still pressuring me.

"Look, you really need to…"

"NO EXCUSES!" she yelled as her weapon switched once again to a larger, longer blue object. She held it with both hands and pointed at me.

That, looks DAMN scary!

By this time, some students had come out of their classrooms and noticed our commotion. Several were whispering behind, with what I could make out as, "What's the new transfer idiot done now?" or even a, "he's in the same room as Kisara!"

Alright, I have had enough for one day. Why can't I just get some peace and rest? Why can't you guys leave me be for once? Why…

"Don't you just CHILL!"

Without thinking, I ducked and swung my hand diagonally.


The corridor went silent. The students around us seized as they watched what unfolded. Against Kisara's gun/rifle was a blade that I had manifested. From the structure, it seemed like a regular plasma sword. The only difference was that electricity could be seen running through the swords oddly translucent frame.

Sadly, the epicness died down when Chiaki came running down the hallway.

Next day: After School

So now as I sit in class, the people talking behind my back got louder. You all wanted to know what happened after that eh? Well basically, Kisara stopped trying to kill me after she realised that she was still clad in a bath towel and people were staring at us from basically everywhere.

Honestly, how could one girl stay pissed so long, trying to freaking screw me up, and not realize that she was practically half naked. Needless to say, we didn't say anything to each other the whole night.

I still can't concentrate in class, what with the incident (and plasma sword) still in my head.

"I can't take it anymore!" I suddenly yelled, only to notice that the remainder of the class that had not left were giving me strange glances at me. I thought I saw Kisara look my way for a moment, but turned back almost immediately and continued packing her things.

Oh darn, I thought as I sank my head lower, now I'm even more humiliated.

"Hey, don't look so down, my man!" Leo came over and patted me on the back, "its only day two, I'm sure you'll live. I mean, you got a hot chick staying with you in the same room. Believe it or not, she's actually pretty darn popular round here. Looks like things are gonna get wild from here on then huh?"

"Is that so…" I absently mumbled.

Leo started rambling on about more stuff I didn't hear when three girls came over to my direction. They all looked pretty similar, I might've thought they were sisters; standard uniform and all, the only difference was hair colour.

"You're the new kid, Katsuo Shirahara aren't you?" the red-head in the middle asked, "or in other words, the boy from last night's incident?" The other two girls were giggling behind her back. Great, now I'm getting bullied by girls? Fan-freaking-tastic I tell you.

"There's no way you can beat Taejo," the with the silk-lace hair laughed, "have you even seen him duel? He crushed whole gun teams with just one sword." OH WOW! HE HAS A FEMALE FAN CLUB! Life can get sooo much better can it?

Ugh…Just…make it all go away. Somebody.

"Whoa hey babes," Leo quickly jumped to my defence, "I know you think frazzle-head's got it all, but please, don't talk big unless you've seen the awesome LEO LAI IN ACTION-"

"What the Leo's trying to say is, Taejo's not the only good player around here."

That last person to come to my defence was the least I would have expected: Kisara. From the looks of it, she seemed MUCH less pissed now (Thank God). Walking up to the three girls, she threw them a dissatisfied glance, "Honestly, what do you other women see in that guy? He's a jerk, nothing less. Though it could be something more, however."

"Ah, hey…"

"Don't get me all wrong Katsuo," Kisara said, not turning back, "I think you're still a pervert."

Bloody hell…

At that moment, someone decided to enter our classroom-with-awesome-atmosphere. This one was another girl (how many women are there…) with dark blue hair and seemingly crimson eyes. She had a laid back smile on her face, much like Leo. She held a book close to her chest which I could make out as some kind of love novel.

"What's all the commotion here, Kisara, Leo?" the new girl asked them. These three were acquaintances? Does everyone here have a clique? This is really starting to feel like all the other schools I've been to. If that's so, means I'll be left alone at that corner which says 'loser' again.

"Fan girls trying to pick on the new kid," Leo waved her off, "don't worry your pretty little head about it, they're not worth your standard, Ophy."

"Not worth your standards?" silk-lace fumed, "why I…I've never been so insulted in my whole life! Just who do you think the three of you are?"

"Your next match," Kisara suddenly gave them a death glare, "if you're so confident that you'll beat us, let's head out to the arena in ten." The three girls tried to open their mouths in response, but could find no words. Damn, some serious issues these girls (and Leo) have with each other. Turning away, I heard red-head say something about 'Neden-1' and '20 minute round'.

"Yeah…hey, what do you mean 'and Leo', huh?"

Well, guess there is gonna be a showdown.

"Oh?" the blue haired girl finally noticed me sitting down beside her, "you must be that new Shirahara kid eh?" She brushed her hair out of her face and grinned at me, "People call me lots of stuff, but seeing as you know these two…"

"You can call me Ophelia," she finished with a slight wink.

I stood up, trying to shake her hand, "Hello, I guess. Katsuo Shi-" but before I did anything else, the most unexpected thing happened.

Ophelia reached out, grabbed my face.

And kissed me on the lips.

As a guy who never kissed a girl before, it felt…kinda nice. I felt her tongue lick my lower lip, as if beckoning me to open it…

Damn, she's so…


Ophelia abruptly stopped and faced a screaming Leo, "Why, Katsuo Shirahara, WHY YOU!"

Wa-wait! This was an accident, I swear! Wait uh…I mean…"

What did I do wrong? Actually, if you think about it, why the hell did she kiss me at all? Aw crap! I'm stuttering my sentences again! Calm down, Katsuo, and focus!

"Ignore him," Ophelia fixed those…seductive eyes on me, "that kiss tells me that was your first wasn't it? Ah…the taste of inexperience, never had a girl in your life before?" She slid her fingers down my face and whispered into my ear.

"How cute~"


"Ophelia…" Kisara sighed and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Go change into your battle attire and meet us at the arena. Don't scare Katsuo on his first two days here more than anything else already has." That seemed to have made Ophelia a little disappointed, but nodded and waved off.

"Bye, Katsu~"


I sat there…still dazed by the kiss. The first time…any girl, kissed me…

"Hey, Katsuo!" Kisara's hand slapped me back to reality, "don't get all spacey by Ophelia's kiss!"

"What do you mean? Of course I'll be spaced out if a girl kisses me randomly!"

"That's not it…"

The way she spoke so seriously suddenly was damn scary…

"Point is, Ophelia's a strange person," Leo suddenly butt in, "its as if there's something strange about her that no one seems to know. THAT, and she's pretty damn hot too."


"I mean, look at those CURVES man! And that rack…ok maybe she's slightly bigger than Kisara only, still-"


"Leo…" Kisara grabbed the red head by the ear and smiled, "would you please get over here? We need to freaking CHANGE and suit up for the battle soon. I don't want you making any kind of stupid mistakes, alright?"

"Yes mommy," Leo rolled his eyes as he got out of class, "Hey, Katsu! Get your ass out and into the arena! You wanna watch some girl's get trashed by Leo and team totally-whip-your-ass?"

"Leo! No giving the team names until we have enough members!" the bossy girl dragged the Singaporean by his ear out of the class once again, "now WE GET CHANGED!"

Wow, that girl is scary as shit. I'm DEFINITELY not messing around with her ever again.

"Hey, those three and Taejo's little fan club are gonna go a round?"

"Oh man, I so can't wait to see this!"

Huh? Looks like those guys are pretty popular. Alright then, I'll head to the arena after a quick trip to the washroom.

Awhile later…

Aw man…that was some stomach ache, I thought as I washed my hands and left the washroom. I might have been in there for awhile, I'm not even sure if the match had started yet or not.

Picking up my pace, I tried to figure out the quickest way to the arena and dashed down the left corridor, pushing past a few groups of students as I ran.

"Excuse me! I'm sorry!" I quickly turned and apologised after bumping into a group of three guys. I looked at my watch, twenty minutes had passed since I was in the classroom. I better move faster, who knows when they begin their match.

Truth be told I was actually very excited to get there. This would be my first time watching an actual S4 League match up close and personal. Plus, it seemed that Kisara, Ophelia and Leo were a pretty popular group, it should be interesting.

Jumping onto the handlebars, I slid down and pushed myself off, ignoring the slight burning sensation on my butt.

"Come on…!" I muttered to myself as I forced myself to pick up the pace, "move faster!"



In all my haste to get into the arena quickly, I didn't take note of a girl right in front of me. Before either of us could make the next move, I crashed into her, sending the two of us sliding slightly across the corridor.

Man…curse my rotten luck that I was born with!

"Ugh…!" the girl groaned as we finally came to a halt, "Ow…my head…"

"Are you okay?" I quickly jolted from my lying down position, "I'm so, so sorry! I didn't look where I was going and I kind of rammed into you…I'm sorry! It was an accident, I swear!"

"Hey, hey! Don't need to apologise so much! I was a muddle head there as well, I'm at fault too!"

Dusting her skirt lightly, the girl looked straight into my face. Like Chiaki, she had pink hair but had two pigtails at the end. She wore nothing more than the usual academy uniform. That, and she seemed to be around a little higher than my shoulder level.

"Uh…are you heading to the arena as well?" the girl asked, albeit slightly nervous.

"Yeah, you too?"

She nodded her head eagerly, "Yeah! I heard there was going to be a fight between Leo, Kisara and Ophelia against some of Taejo's fans, neither side is a pushover so I thought it'd be fun to watch. Though I wouldn't say the whole school is going to be here…"

Oh? Those guys really are quite famous.

"Then all the more we should hurry together…uh…" I stopped halfway, realising I didn't even know her name.

"Oh that's right! My name's Mira, Mira Amamiya!" she smiled sweetly, "nice to meet you, senior Shirahara!"

…and so is MY name.

"I'm not even going to ask HOW you know my name," I sighed, "come on, I'm sure we don't want to miss the match."

Pointing towards several directions I didn't know (namely the fire exit which had a WAY shorter route), Mira led me through several more doors and passages.

"You sure the fire exit is the way to go?"

"I should know better, senior."

"Right, right. Lead the way then."



On the side note, I wasn't late.

I looked around the arena, or more specifically the CROWD in the arena. Rows and rows of students filled the entire arena hall. Students of all different races, levels and whatnot were all there. I don't know what she meant by not everybody, but Mira…

"There's a damn lot of people here, you know?"

"This school DOES have many students, senior," she tried to shout over the noise, "come on, let's grab a seat!"

Pushing through the crowd, the two of us managed to get a seat near the front rows of the arena, where a large screen was. Currently, it showed the usual picture of the arena. No special map, no players. Well, for the moment at least.

"Guess this makes sense, seeing as we won't be able to see all the players at once…" I mumbled to myself. I noticed on each seat in the rows, there were also small little screens that extended out from one arm of each chair and a small headphone. I'm guessing that's for small screen observation, and to change camera perspectives.


My fan girl sense is tingling…

Whipping around, I saw what all the fuss and screaming was around: Taejo was coming down. True to my thoughts, a small little crowd of girls trailing behind him. I wanted to groan, seriously, I don't get fan girls. Why faun over a guy they can't get?

I mean, if you squint, you could see heart shapes in their eyes. Gosh.

Noticing me in the seat, Taejo stared down at me as he began walking down the steps. I tried to look away, honestly not wanting to have anything to do with that guy now.

"Hey…" Mira whispered to me, "is that senior, Taejo?"

"What about him?" I raised a brow. Oh gosh, please don't tell me she's one of his fangirls too, I'll be utterly stumped yet completely unsurprised.

"Oh nothing much…"

I raised my eyes at that, but decided to pursue it no further. Before anyone more fan girls could faun, the crowd begin to cheer as six people started to enter the screen view area, namely Leo, Kisara, Ophelia and those crazy fan girls.

"Hellooooo, everyone!"

Was that Chiaki's voice over the speakers?

"As you all know, we finally got the names for today's daily ranked matches, and here are your six contestants!"

"On the left," Chiaki gestured and the screen moved to the left, "we have Kisara Naito, Ophelia and Leo Lai on team ALPHA!"

The crowd went wild, several of the guys even calling the names of the two girls with several wolf whistles as well.

"HEY, KATSUO!" Leo yelled at the screen, "WATCH ME KICK ASS, YEAH?"

Mira giggled as I palmed my face in embarrassment. Gosh, why…

"And on team BETA," she gestured to her right to the blonde, white silk-lace and funky red head respectively, "we have Asashi Yagami, Ryoko Yagami and last but not least, last year's winner in the all female battle royale showdown…"

"Makoto Kirishima!"

The crowd cheered and clapped at her name, and even MORE male students began to raise flags and banners containing her name and face on it. Most of them either had, "GO MAKOTO!" written on it or, "WHIP THEIR ASS, KIRISHIMA!"

"So, another one of the super-well-known students huh?" I sighed and face palmed, "why do I feel like such an anime loser now…"

"What was that senior?"


Chiaki followed up to say something about having the two teams converse with each other for awhile before the match started. Unsurprisingly, Leo grabbed the microphone from my sister first, "Yeah I got something to say, just cuz I seem like a one way retard doesn't mean I can't kick your girly ass."

"Oh really?" Ryoko flipped her hair, "you claim to be one of your country's top players, but we have never even seen any of your match battle videos before. Can you really lay claim to your boasts?"

"Exactly!" Asahi nodded at her sisters words, "at least Makoto has her videos screened every other day for the battle royale trailer."

Sighing at the utter childishness of her own team member and her opponents, Kisara pushed Leo out of the way and stood with her arms folded, "Oh really, Battle Royale is an individual event. This however, is death match, can your skills really match up here?"

"Honestly," Ophelia added, not looking up from her nails at all, "they look pretty damn weak to me."

"Calm down, you guys," Makoto sighed momentarily before shooting ALPHA a smirk, "I'll show you what it means to fight against a true champion."

"Blah Blah Blah, women…"

I shook my head at the comment as all eyes went to Leo.


"You're dying after this, Leo Lai."

"Well shit, then. Not like I never-"

"ALRIGHT THEN!" Chiaki quickly grabbed the mic, "you heard them, so who do you think will be the winner? Only the game will tell."

"Now teams, take your positions!"

As soon as Chiaki finished her sentence, the arena transported each individual to a part of the map.

"What?" I frowned as I looked at the screen, "they don't start out together?"

"Well that would be kind of cheating, senior."

The screen followed up, showing each of the players' starting points. I could see the Yagami sisters each toying with their weapon, some kind of whitish hand gun while Makoto seemed to study the smash rifle on her hand.

On ALPHA's side, they were pretty relaxed. Leo was busy trying to look cool, spinning around his submachine guns like some sort of acrobat, Kisara just folded her arms and leaned against the wall while Ophelia was…still playing with her nails.

Geez, I wonder if any of them actually cared.

"Twenty seconds!"

At the time call, the audience, myself included, straightened up and stared intensely the screen. The players themselves seem to look up from whatever they were doing.

Yeah yeah ya'll ready?
It's time for the S4 League
We're about to explode like a bomb~

As the background music sounded over the speakers, everyone started to tense up.

"I'll show you how team totally-kick-whip-your-ass will whip your ass!"

"What an idiot…"

"They don't look that good but…oh well."

~That's right put your finger on the trigger
We're just gettin bigger~

"We won't lose…"

"…to idiots like you lot!"

"We'll show you why no one can get near our Taejo!"

~Cause here we go yo
Bring it up Supersonic!~

"Now students, let the match begin!"


-FIGHT. SHOW ME your S4!-

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